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And Kerrigan got lucky so she won’t do anything bad to this world… i hope.

Raynor, Kerrigan and Zeratul should not return to games. Ever.

Blizzard is bad at returning with their old characters. Most of the good character stuff in SC2 was done with new characters - Tychus, Matt, D-dog, Aba, Alarak, Vorazun, Nova.

While recurring cast often suffered from bad writing - Zeratul, Kerrigan, Mengsk, Raynor.

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Who? 2020202020202020

Hardly a character IMO, he’s just a Chekhov’s gun for one mission :confused:

This has more to do with the effect of nostalgy. The old characters were fertile ground.
Neither Kerrigan nor Raynor suffered from poor writing.
Zeratul speaking of condemnation is not a bad script, you forget the mystical factor of the Protoss race, yes there is a change of personality Zeratul was more impulsive but this character looking for how universal watchmaking works can be quite justified, feeling ashamed of the past and the Narud’s revelation.

Mengs was simplified and perhaps the same can be said of Kerrigan considering exclusively speaking of WoL but it does not vary much from Broodwar only thatnow she is represented as Kerrigan is more occupied in things bigger than to take us seriously

How you played both games and consider Zeratul the same character is beyond me.

just like hittler the art student, the dog-loving war messenger and hitler the genocide leader are the same, kill your highest authority figure and know a galactic conspiracy can change anyone’s motivations and it silences the monologues of an evident good self-perception

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The fact that Kerrigan keeps showing up every now and again and brutally murdering people would make it significantly harder for that particular wound to heal. Every time a zerg attack shows up in the news, it picks the “I failed to save her and everything she does is partially my fault” scab.

Doubly so because that night has clearly given him some moderate PTSD.



Kerrigan is still alive, and Raynor feels responsible for what happened to her, and to a degree, what she’s done since. He’s unable to get closure.

With Libby, he wasn’t responsible for what the Confederacy did to her, or their son, and the Confederacy is also dead and gone. It’s easier to lay that all to rest since it’s actually all done.

Eh, eh.

He was against sending the boy into Ghost Academy and Liddy talked him into allowing it.

Then she died of grief.

Sounds like karma. But ok.
Also where do you know this information from?

Eh, she got weak because of it, then died of flu.

When someone comes in and murders people, you generally start to hate that person, not fall in love with them. :man_facepalming:

That’s a logical thing
but Raynor went funky


Let’s stick to

and we can theorize that Jimmity rationalized that it’s not “the real Kerrigan” because of infestation.

Even though it’s a lie.


Well that’s true, infestation released pure evil that was in her.

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The line between love and hate is pretty thin. Whatever “love” existed at first should have easily crossed over to hatred after Kerrigan started killing people. We saw that in Brood War when Raynor promised to kill her.

Trying to sell the exact opposite as a plot requires some massive ignorance about how humanity or relationships work. Nothing worse than writers that just don’t understand people.

Duh, how would they understand people if they are writers, not social workers? :smile:


Stick to my headcannon : Kerrigan mind-controlled Raynor into loving her at the end of BW.

Then it means that entire SC2 plot is just a kerrigan’s dream.