WOL 4v4 was better than LOTV 4v4

That depended on the opposing composition. PDD was not particularly useful against Brood Lords or Infested Terran. PDD affected Corruptors, but the Zerg player didn’t necessarily need Corruptors.

Ok, but that wouldn’t do much if anything to stop a Brood Lord + Infestor army from advancing, nor could it zone out Infestors in that composition as you tried to claim earlier.

You could protect Ravens from infestor’s by pulling back your Ravens behind a auto-turret field wall. I played like 30k games with Ravens, before the Raven nerf in HoTs.

I was talking about Raven vs. infestor, not any other unit. If you weren’t too far behind you could kill Broodlords with seekers, vikings, and yamato cannon or ghost snipe which also worked really good vs. infestor or EMP.

This discussion is supposed to be about 1v1, not monobattles.

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It is fascinating, how someone claims LOTV not to be a real RTS, while admitting that he was spamming 1 unit for 30k games in WOL and feeling bad, that he can’t do it anymore…


That’s not what I said, you liar. I played tank marine viking raven most games, every game was different. Why put words in my mouth? I said I played 30k games with Ravens on both sides when I was Zerg, Protoss and with Terran. I played random most games in WOL.

You were talking about spamming turrets with ravens limited range against infestors. You would not spam turrets, if you already have marines + tanks.

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I would not spam turrets if… what??? Are you feeling ok? What in the world are you talking about? I am not even going to further respond, apparently you never played Wings of Liberty and you are trolling.