Why Zerg poorly design

Beginning of the post:

What about the lurker which core ability is the burrow?

Didn’t read the rest after this.

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These Terran players are actually sniffing their own farts right now. I have not seen one of them even remotely present an argument with any context. If anyone circle jerks themselves its most definitely Terran Players.

Oh the Lurker? You mean the Tank that Zerg gets which is only really useful after Hive Tech? You mean that unit you can have 3 minutes into the game? That one right?

I missed unit but what’s funny how Zerg doesn’t bother getting burrow they gave it to unit.

It shows how pointless the ability that when they gave lurkers. Knowing there be huge percentage didn’t grab the upgrade. if any units have weak stats because ability to hide well might take ability away for better stats.

I mean the unit Tank that is burrowed which deal linear extreme damage and when there are 2-3 of them stacked together and they are unnoticed they can literally wipe out half of the army in one go. Not to mention they are very good against all melee units in the game.

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Give me a break, little girl. How many idiot Zergs have we had sitting around telling themselves how their race is the hardest? This is in spite of having the most MMR… I guess Zerg players are just better than everyone else? Despite playing fewer games?

Zerg players are the most egotistical, delusional morons on the planet. Thanks for identifying one more idiot we can safely ignore.

We have 1 but he has so many burner accounts it’s hard to tell.