Why Zerg poorly design

If look at it their poorly design

Burrow is poorly design only two units can actually use it roach and infestor.

You can make an argument say banes can use it. Only issue is you have baby sit and you can use macro of burrow. It’s not even good A.I script. It unburrows and delay trying to pick target. It’s supper lazy if programmed it to explode once unit enter and is about to leave. For example once unit touches edge and walks in right before that walks out of radius.

Another thing be nice edge radius once bane is burrowed you can see where place another one can max killing radius.

They never even bothered to make it better like use as decent trait to add micro to game. I guess they were like why bother since Terran has cheap scan. I wonder hey 50 to low especially for mid to late game. Heaven for bid make 100 so some thought has to put in game.

I know it’s possible to be out 50 energy right when DT comeing but very rare. It should cost Terran more use scan then does now.

Now lair problem Zerg is only tier race but problem is they also tied to queen. Now they did time it round you can build queen build lair build spire you can get corrupter vs bc rush.

But problem anything else you can’t you have to hold it with queens which is problem more queens means more delay.

I think better solution was tie lair tech to queen. I know timing might adjusted 21 secs either add to spire, infestor pit and maybe to hydra den.

To get hive tech would be lair requirement but let face in wol and hots , hive was not that important tech.

Upgrades same lair locked except bane speed overlord drop and overseer.

Next topic overlord drop why so slow after upgrading should be at least 3.5 not kept at 2.6.

Terran medivac speed 3.5 and cost 100/100 . Can heal and has boost to increase to 5.

Protoss has flying prisim cost 250/0 speed 4 and after upgrade comes to 5 and can warp in new units.

Yeah, I agree. They win every tournament due to poor design


Dumbest argument is based on performance on the few with no reason why they won or how.

Clearly they didn’t use burrow or used overlord drops. Plus’s some what was behind on tech because delay of lair. The only thing was they won because their opponent lack skill to beat them.

On paper Terran has all tools to win so if Terran loses they made masive mistakes. Zerg loses if they make a simple mistake. If no one makes mistake Terran wins.

If you look at burrow is poor design they did nothing to make work. What they did instead make swarm host and ravager.

To fix what roaches was post to do with burrow.


The way I like to look at it is how many paths to victory does somebody have in any given situation. I’d estimate Terran has 10 paths to victory for every 1 that Zerg does. It doesn’t matter at the pro level because the top zergs will hit those 10% of scenarios with accuracy. Zerg basically has to make drones, rush hive tech, mass a giant cloud of broods, slowly mine out the map and win a big late game fight. That’s the only way to win. At any point in time throughout the midgame, some banes can accidentally hit marauders and the game is over, or the zerg lacks detection when there is a banshee, or the zerg is caught off guard by a BC, or the zerg misses a hellion runby which fries 20 drones. A widow mine can connect with some banes, or an EMP can land on your infestors. Perhaps a liberator goes unnoticed and clears out a mineral line. The list of ways to die goes on, and on and on.

10 to 1 might seem like an exaggeration, and it probably is, but I don’t think anyone will argue that Terran has way more win conditions than zerg. There is a saying that “all roads lead to Rome” but in SC2 “all paths lead to Terran victory.” The issue is that Terran’s ability to turtle makes it basically suicide to ever attack them. You can kill a planetary and all the SCVs and the terran will just stim into your main and kill you because the resources spent killing that base makes his army unstoppable. Terran can’t be attacked to any meaningful degree, and that means zerg just has to sit and wait for the terran to leave his base (which has to happen repeatedly before the terran is worn down enough he can be attacked and which generally doesn’t happen until the 12+ minute mark).

Take a look at this army value graph. I just played this game. There is a 600 mmr gap between me and my opponent. I have a massive army advantage, but the game just goes on because if I ever attack him, my army will be ground to dust in a split second by siege tanks (thus completely deleting my entire advantage):


Why do games need to go on to the 16 minute mark when it’s clear the terran has lost at the 6 minute mark?

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That’s why we need better tools

Real macro bane mine that auto kills max number. These can make Terran spam and force him to make raven.

Give overlord drops real speed so bane drops won’t be pony trick but real strat.

Bane travels 3.5 if overlord speed matched but have health 200 instead 35 then bane drops with queen transfuse be real thing. Or hydra + overlords solve aoe problem.

You can actually micro around problem instead of throwing units away.

Yea cheapest way found take out PF is corrupters and lings move then shift attack so lings will target workers and not PF.

Are you really trying to say your 2k valued army should win at the 10 minute mark?

stryker, for the love of god dude, please please learn some proper english. I hate reading your post.

Zerg is the only race in this game that is well designed for an RTS. There isn’t a recall, you can’t just run away your units from an engagement. There is no one button scan. You need to spread creep. If you mistakenly make the wrong unit and cancel, you lose that production cycle forever. You don’t have a Tier 3 unit that attacks air/ground in a single unit like Terran/Toss. Your spell casters are trash until the extreme late game. You have to actually scout and counter your opponents units instead of just “building whatever”. You have to inject and it cannot stack unlike Chrono/Mules. You don’t have overcharge or a PF and your base defenses are terrible. Terran/Toss have many other things as well that the Zerg race doesn’t get. Its kind of insane we don’t look at Serral/Reynor/Dark as GOATS instead of bashing them Zerg being OP.

Like imagine if you told Flash that Terran was overpowered because he was winning everything in Sc1? You would have been laughed out of the community. But it is common place to do that in sc2? why?

well yes…yes you can. zerg have the fastest units in the game 0.o did i miss anything?

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Oh man…i know english probably isn’t your first language. It isn’t mine either But please write better than this. I can’t bring myself to finish reading it…

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yeah, the dude is terrible in every one of his post. Its painful to read.

That’s literally what I am complaining about. A 2k terran army can slaughter a 10k zerg army as long as he never leaves his base. Zerg has near-zero ability to attack into a terran. It is absolutely ridiculous how hard it is to close-out games vs a terran who is behind, and can’t win, but decides to drag the game out anyway.

The sensor tower nerf will help with this, but it’s a drop of water in the ocean at this point. The same is true for the ultralisk buffs. Ultralisks are so bulky they simply cannot attack into terran’s simcity. You can have a massive advantage and burn it all in one attack if you sent ultras into a simcity.

Don’t get me wrong, the Zerg still wins eventually. But, what is the point of artificially prolonging the game? You legitimately sit there for 10 minutes waiting for him to try to secure a new base, and you set up a surround. You do this probably 3-5 times before they give up and leave. That’s how you beat terran. You sit and wait for them to decide to leave the game. It’s a huge waste of time.

At a certain point, a lead should be so large that a Zerg can close out the game no matter what the terran does. That’s how it works for Terran. When terran gets a lead of a certain size, there is nothing a zerg can do to prolong the game.

Yet were I to mention that Zerg also have the highest average MMR, despite playing less than Terran… That’s going to change your opinion?

Please show a replay of this happening literally ever.


Again brain dead argument Zerg lack options or better tool set to compete.

Look if Terran has all tools and Zerg has play harder to beat Terran. So in regards Zerg has better players because tool set. Abilities Units composition all favor Terran.

So ur argument is flawed your not even base on fact on units just it’s mystery why Zerg op.

Clearly you can’t pick unit and call op because it’s counter part.

Viper but Terran has ghost that can shut down.

If Terran is equal or greater they win if Zerg can only win if they are better.

It’s crap being Zerg vsing a turtling Terran, but Zerg also has all the tools to beat a turtling Terran. The full Zerg arsenal of nydus, tunnel claw roaches, overlord drops, infestors, blinding clouds etc are all able to break a Terran. It’s just hard. Just like it’s hard for Terran to vs Protoss who has more than 1 source of splash.

You need to pull out all the stops to get by.

It’s also hard as Protoss when Zerg has good game awareness and utilises mutas well.

All races have their ups and downs and match up scenarios that need you to work harder than normal.

The upcoming Zerg patch will buff Zerg to the moon anyway, so just wait for that so that we can put the final nail in the coffin of zergcraft2 before storm gate arrives.

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All stuff you call tools is main complaint of this thread.

Overlord drops are 2.63 while both drops from Terran and Protoss is 5 or have ability hit 5 like after burners.

Nydus worm gives huge telegraph and points out were to look. Nuke give you small dot, or bc telport gives 2 second to respond. Or warp gives no indication.

Tunnel claws failed because they originally design but they don’t work well.

That’s problem all tools suck and so below par with other two races.


dude please stop posting. we hate reading your post.

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Overlords have no supply cost, and they are so numerous that Zerg can easily drop their entire ground army if they wanted to.

If Overlords moved as fast as other transports, Zerg drops could easily become overpowered.

The nydus worm requires vision of the target area to move there, is stationary, gives a 14 second grace period to kill it before it can unload anything, announces itself when it finishes, and costs a substantial amount of gas that is one time use. A medivac drop, liberator, BC, banshee, hellion runby, etc, don’t have any of these restrictions.

2 hellions from a fast factory can wipe out so many drones it deletes the equivalent of 50 supply out of the zerg’s army for future battles and that hits at the 2 minute mark. Zerg does not have the ability to attack a terran to any meaningful degree meanwhile terran can attack zerg with impunity. That’s simply a fact built into the game design from top to bottom and left to right. It’s amazing that anyone could deny this.

The real problem here is that internet whiners find ways to lose games to the worst imaginable strategies and, rather than owning up to their mistakes, have to cry about game design; even over something as objectively weak as the nydus. The nydus is what they whine about – you know, the thing you can beat by simply right clicking on it. Yeah, that’s what they are whining about. These players could not be Zerg. They would lose their freaking minds with the BS zerg has to tolerate. Reapers, hellions, banshees are practically free to come and go as they please. If you can’t handle a stationary building that doesn’t do anything for 14 seconds, then you can’t play Zerg. Zerg is the hardest race in the game by far.