Why parasitic bomb garbage

It’s poor spell and only good medium engagements any bigger where you need more drops off.

2 major problems a viper gets one shot and doesn’t stack.

So you tight group bc or liberators only have deal with on parsite bomb any more be useless.

If made stack or cheaper so I don’t try rush reload

  1. It’s a very good spell that deals very efficiently with grouped units (ask any skytoss player how much their carriers and voidrays like it)
  2. Stacking it would basically mean that you can delete a complete skytoss army with 2-3 shots since this would be the result.

It would be as welcome as stacking storms or stims… L2P


If anything it could be argued it is a tad overpowered. These things are sort of like what raven seeker missles were just for air.

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This. They removed the stacking damage on Para Bomb specifically because it was absolutely broken and invalidated any form of air from the other races.


They did? Are you sure.

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Yes, they did. You can check the Viper and its patch notes on Liquipedia.

Path 3.1.1 they reduced the damage from 90 to 60, but it still stacked.
Patch 4.0 they doubled the damage up to 120, but they removed the stacking.

Seeker Missiles was also removed and replaced because of the issues that came with stacking. For a brief period, the replacement (AAM) also dealt some damage, but that was removed entirely because even at 15 damage the spell could still be abused by mass Raven to wipe out armies. Stacking spells is really never a good thing.


Makes me wonder. What if they brought back the raven seeker missle, but it did not stack?

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If Seeker Missile didn’t stack it would be “possible” to balance it; however, you would still have some problems implementing Seeker Missiles that way because the damage is instant.

DOT AOE effects do not stack, but reapplying the effect can refresh its duration.
Since Seeker Missiles deal damage instantly, either the damage would be completely negated, or it would be inversely adjusted based on the remaining duration of some hidden debuff. There is no other way to prevent stacking if the damage remains instant.

Either method has problems, but completely preventing further damage is better than the reduction method.
The “reduction for duration” method can still potentially stack such that the instant damage becomes a problem–The damage is reduced, but you still get some stacking instant damage that may obliterate armies. The “complete prevention” method avoids that problem, but it makes Seeker Missiles much more wasteful than other spells.


The replacement is a good spell at least. The way the scrambler spell reduces armor can be a very powerful when going up against bulky units like ultralisks, carriers and enemy bcs.

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Yeah, to be blunt I prefer having AAM (which doesn’t stack and doesn’t need weird rules to prevent stacking) over trying to find some way to balance Seeker Missiles.


Why does aoe effects Zerg it’s ok make 40 mutas and get wiped by couple archons or thors.

But viper can’t most toss and Terran units has 200 hp plus per air army but wait 7 seconds to apply it again but sadly most Terran and Protoss air would destroy Zerg

I dont even bother with parasitic bomb on terran and toss, it really doesnt do a whole lot. How ever against zerg, you can 1 bomb will destroy whole air fleets of zerg, Lost countless flocks of muta and corruptor to enemy zerg. But use it on toss and terran and it really dont do much at all.

There are a few reasons, including the fact that AOE spells like Fungal, Storm, Parasitic Bomb, etc have significantly larger radii than Thors or Archons, the fact that the player can control where the AOE spells land, and the fact that casters usually have an arsenal of other powerful utility spells that they can use for different situations.

Thors and Archons are not going to wipe out “40 Mutalisks” unless the Zerg player stacks those Mutalisks extremely tight, and in the case of Archons decides to fly close to the Archons with that clump.

The Thor’s radius is 0.5. To contrast that with spells:

  • Storm has a radius of 1.5, which covers 9x as much area.
  • Fungal has a radius of 2.25 which covers 20.25x as much area.
  • Parasitic Bomb has a radius of 3, which covers 36x as much area.

The Archon has a full damage radius of 0.25, half damage radius of 0.5, a quarter damage radius of 1, and a range of 3; so AOE damage spells both severely outrange Archons and still cover significantly larger areas.

Anyway, a single AOE spell is usually worth the attacks of several AOE units on its own.

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Exactly this.

And for Parabomb specifically, though it won’t necessarily kill units outright (though it’s very capable of doing that) it will certainly hurt them - often softening them up enough that the ground units or other air units from zerg can much more easily clean them up.

Further to that, combining Fungal growth and Parabomb basically guarantees that PB will kill just about anything under the effect of both, though double casting can be a little difficult to pull off.

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Honestly, it completely breaks my mind when people can say things as stupid as this. Like, seriously? Anti armor missile and they just run away, vs obliterating their entire skyline.


Don’t forget singular widow mines killing 50+ lings and whole packs of mutas.

In answer to your question, because Zerg is just the hardest to play. The other two races are better at turtling, AOE damage, and making 200/200 A-move armies. You can’t do that with zerg, at least not without tons of larvae and resources to remake your whole army after the first 200/200 army gets smashed by the superior skytoss or mech comp.

Lol already always had one base more then any opponent yet complain about other race like what all race need tons of resources too rebuild army


Exactly! Zerg is the type of “hardest to play” where the players play practice less and receive more MMR.

I swear it doesn’t matter how many times I debunk this idiocy, it keeps just popping back up like a whack-a-mole of stupid.

As opposed to what? Banelings which can kill 1.17 to 1.257 times that amount of Marines or Zerglings?

Every faction has powerful splash units, or casters with AOE spells. It’s rather important to prevent the side with more troops from always winning.


Pb is strong, but only against light units: Muta phoenix, Viking.
Viper also has other strong abilities.

The thing with Pb is, 7sec… for complete damage is already long.

and if you are sneaky, it does anything.
group air units → pb. the units automatically split away from each other. without the opponent doing or noticing anything.

~12 years …
could it be part of the design?
or else why does zerg have the weakest and most inefficient units for 12 years?
correlations? perhaps.

forgetting the fact that wm has more range, attacks air/ground, bonus to shield, everything automatically and does not die at the first attack
possibly then i agree with you…