Who thinks queens are any good

There are only few units they can take on.

That is stalkers and void rays. Every other unit they easily get destroyed.

I feel they need buff mainly I feel that they should roach regen or have their energy generate a lot faster while burrowed.

I just feel there weak

Queens are an S-teir unit. Early defense, injects, transfuse, cheap, anti-air, tanky. If you’re unsure how good they are watch how many of them the top zerg players build. Any buffs to queens would ruin the game. They were actually nerfed not too long ago to reduce the power of queen walks.

It sounds to me like you’re not using them well, which is understandable since they take a lot of skill to use really well. Try watching some guides, and keep practicing… you’ll get there! :slight_smile:

See main complaint was Protoss ground was not good this lie that found it self in community since most Protoss would build stalker and voids. Whitch some reason Protoss refuse build zealots that destroy queens.

Plus transfuse nerf make them useless against Terran units, before nerf queens can semi fight stim marines.

Queen as a fight unit is ~B.

S tier becomes Queen by:

  • Pool only as a tech requirement.
  • No larva/ gas consumption
  • only anti-air tool from zerg early…
  • spread, “zerg wall”, creep

for a defensive early game queen are S tier.
but aggresive they are more all-in.

Obviously queens are not the best at everything otherwise just mass queen to win. But they’re just so good that you’ve got to be a bad player to think they’re weak and need a buff.

And they’re not only good defensively in the early game, but all the way through. Just watch some pros use them to keep late game units & buildings alive, take down air, tank, and much more.

i think the way queens are kick butt . i would not change them , maby a slight attach or amor buff , or reduce time build buff ,

… mabee

buff said .

Queens before nerf can take on stim marine but since nerf they can’t.

Anti air to weak the only air unit they can stop is void, mutas in low number.

But in low number they can’t stop bc, carriers with out being mass vs low number.

Transfuse needs be reverted back maybe if they have lower excess becomes healing over time.

By disagreeing with the pros you’re only proving you don’t know how to play Zerg.

If you really want to win more then learn to play better rather than expecting your race to be buffed.

Protoss aren’t IMBA, Terran aren’t IMBA, you just suck.

That’s was before nerfs and they only use gimmicks version to fight voids in toss.

It’s so easy to check that you’re wrong:

Video: 11 Nov 2022
Nerf: Patch 5.0.9 March 15, 2022 https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/Patch_5.0.9

Are you a troll?

There is no defined objective criteria for what s tier means does it mean required or the best to mass etc. no one has explained that so its a worthless term in this context. Zerg is designed to need queens as a defensive mechanic so you try and win with 0 queens and your goign to have a bad time inject is mandatory even at low levels of play. They are not intended to counter heavy air units like carrier or BCS your supposed to make corruptors to counter those units. The problem and the reason queens feel weak to you now is they balance this game around the best players instead of championing fun which makes any unit that has a high skill cap hero type units with abilities under powered foe the average user. Queens may indeed be under powered in your hands but since they decided they wanted this to be a high skill cap esport and not a fun game you have to deal with the balance of queens being with them in the hands of someone like serral. In your league they should be used to inject and a few extra to spread creep i would avoid using them in large numbers and trying to transfuse things that’s likely never going to be relevant to you. TLDR they are not really meant as a fighting unit they are a macro unit with mandatory defensive aspects and they will always feel week in your hands as they don’t balance this game with casual gamers in mind which is why its dead. Make corruptors for AA use lings to kill marines good luck.

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Ok the video I thought was done couple years ago but Lessing to make even more worthless.

Queens suck they stop one two units hurass but 90% harass does damage in pro games.

This argument as defend unit but it can’t defend, bc rush comes way before corrupters can in play.

Zerg spores cost way to much they should cost 50 minerals not 100.

Transfuse nerf sucks this dumb concept that make queens only macro unit do everything make that even though it can’t defend that well.

Only armies stop small all ins that wouldn’t work for any other race

I would agree that allowing Bc to teleport across the map at 4 minutes was a poor design choice but they lowered mineral patches to 18 and gave people more starting workers because much like chess it wasn’t as fun to watch as an esport since it started slow which is why you see way more blitz than classical now in chess. However serral doesn’t lose to these rushes and they don’t balance the game around you so that’s irrelevant. The best way for you as a silver player to stop them from doing a 4:30 capital ship style rush as silver zerg is to all in them at the 3-4 minute mark before they can attack you with them at all. that’s the easiest and least micro intensive counter to this style of play

This is discussion weather they do it because it’s been well ten years.

If it wasn’t so biased then orbital command won’t exist super macro feature that hurt timings because Zerg has to choose tech build queen.

Terran tech up or build worker but get free 3.5.

Queens poor even pros know this.

So you’ve just confirmed you are a troll. The video linked above is pros confirming queens are really good. You can keep arguing that Scarlett, uThermal, & Harstem are wrong, but it only proves how bad you are at 1v1. I bet we’ll never see one of your replays since you wouldn’t want to show just how bad your build order and queen usage is.

Why not submit a replay to IODIS about how OC is IMBA?

Video only person played Zerg scarlet seemed really unsure and she was one started multiple queens.

They said better then ghost how in hell u come with that.

Macro is dumb concept taking actual pop that can’t defend well add extra step vs just adding it on hatch. Giving a real unit. Queens need buff dps especially they post to be defending.

They are used doesn’t mean good they bearly can defend they’ll better before nerfs

Because they know how to play and you don’t, simple.

They are good at tanking tank shots and fending off reapers and oracles.

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Wow they can defend against harass unit but no real army.

They can tank but most likely still die because distance and slow speed.

Queen need more then what they have their only used because it’s only thing we got.

Queen has same dps as reaper there is reason no one use reapers in there main army.

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