Who else wants a slower game?

I’m not a professional gamer. It’s difficult to have fun with the actual game speed. The time it’s the most important resource and I have always seen the match like a race instead of a party because I play all in for to win. If the game were slower it will be more easy to apply more complex strategies. I know that the time ratio is not 1:1 in ranked 1V1 and there are others like me who wants a slower game. The late game needs more attention to many things so slower game should make it more accurately. Another solution could be a player’s vote or an agreement for the speed before the beginning of the game.


It doesn’t need to be slower even if you are absolute beginner… Just play for a while and then you will learn to hold the correct tempo.


The game itself don’t need anything but there are other players like me out there waiting for changes that include them and make more reachable the successful fun.

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When blizz created StarCraft they anticipated people would play 1v1 at “normal” speed. They were surprised to see all of the Koreans were playing on the fastest setting available and this became the standard. The market decided; the StarCraft old gods had spoken. It will always be in the fastest setting unless you want to do custom games.

If you want a slower game play protoss, it takes 90 apm to reach 6k mmr


You don’t need more than 60-70 apm to get to the upper 50 percentile which is like high/gold platinum. If you can’t do 1 action per second on average I’m really not sure what to say, because that’s also considering APM spike like queueing units, holding down larva to make units, or warping in units, so more often than not you are actually not even doing more than 1 action per 2 seconds.

There’s even a channel out there that is doing only low APM challenge up to Masters. Yes, the person is currently a GM playing random, but you also don’t need to replicate his dominance in lower leagues. Just build a reasonable army that doesn’t require a lot of micro (Mech, Roach/Hydra, Chargelot/Immortal/Archon), and push out at max supply. As long as you are good about producing out of your facilities and upgrading, it really isn’t that demanding.

LOTV is unnecessarily fast! HOTS was fine, it wasn’t skill capped. You could always micro better/multi-task better and make better unit comps! Now game is only about APM and strategy almost doesn’t matter. Besides because faster worker start and stupid units like reaper grenade, or liberators, or ravagers. Game is now all in craft 2 and more coinflipp.

If you go bcs and they go ravager all in your autolose… Which can’t reliably scout every game… Or if you don’t open mega defensive. As it is still viable after ling speed and you can’t scout with reaper. And even if you send 2 hellions, sometimes people will send around lings, so this is already coinflipp… And they can put couple drones on third and make it look like macro and send ravagers around main path… And 2 hellions can be kites with queens and killed with 6 lings, before scout around all 3 bases…

OR reaper/hellion fights are pure luck, because there is delay, or attack speed buff randomly given to each unit, so they don’t shoot all at once and than there would be moment of silence, which would be weird. But it makes these fights complete luck. Also who is transition to cyclone and raven, if other player is massing them you autolose… And you can’t scout that, because if you send your 1st hellion across the map, if they send they 2 reaper 1 hellion they will halt your cc, or do dmg with reapers in main, while your have 1 hellion on their side…

And libs even pros when they hear liberator killing workers send workers away instantly yet lose 6 workers… This makes game coinflipp.

LOTV = who suicides more units into opponents mineral line first wins, strategy, or tactics doesn’t mater much, or siege under cliff…

HOTS = who makes better composition, macro and micro better, who plays more tactically and strategically, you can harass, but you won’t win game only by spamming units into opponents mineral line, because more resources per patches. In HOTS there is greater come back potential… So you don’t die to random coinflipp as easily…

In LOTV there is much more all ins and game is much more coinflipp and luck…


I’m part of the market too.

But you are in minority. You want slower game so minority can enjoy it but it will destroy the game for other people.

Good example are SJWs. They are minority but they can just destroy whatever they want.

Maybe the game is not for you then? However I would suggest you just to play a bit more and learn the game instead of demanding slowdowns which won’t really change too much.

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I had not play LotV nor HotS.

I wouldn’t mind if the game’s pacing was slowed down a little. Though I imagine the pros would have a fit because esports. I just hope that if there is going to be another StarCraft game that it would be designed around the common player instead of esports.

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Why not have both, you can make balance changes in masters, gm and tops pros separatedly…

I suppose it technically is possible, but the question is whether or not Blizzard sees enough profit at this point in time to put in the work and money.

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If the game speed were slower, sure you could pull of some slightly more complicated strats, but that means anyone else who can play a little bit faster can pull off strategies far beyond your own.

Slowing the game down will not help you.

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I would support making the games slower.
Back to the way it was. It isn’t about winning or losing. It doesnt matter if my opponent wins more games. It is just about making the units feel more alive, better control, more fun and more focus in making this game more strategic based and less clickish.


The beginning of the game feels slow although - compared to BW - we already start with 12 workers. I agree that the game feels fast especially in mid to late game.
I always hoped the fights would be longer thus more tactical, so making the game slower would help with that.


They won’t probably change that unless they will address Protoss economy. I tested it and you can’t make x worker start. As workers would be already stacked at that point, so you create completely different game. Unless you can put workers into positions they would be at that time. Also start above 9 workers is pointless as you would have been building supply depot and rax by that time, but with 12 worker start rax hits later in ratio to nexus even starting and than 2nd to nexus completion time and having 2nd mineral line unlocked for protoss.

So if they changed worker start to 6, game will be much slower and much more strategical and tactical again and also revert minerals per patches, which was one of worst decision ever made. Turtling is not problem, because more minerals per patches, but because:

  1. sh still in game
  2. ravens, vipers, tempests not nerfed
  3. air units > ground units
    In broodwar ground units sh it on air units, so you can attack, even if your opponent is making carriers, but in sc2 you have to sit back and make air units your self otherwise you lose, there is no middle ground
  4. mech having no aa, only option is to turtle, you attack and suddenly 20 mutas pop out…
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Lesson one on markets: So you think since you are part of the market that gives you control? No. Now, if thousands of people and most of the pros were clawing at Blizzard to change the standard speed, they may have to make a move.

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What if most customer wore chased out of game cause clickity too fast for them and only left with 400k players who would rather whine on forums telling everyone how thyere race is A move, and they lost cause they noob and only specific race that they play need buffs and is UP what would be smart idea to do than cater to that specific audience or try to regain lost population?

This is a pretty big what if, that is not backed up by anything concrete.