Which Zerg Brood/Pack is the strongest?

If possible a rank list is very welcomed.

Skehan says we don’t really know.

Kerrigan’s right when she challenged Amon. The brood has a Xel’naga. You can’t get more OP than that.


What about Amon’s Zerg?

It got Amon. End of discussion.

(A bit of a context, it has been well established that Amon is the ultimate definition of incompetence. He effectively defeat himself. He is a foundation upon which all inconsistencies and stupidity construct.

Basically, if you can somehow chalk up your point into Amon’s idiocy, everyone agrees you won the argument.)


Kerrigan was helped by the Terran Dominion and the Deallamas.

…has this always been a thing, and I just never noticed it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Seems like the most obvious nickname, yet this is the first time I’ve ever seen it.

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Nah, just made it up. Thanks for the acknowledgement.

Daggoths Tiamat Brood was canonicaly the largest brood during SC1 and the Brood War, and fielded the vast majority of the swarms flyers.

Come SC2 the structure and sizes of the broods under the Broodmothers is never really fleshed out, given what we know I’d imagine that Zagara has the largest individual Brood, though its name, role and functionality are never show.

I like to think that giant brain creatures like an Overmind or Cerebrate can control the largest amount of warriors, as opposed to a human or queen.

So with that my vote goes to Tiamat Brood.

HotS and Evolution both do seem to indicate that the Brood Mothers by design cant really control broods on the scale of Cerebrates. Initially Kerrigan just goofed on how powerful they could be, but then she deliberately decided to work with that limitation so they had to actually cooperate to make the Swarm as a whole function.

Makes sense for both Kerrigans.

As the Queen of Blades, weaker repeaters would mitigate the threat posed by one going rogue.

And once she took over the swarm post-infestation, Kerrigan put a lot of effort into making The Swarm something capable of coexistence. And having to cooperate with fellow broodmothers would mean the broodmothers had to be mentally capable of cooperation, which would make it easier for them to understand the concept of diplomacy with non-zerg.

Technically the Cerebrates are designed as super computers that helped controlling the Swarm for the Overmind. Their capacity is probably greater than Broodmother.

However, the question is which Brood is the strongest?

Garm brood is far inferior in comparison to brood of the other 2 senior Cerebrates yet it has certain characteristics making it effective. Certain broods though smaller can be stronger if they have special Zerg strain or tactics.

An Entire brood that capitalises on Devouring Ones or Hunter Killers while numerically inferior can be much stronger than larger Brood.

Well, if we are being serious, in term of pure power Amon’s is the strongest. It got large number plus Hybrid.

I’d like to think that the Swarm is constantly evolve to be stronger. So all the cerebrate’s might be larger in number, but individual unit should be stronger post Brood War. This stronger strain should be more than enough to offset the number.

Wasteful to spin unnecessary strands.

Stronger strains cost more resources & control. Otherwise the zerg would just spawn an army of Kerrigans. I think newer zerg just counter the latest threats a lot better than the older zerg.

On the other hand, Abathur said Kerrigan’s swarm was the greatest. :roll_eyes:

Well, who are we to argue with Abby?


Also, Abathur stated that making zerg strains too complex is problematic. So while it may seem cool to make a single strain of super-zerg that are useful in all occasions, there’s a limit to how strong the zerg can be as a whole and still be practical to use.

I think that’s largely to do with strategy. Kerrigan isn’t as wasteful with the Zerg as the Overmind and Cerebrates were. She’s willing to expend them, but she understands that the value of individual zerg is non-zero, and tries to make effective trades.

Greatest doesn’t necessarily mean strongest. It’s possible that being free of Amon’s grip and superior tactics are what makes her Swarm greater than the Overmind’s Swarm.


I have lemon juice to counter all of 'em.


Only works on Zerglings, apparently.


They are the most numerous, so it’s a good start. The rest can be nuked.