Which Campaign Missions do you hate?

Lately I have been playing all the SC and SC2 Campaigns and I was thinking about some missions which I really hate.

Starcraft 1/Remastered
Rebell Yell and Overmind have good missions and I don’t hate any missions in those campaigns.

The Fall
Homeland: I hate it because you have 3 Heroes and you have got to keep them alive otherwise you lose the mission. The Enemy has all Protoss air units and we have only dragoons and Scouts. They send Arbiters, Carriers, Archons and Reavers and the attack wave are huge. They sended me often 3 to 4 Reavers with Zealots and Dragoons and forced me always to save before attacking and sometimes my Save was ruined because they sended an unexpected attack wave and forced me to reload.

The Trial of Tassadar: This mission is basically just like Homeland and you get Carriers but you start with no money unlike Homeland which you had minerals and gas to use immediatley. The Enemy was constantly using the arbiters to put my Carriers in Stasis and having Jimmy in the Mission wasn’t great because you can’t repair him.

Eye of the Storm: You have to manage 2 bases with 2 separate factions and supplies. Constant Zerg Attack and having to protect my Carriers because the Defilers plague them and they lose their HP to 1 which just feels really bad.

Brood War

The Stand was ok and I didn’t hate any mission

The Iron Fist
Assault on Korhal: Having to deal with not only Battlecruisers but also with Nukes was a real nightmare. I really hate cloaked units and I constantly saved to save my units from nukes.

Queen of Blades
Drawing of the Web: Not having any air units and being attacked by carriers and and Dark Templar was really annoying. I remember the first time I played it I build Ultralisks, Hydralisks and I still could not beat it because of me forgetting to use overlords as detectors and DTs killing them.

Omega was annoying and hard but I don’t hate it that much.

Honorable Mention: True Colors RIP Fenix.

Wings of Liberty
Supernova: This mission is one of the hardest missions because you always have to keep moving and being carefull because the Protoss have High Templars which can storm my units to death and it also has a lot of detectors and you need Vikings to support the Banshees to get to the back of the base to destroy the Structure to complete the mission.

Cutthroat: having to race Orlan to reach the Mineral goal before he is difficult because you start with a few marines and some vultures and being constantly attacked means that you have to be real fast.

Safe Haven: Not because of story but because being time pressured to do things really fast. The Mothership warps in Carriers when it is attacked and send my units in a black hole.

Maw of the Void: Long and Boring

Heart of the Swarm
The Crucible: This Holdout is for some reason really hard for me on brutal and I barely survive each time and I honestly don’t know what I do wrong.

Phantoms of the Void: I really don’t love missions where I am forced to quickly finish a mission and this 1 is one of the worst for me. Starting with little time having to kill the protoss plus the Hybrid and starting with little units is just a nightmare.

The rest of Hots was easy with Kerrigan and it is funny that in those 2 missions I didn’t have Kerrigan and struggled a lot.

Legacy of the Void
Spear of Adun: This mission is really simple but after completing a part of the main objective the enemy sends either Nydus worms or Warp prisms which summon many units and the Attack waves just get insane in Brutal.

Last Stand: Quickly killing the Stones, while bulding many Cannons at the same time is hard as the attacks get harder especially when Shakuras is the first planet you visit and having FPS drops.

Temple of Unification: Ravens are annoying with Seeker Missiles and having to capture 5 locks while fighting 2 forces is just stupid. I often had where I captured 1 lock and the enemy already sended units to either capture it or against my base.

Steps of the Rite: The Reason I hate this 1 is because you have to constantly watch over the timer before the fog returns and then defend the base against shades of all races.

Purification: I hate this because of Vipers. The first time I played it they always took my colossus and whenever I ordered it to return to my armies the again drag it to them and they kill it.

Essence of Eternity: The Beginning is really hard and you have to protect your base and your allies on 4 sides at once and also using Kerrigan stopping the Bar is making it more difficult.

I really enjoyed NCO and I loved all those missions and those were all the Campaign missions that I hate. Which one do you hate?

Reading the whole post I think you don’t hate maps, but units and abilities.

When I was much younger I hated this map the most, because I struggled with the attack waves as well. But after some experience (from other games as well) I learned how to manage it. After saving your units at the start, immediatelly take the expansion. For quite some time you are fine with just photon cannons at the top of the ramps. Create 2 squad of scouts against the reavers and carriers and you are fine. The heroes never meet battle. But, there is another tactic which I saw. You can complete the mission in about 3 minutes. Send Zeratul and your 4 dark templars to destroy the orange nexus which ends the mission in success. There are no detectors and by the time they arrive the nexus is over.

I usually just sit in my base and producing carriers while defending with cannons. With about 8-12 carriers I destroy the two purple bases and build my own ones there. You should not have trouble with the resources after. Create 1 scout squad against arbiters. Attack with carriers and pull them back. This aggros the arbiters which you can take out with scouts, then attack again with carriers. if they create new arbiters to replace the lost ones it does not mater, because they don’t have 100 energy upon creation.

I don’t recall ever fighting with battlecruisers on that map. Dealing with nuking ghosts is one of the greatest pleasures for me, also not that difficult. Place missile turrets near the bunker and tank. If somehow the ghost is still out of range, there is the scan which I always bound to number 0.

There shouldn’t be any problem if you send fast overlords with your armies.

Unlucking mules before doing that mission gives a huge help. You can destroy the bases with hellions and vultures. They are fast and good in greater numbers.

Being a timed mission does not really matter. You have more than enough time to take care of everything, unless you are completing achivements. It can be tricky that way. The black hole is an ability you cannot skip. The mothership will use it and hit, no matter what, so there is no reason to hate the map because of that.

Quickly take the expansion and gather gas to be able to create swarm hosts. Just crawlers and hosts can hold all entrances fine. For the bonus, create some mutalisk. They will come in handy anyway against the guardians and vipers.

Not that short on time here either (unless doing achivements again). Take the expansion immediatelly. Auto-extractors are especially good here. The clock does not move while Stukov overloads a temple, so you can wait until a very little stripe is left on the clock before activating the sequence. With 6 geysers you shouldn’t have problems producing units. Don’t use air units, because hybrids here do area damge to air. Aberrations deal very well against hybrids.

Don’t activate any power cells when you cleared the area around them. Clear each area, damage the objectives to around 20 life left (they don’t regenerate), then destroy all of them at once. This way there are no prisms and nydus worms to be worry about.

I suggest going to Shakuras as late as possible to make it easier. But if you want to do it sooner, just immediatelly send out the first three dark templarss to one stone, then return to base. During this take your expansion as soon as possible. After defending the attack, send out the DTs again. use Spear of Adun to take care of dangerous opponents (banelings, air). You will eventually have FPS drop. I suggest you to upgrade your computer.

Again, take your expansion as soon as possible. You’ll have more than enough minerals, so no harm in putting cannons at the captured locks. You can still use Spear of Adun to help defending. You don’t receive phoenixes for nothing. The only unit they will struggle with is the archon.

At the start run around with marines to collect the free resources. About defenses, just put 2-2 planetary fortresses at your expansion entrances and at Artanis’ entrance. later follow them up with missile turrets while using Kerrigan to take out powerful units, like thors, battlecruisers, brood lords. Still follow the planetaries with tanks. Zagara can hold much better than Artanis, but several tanks won’t hurt her either. Even later create a mobile viking force.

I hope this helps.

Not because I find these difficult.

Maw of the Void, last Epilogue mission - dull, dreadfully dull.

For all the hate I give HotS… no mission is actually absolutely horrendous. Because ultimately steamrolling is fun. It’s just the lack of challenge.
Like Geralt said… “It’s like a pie with no filling.”

In Utter Darkness - haunted me for years as the lone missing piece of WoL achievements. Winning it on Brutal. (Did it though.)

Any timed ones. I’m starting to hate these tenth anno achievements now that I’m realizing a lot of them are on a timer.

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The Insurgent - It’s hand down the mission from SC/BW that has plot-holes up the ying-yang. I can’t get over how Aldaris didn’t actually tell any of his fellow rebels what they were truly fighting for. If even just one his supporters knew of Raszagal’s manipulation, then Kerrigan’s entire plan goes up in smoke.


Maw of the Void - It’s okay the first time around when you beat it with mass battlecruisers, but it’s got no replay value whatsoever when you realize that this is really the only way to ever beat this level outside of cheesing the vault with the Orbital Drop Pod research.

In SC1 I don’t really remember disliking any missions except for ones like Insurgent and Patriot’s blood simply due to plot holes. Also killing Fenix was pretty hard for me simply because of how beefy he is.

In SC2 I really struggled with the Brutal version of Zero Hour. Granted, I did also try at destroying the hatcheries on that difficulty.

Maw of the void is very dull and slow-going. I did not enjoy it much even on the first playthrough. I also wasn’t a big fan of the Redstone mission.

As for HotS I wasn’t a big fan of really any of the Zerus missions, nor was I a fan of any of the boss-fight-like missions. As for LotV, I have only finished 16 missions, and I have enjoyed all of them.

The missions that stand out to me as being ones I truly disliked:


  • Episode 3: “Shadow Hunters”: This map was just really awkwardly-designed even considering the time this game was released in. I’ve no idea what the thought process was for making the main bases be put in narrow trenches to the sides.


  • WoL: “Cutthroat”: The first part is just a pain-in-@ss having limited resources and racing to save them plus zipping around the map collecting resource palettes.

  • WoL: “Engine of Destruction”: It was a neat idea, but I feel Terran was the worse race to do this mission as. Essentially an escort mission, there were so many times where I just wanted Tychus to calm the f down so I can just get a decent economy going and build up a bit more before having to move out.

  • WoL: “The Moebius Factor”: I appreciate the attempt at an island map, but it’s spoiled by a really awkward map design and the fact that you’re racing against Kerrigan.

  • WoL: “Maw of the Void”: I don’t dislike the mono-strategy as much as some others, but I’m really curious why several WoL missions have the trait of such limited resources. This one suffers the most from it; it’s a macro map, but the designers still imposed a pretty small resource limit. I also dislike how it’s essentially just one path; instead of getting a large map with multiple angles to go at, we’re essentially limited to just “A-moving to the left” for the entire mission.

  • WoL: “Echoes of the Future”: Just from a lore-stance. Zeratul accidentally activating random colossi, the Overmind not being the biblical doombringer as he was in the original, the map not corresponding to the setup from “Eye of the Storm”; this for me was when SCII’s story really started to take the p!ss out of me.

  • HotS: “Harvest of Screams”: Again, just from a lore-stance, the flash freezes of Kaldir were a ludicrous gimmick. It baffles me to see things like archons frozen, or ursadon walking around just fine when literal highly-evolved warbeasts and civilizations with god-like technology succumbing to winter. An example of the designers completely throwing away any semblance of story just for a gameplay gimmick that doesn’t even really matter to anything else.

  • HotS: “Supreme”: When I think StarCraft, I think of having to think tactically over a battlefield, determining which units to build, where to send them to, where to establish bases, which angles to best approach the enemies from, etc. If I wanted to do a watered-down boss-to-boss fighter, I’d play a different game. This mission doesn’t feel like it belongs in an RTS, at least within StarCraft.

  • HotS: “Hand of Darkness”: I really hate timed missions.

  • HotS: “Phantoms of the Void”: I really hate timed missions.

  • HotS: “With Friends Like These…”: Just a really awkward mission in the middle of the zerg’s campaign. Couldn’t design a mission to utilize the sky zerg composition, but gotta incorporate a top-down scroller with a terran battlecruiser. Such a shame.

  • HotS: “Death From Above”: I liked the idea of going back and forth between base and squad management. But did I mention how I hate timed missions? At least it was only like that for the first few parts instead of the entire mission, but it was still a bit frustrating to play through.

*The entire Legacy of the Void campaign was rather dull in terms of gameplay, as most of the missions boiled down to “move to/destroy this objective”. I remember interviews with the designers saying they wanted to create an authentic Protoss experience, but apparently “deathball to here, then deathball to there” was all they could come up with. Nothing utilizing warp prisms, or stealth play, or having only a small but powerful group of units to get through? In terms of gameplay, this was my least favorite campaign. But for my personal bottom of the barrel:

  • LotV: “Harbinger of Oblivion”: An awkwardly-designed map with an obligatory timer.
  • LotV: “Unsealing the Past”: Although better than “Engine of Destruction”, I just don’t care much for escort missions because there’s not a whole lot of variety to play it.
  • LotV: “Salvation”: I don’t necessarily hate this mission, I just thought it was lazy at it was basically just a copy-paste of “All-In”, though swapping out the energy nova for allies.
  • Epilogue: “Amon’s Fall”: The culmination of a bland, nonsensical story where you take the full might of all three races to fight a bunch of stones. Honestly, I couldn’t expect a more fitting ending for this dull-as-a-rock story.

You could have just said you have issues with timers.

Sc1 : Into the Darkness. Merely because having to constantly wait for Tassadar to regen for Hallucinations is tedious. Infested Terrans.

BW : Patriot’s Blood, aka DuGalle is stupid. Plus the mission is kinda boring in general

WoL : Safe Haven. Bifrost knows why :stuck_out_tongue:
Although gameplaywise Maw of the Void is the most Boring.

HotS : Lorewise it’s Harvest of Screams, because Protoss apparently thought that protection against the cold was optional.
Gameplaywise it’s Fire in the Sky. Spreading Creep is booooooring. Plus Warfield is an idiot.

LotV : Amon’s Fall, full stop. Boring Gameplaywise and atrocious lorewise.

Nova Covert Ops : Uhm… Night Terrors ? But it’s a default choice because it’s a Welcome to the Jungle rip-off, a good one mind you, but I had to pick one…

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That one is pretty fun using his Hallucinations to bait out those and the wall turrets.

I use Nexus Recall on this mission.

I actually use Reavers this map just for the Viper

Stupid mission. It’s all gotch ya non sense.

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Not a fan of macro UED TvT missions. I find them tedious. Spidermines, seiged tanks often on the high ground, and ghost locking down all your mech. Ugh.

I remember when I discovered that the Marines activated triggers to pop some Infested. They were so annoying I decided to not use them just to not deal with them.

Coupled with the problems the Dragoon had to step the stairs up, I had my Marines and my Dragoon parked at the start of the level.
And then I discovered at the end of the mission when the massive Zerg wave came that if I kept my Units in the bottom left corner of the map and the cloaked ghost went to trigger the Zerg wave, they’d go right at the start of the mission to kill my Dragoon and the Marines, leaving my Unit group to only deal with the Turrets.

Man, I really want to see GGG do a deathless run on this mission. That’d be a challenge :open_mouth:

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When I got my new laptop and had to unlock all the missions again, I used a single marine a couple of times to abuse some of the triggers.

Yes I play SC1 like a conclave elitist that uses lesser beings like terrans for fodder .

They viper can also abduct the reaver.

The medic is perfect with restoration.

I’d also go with HotS’ Supreme just because of how lazy it was for Bliz to just copy over the Belial fight from D3.

I largely agree. Although I actually like Fire in the Sky.

And I would pick Flashpoint because it’s a bit tedious. You can just turtle up and nuke the whole map. Honestly, it’s the most realistic choice for Nova anyway, because that preserves her forces. Which is definitely her thing at that point.

Safe Haven is an atrocity against several rules of narration and the fact that Haven’s Fall is actually one of the more impactful missions in WoL makes it only worse.

The entire Zerus Arc is a ripoff. First Welcome To the Jungle (with Mutalisks, therefore too easy, but HotS is too easy anyways so it isn’t a criteria for me there), then All In, then Belial

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Btw, Night Terrors are actually a ripoff of WtJ and Outbreak.

So it’s actually a pretty good mix of two interesting missions.

I’ve been trying to think of an original SC1 mission I may have hated, and the only one that sorta comes to mind is Agent of the Swarm.

Any time this came around, I was always like, “oh great…this mission,” and I can’t really explain why that is. Like, I don’t hate that it’s an island-hop mission, or that the first 10 minutes it just waiting for Kerrigan to hatch. The only thing it might be is just how simple it is. You either build up a ball of mutalisks, or a doom drop of overlords, and just head for the top right corner and win.

Actually, Egression might be a more worthy original SC1 mission I dislike the most. I was never really a fan of how so much of the map feels pointlessly wasted. There should have at least been a 2nd gas geyser on this map considering all the gas-heavy tier-2 stuff they give ya (mutalisks and level 2 upgrades).