Version problem SC][

Europe and Amerika got different game versions, if i move to other Server i get disconnected

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Europe and Americas are always apart for update release.
If you don’t mind having files deleted and recreated over and over again, quitting the whole game before changing server probably should allow you to update (to the newer or older version), then play.

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i need update every time i switch the server

i do each day maybe 10 times…

update ~160MB…

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Howdy everyone,

Thank you for the reports, I’ve confirmed this is happening to myself as well and have reported this up.

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Thank you. I had just tried opening it as well with the same issue appearing.

I have similar issue. Cannot login to EU & Asia server. US server works fine but require updating everytime.

I also tried these but none of them work:

  • Delete & reinstall the game
  • Run “Scan and Repair”, no issues found
  • Run “Check for Updates”, no updates found, but version is still 5.0.11 (not the latest 5.0.12)

I can’t even use Repair… on my game… I dunno how you’re enabling it, but it’s Disabled on my game…

Try restarting your computer, then launch the app and check again.

This version issue between regions should be fixed now for everyone.

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