Unable to claim Nerazim bundle from Twitch Prime


Im having some trouble claiming the nerazim bundle as a twitch prime member. I noticed this small print on the claims page @twitch.amazon.com/prime/loot/sc2 - *Must install StarCraft II to claim. Offer only available where Twitch Prime is available. Each Blizzard and Twitch Prime account may only claim a StarCraft II reward once per campaign.

I did claim Abathur back when he was a twitch prime loot reward. Does this mean that if i claimed Abathur a few months back that i am unable to claim the Nerazim bundle for my blizzard account as well because they are considered to be in the same ‘campaign’?

I actually already own Vorazun, but i would like the cosmetic console and announcer that come with this package which is why im trying to claim it.

Would appreciate some clarification on this matter please


Im having the same problem man, would like to hear a solution…


Having the same problem you have.
However, was able to claim both the Abathur and Swann bundles with 0 issues so I doubt it’s that.

After a short call with Amazon who fingered Twitch and over half a dozen email support messages with Blizzard trying various things, they also are blaming Twitch.

Sadly, Twitch support is rather … slow. I messaged them on Wednesday and haven’t gotten a reply.

Hopefully your’s is more on Blizzard’s end, but you may have to struggle with Twitch support too.


Update #2

May 30 : Original call to Amazon, was told would get a call back 2-3 days later

June 2 : 2nd call to Amazon (since it was now almost a week). Amazon managed to grab a Twitch rep to talk to me. After trying some crazy stuff like changing my credit card on record for Twitch, Amazon, and Blizzard, and other things, no luck and said they’d have a Twitch Senior Support Staff within 48 hours.

June 11 : 3rd call to Amazon support. Rep shocked the issue is still going on, more shocked there was no actual tickets filed after all. Filed a ticket and swore he’d personally bug Twitch and Blizzard about it. Time’ll tell. He hinted the only solution will be Blizzard has to reset our accounts to the package to go through…

We added Blizzard to this after A) I was able to claim the recently released League of Legends package with 0 issues and B) /id.twitch.tv/connections/callback_success page from the BattleNet crossback page hangs and does NOT close while the callback pages from Riot worked fine.

Let’s hope we finally get an answer before the bundle goes away.


Hello Darnath :wave:

I tried refreshing your account data on the server side, in case it needed to re-authenticate. You’ve gone to the Twitch Prime Loot page and specifically claimed the Nerazim bundle? Some promos through Twitch require manual redemption, and others are pushed automatically:

Twitch Prime Loot

I’d be curious to see a screenshot of the StarCraft rewards page showing the “Claimed” checkbox for the Nerazim Bundle.


Hello Metalagon.

Here’s a shot of the League of Legends Successfully Claimed.

Here’s the first issue I’m having with claiming the Vorazun bundle. When I go to (re)link my BattleNet account the page doesn’t close. It closed with the League of Legends Link Page.

So I manually close the window and reload the page. Click on Claim and the infinite spinny happens.

Now you’ll notice the warning about the prize already claimed on a different Twitch/Amazon account. I DID NOT do that! There’s some bug going on that confused the original Twitch and Amazon reps I talked to. So on a whim I created a new Twitch account and Prime 30day trial account.

Same thing happens.

Thanks for looking into it. I noticed you wiped the Swann and Abathur claims from my Transaction logs.


Heya Darnath,

At this point this goes well beyond a tech issue and is account relevant. I can’t promise there’s anything that Support can do, but you’re better off contacting them so they can get more details. We in tech are pretty limited in the amount of account support we can do over forums. Good luck with it either way!


Hello Drakuloth

Yeah, I just got off the phone with Twitch low level support again (call #4!)

They’re completely stumped too. Also irritated their Senior Support hasn’t gotten back to me. That’s kinda why I’ve become jaded with Twitch.

I really hope Blizzard will offer these bundles or at least some of the components like the voice packs, on the Blizzard store soonish.


ive had ~5 outstanding tickets about 3 weeks ago all the way to yesterday regarding this and twitch just wont contact me back - even to say they are looking into it. amazon and blizz support also said twitch would need to reset how accounts are linked (not the manual unlinking we are able to do cause that accomplished nothing) in order for me to claim the bundle…still waiting on word.

As for additional details on the issue: i think it has to do with ALL linked accounts at the time the 1st bundle was claimed - u need to have the exact same bnet/twitch/amazon account/email and even the same localization. For example in my case i claimed Abathur on my only bnet account linked to my only twitch account but through amazon(.com) i think, but since then i have swapped over to amazon.ca because i reside in canada and dont want to pay twice for prime and i think even though emails are the same, amazon accounts are considered different and thus i get the error “the amazon acc linked to this twitch acc has already claimed the offer” but i have prime and now cannot claim this offer unless ALL accounts & emails are the same…twitch either needs to reset something on their side or blizz does, but still no go for me…what a horrible experience…


Same here m’friend.

4 emails now, 4 stated calls from Twitch in 24-48 hours.
Actual Number of Calls = a big fat 0.

I really hope Blizzard will be putting the stuff that isn’t part of the usual CoOp packages (Console Skins, icons, sprays, and in Vorazun’s case, Voice Pack) on the store soonish. The last Amazon rep I talked to (since when you pick “Twitch Prime” as the option on the Twitch Help page throws you to Amazon) said he had to help 4 others get their bundles and 3 others with no help either awaiting Twitch to get off their butts.


Welp, 5th call earlier this week.
Amazon rep said they were completely helpless to do anything and Twitch only answers support via email unless you’re a full partner. Note Krymm and I both email Twitch Support over a month ago and still 0 answers.

I guess Krymm and I are screwed. Blizz, PLEASE stop making Twitch exclusives if their support is this biased.


considering these issues, blizzard should make the stuff available for purchase.


Hey all,

We can’t really address suggestions here - we’re mostly here for the technical side of things, and as I mentioned earlier this is an account licensing issue. To make suggestions, I’d reach out at the general forums.

Twitch Prime Bundles to the Blizzard Store?

Hi Drakuloth,

I did reach out to technical support. You know what they told me after 10 suggestions?

“Wait for Twitch to respond.”

That was over a month ago and 0 responses.

Case #67537645 in case you’re curious.


Well, good news : Finally got a letter back from Twitch.

Bad news : They’re blaming Amazon/Blizzard.

The circle firing squad is complete.
Amazon Blames Twitch
Blizzard Blames Twitch
Twitch Blames Amazon.

And customer is hosed.



Sorry you’ve had such a time of this. For a peek behind the curtain, the reason we keep directing you to Twitch is that we do not have the tracking needed to see this link as it’s done at the Twitch website. All the data there lives on their servers. Until we get the license update request from Twitch, there’s nothing we can do.

That all said, I checked your account and it LOOKS like the licenses are on your account as of now? Did you finally get in touch with someone to push us the license request?


Actually yup. I got it. Didn’t want to bump the thread but here’s the weird story

Before the Swann bundle was available, my sister put me under her “Household” Amazon Prime plan to “save us money”. Whatever. I still had my own Amazon account and claimed both the Swann and Abathur bundles no problem

Now the Vorazun bundle was originally scheduled to be out the June 23, but delayed a week (tin foil hat time) because of Stettman semi-stealth release and/or Swann going longer. BUT during that time I visited the claim page (obviously locked ) while still a member of the same household plan.

Now June 26. Without a warning I was kicked off the family household plan. So I said “bleep it” and activated my own Prime plan again.

Forward to June 28. The problems started.

My theory (long shot that both Amazon and Twitch didn’t want to really look into…)

Somehow by visiting the page originally on the 23-24th, it “claimed” the bundle while I was still under my sister’s Household plan (even though I had my Twitch linked to my own Amazon account). 2 days ago I got my sister to temporarily let me link her personal amazon account to my twitch and it all went fine (thus why you see I was able to claim it)

The grand mystery is :
Why did it lock up on the Claim now Button when I made a brand new Twitch and Amazon Prime account for testing purposes? I know you don’t have the answer and sadly I doubt I’ll ever get an answer from those two.

Have a good weekend!