Ultra wide support

Any news or progress on ultra wide support?
I cant play SC2 on my ultra wide, its looks all stretched out and stupid.
Is it possible to open a petition or something,
I mean its 2020 soon and SC2 still lagging way behind, almost every game I play support 21:9

Blizzard fix your game please!


I support this message, for years now…


There is not problem or bug to be fixed - the game is working as intended.

You do understand that if added - you will see MORE on the same screen than an opponent with a more usual resolution?

Adding ultra wide support to provide increased field of view based on monitor used to 1% of a playerbase in the competitive game - it IS a bad idea. I just wonder why isn’t it obvious to people like you???


You can change your driver settings to make sc2 letterbox on your ultrawide, that’s your best option.

SC2 can be displayed at 5:4 (1280x1024) and it is actually the display mode that has smallest area vision. The game is currently optimized for 16:9 and it is reasonable since it is the most popular display due to being the original HD specs in home video.


It annoys me that people can’t understand how easy it would be to implement the ultrawide support for single player mode only! I never play SC2 online and I am guessing many others do not either, so why punish those who have a ultra wide monitor that just want to play in single player mode. I 100% understand this would be bad for multiplayer so only have the option in single player.


Every time I bring up this topic, people including Blizzard themselves using “competitive advantage” as an excuse to get away. But seriously, many of 21:9 ultrawide screen users only want to have the option to play in full screen while offline or playing with AI. Are we really that unreasonable and deserve to be ignored?


According to steam stats, UW users rest in the 1% - >1% range. There’s a ~0% chance Blizzard is going to update a 2010 game for UW and disrupt the pro-scene they have been cultivating for a decade at the behest of an incredibly small pool of users. You’re not unreasonable for asking, but you have to understand that you’re a niche and unlikely to be catered to in SC2.


Now this is just other BS. Mac SC2 player are also only a few percent of the community, yet SC2 have Metal(an apple game engine) support. This is just a small example why small player base should not be the excuse for some very simple request. Plus, they can alway disable this feature in ladder and pro-scene, and only enable this feature for campaign and co-op(which I’m sure is the majority of the SC online player base).


Yes but the total number of mac computers in the world is greater than the total number of users with Ultrawide. It has more potential than that of Ultrawide. It’s simply too small a market for Blizzard to prioritize. You can request it all you like, but this game is a decade old so I doubt they’d bother.


Was this post dug up from a time capsule? I feel like I read this 7 years ago…
lol fr though. I can do bfV and witcher 3 on ultra and hold 240 fps (cap) but sc2 on ultra holds 140-180 but as soon as a fight breaks out were talking 30-60 fps drops that hit hard. I understand that at the time of the game being made there wasn’t the tech we have now ( I bought the gtx 460 1 gb card for this game back in the day.) I understand that the game doesn’t use all of our processors cores. We as a whole understand these problems in terms of “bad optimization” or rather “out dated optimization.”
I think everyone can agree its time for some updates around here!


Like what? Re-writing the whole engine from scratch?

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Just put black bars on the sides like wtf??? Why do I have to look at skewed and ugly graphics cause I’m on Ultrawide? Why do other Blizzard games - including WC3 - CLASSIC WC3 not the Reforged Beta, operate in Ultrawide just fine?

If they don’t want a ‘competitive advantage’ that’s fine. Just give me black bars so I can see the game properly.

It isn’t hard Blizzard.


No. Put black bars in so its still 1920x1080 but centered on the 2560x1080 screen so its not stretched to hell. Its real simple and is a feature in other blizzard games.

Furthermore SC2 HAD ULTRAWIDE SUPPORT at launch, but in some weird move Blizzard removed it saying it had ‘a competitive advantage’


Yeah…because it had a competitive advantage. Being able to see more of the battlefield without scrolling is an advantage.

Honestly for 99% of players lack of skill and refined mechanics means seeing more of the screen doesn’t really matter. They will lose because of some rudimentary mistake and not because the enemy ‘saw more’. And guess what? Tournaments can simply not supply ultrawide monitors and prohibit use of 21:9 resolutions.

Nope the way Ultrawide has been handled is exactly how Blizzard handled everything with SC2. Poorly.

There are three easy fixes for this which do not affect competitive pro level play.

  1. Let you lock your pointer while in windowed mode so you can play in windowed and still scroll around the map as normal.

  2. Put black bars on the side of the screen on ultra-wide monitors natively without the user having to use Nvidia Control Panel preventing any extra space from being shown and also stopping the image from being distorted.

  3. Restrict matchmaking (incl. arcade) games to disable the resolution, and allow it in both custom games and single player.

All three of these will preserve competitive equality anywhere it matters as well as solve the skewed image problem for ultrawide users.

Again I reiterate. Every other Blizzard title has found a way to handle Ultrawide without affecting competitive play - including Overwatch which disabled 21:9 support around the same time SC2 did. Overwatch simply letterboxes the screen so that you see 1920x1080 centered in the screen without any extra width ensuring competitive play is fair.

There is no valid excuse other than sheer laziness that SC2 has not done the same thing.


Your response shows your ignorance.

  1. This game is and always has been balanced around the top .1% of players. It literally doesn’t matter that it won’t meaningfully impact the bottom 99.9 because it could impact that top .1%. Don’t like it? Find a less competitive game (Like Overwatch, HOTS, WoW PvP, etc)
  2. Tournaments banning hardware seems fine but if you practiced with Ultrawides to have the ladder advantage other pros have with that hardware you’re suddenly ill prepared for tournies. You’d also have up and coming pros who learned on that hardware before hitting top 16 GM complaining that they can’t use it in tournies.
  3. Just because there are solutions doesn’t mean the older engine of SC2 was set up to handle them or that Blizzard finds it economically sound. Starcraft is a game that is hesitant to change standards which is why just the concept of having periodic balance patches is still under constant discussion and compared to BW.
  4. Just be grateful that Blizzard adapted your niche ratio/resolution in their other, less competitive games. Ultrawide still makes up for less than 1% of PC gamers because it was designed mostly for cinema and graphic design.

But go ahead, keep barking into the void.

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And your response shows your arrogance lol

  1. This really is your only semi-valid point, ya the game is balanced for the top percent of players so they do things based off them, but if they did the simple fix he suggested of just restricting your view on ultrawide in multiplayer then it would null this point.
  2. You seem to have ignored his suggestions or just didn’t really read his post before writing yours. He obviously thinks the competitive aspect is small, but he clearly made suggestions regardless of how to fix the issue. Have black bars when in ultrawide was one. This would null this advantage they’d have in tournaments because they wouldn’t have one anyways, and besides that’s a stupid point, because if you’re practicing in ultrawide when you know the tournament is gonna be using 16:9 then you’re an idiot anyways.
  3. You again clearly arent reading his posts. The game RELEASED with Ultrawide support, that means their engine DOES support it, so again this comment makes no sense either, your stretching.
  4. This is another comment ive seen posted all over for years. Niche? Give me a break, it’s not that niche anymore. All the statistics that people post are YEARS old and let alone that steam’s statistics dont make up the majority of pc players let alone their statistics only work if you allow them to monitor your specifications, so they tend to be widely inaccurate. Besides the point that literally every other game in the past 5 or so years supports ultrawide so your opinion that we should feel “grateful” that they support it in other games is just ridiculous and shows your unconditional love for all things blizzard.

Barking into the void is how you get stuff done, take a history class.


I did read his response.

  1. It isn’t “semi-valid” it IS valid regardless of the suggestions for solutions because it’s connected to my later point that Blizzard likely doesn’t consider the effort to implement them economically worth it. inb4 “But it’s probably easy/I could do it in a sitting” yeah that’s fine and dandy for independent projects but for large corporate projects there is a lot of testing that needs to be run and a matter of a day or two’s work when considering the average salary of engineers is non-negligible
  2. I did read his suggestions, I addressed the potential issues with them which was that the engine likely doesn’t support specific tweaks for that ratio. To add to that, it’s likely SC2 just leverages the GPU drivers to alter the image to fit the display. Your suggestion that Pro level players should just ignore it for practicing is just ignorant. Not every top GM is a pro player and they’d have to play against top players on the ladder that are leveraging UW at some point. If this advantage proves significant enough, and it likely would considering how much extra vision can help in an RTS, pros that want to remain top players would have to capitulate to remain competitive on the ladder as well as in tournaments (as many high level tournies have MMR minimums). The bottom line is it would muck with the equilibrium which is unnecessary.
  3. Just because you can’t read between the lines doesn’t mean I’m not reading the response. I didn’t deny it was released with support, what I did suppose was that the engine isn’t designed with special tweaks for Ultrawide to allow them to give it special treatment to work around Versus mode balance. I’m not stretching, just depending on a low level of information synthesis from readers; sorry you proved below it.
  4. It is niche. The study I’m quoting from is the 2019 survey. Most PC gamers use steam. Yes the fact that it’s a volunteer survey does mean it’s not valid for scientific statistical research but it does suggest a low user base for Ultrawide. There’s nothing wrong with using niche hardware, but to expect an e-sport to update its competitive environment for an incredibly small base of users is unrealistic.

Barking into the void isn’t the same as organizing public protests against government bodies and to try and compare your inability to accept an older game not supporting a still niche use-case to actual significant movements is laughable considering your comment about my arrogance.


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Deberian soportar resoluciones 21:9 incluso 32:9, y luego si juegas en modo historia usar toda la resolucion para jugar, si es modo competitivo añadir franjas negras a los lados.
Tecnicamente no tiene mucha dificultad, solo es por dejadez con SC2 por parte de Blizzard.


First of all, thats unnecessarily rude.

Secondly, you are dead wrong. The level of vision can be handled completely seperate from resolution. If you have a static horizontal field of view (SC2 probably uses zoom, but it should be obvious what I mean), then ultra widescreen would show less.

But for balances sake, its not a big challenge to implement a feature that allows ultra widescreen to have slightly more horizontal vision, but also slightly less vertical vision. I dont see what would be wrong with that?