These kind of games/players are so common lately

Running into a lot of these kind of games lately where the player thinks the world of themselves. Despite being helped far more than they realized, getting exactly what they wished for, they complain and be rude the entire time.

Here’s an example just from today of the kind of things somewhat rampant lately in my experience:

It’s frustrating to say the least. Maybe I’m wrong and biased here but the game feels like:

  1. Despite me clearing 1st and 2nd sets of shards, he complained.
  2. Despite me helping with 3rd set, clearing 2/3, he got mad.
  3. Despite timing restraints of map (1st pirate spawn only at 11:40min) and (2nd pirate spawn only after half map progression or half base clear), he got mad.
  4. Despite getting both bonuses, covering waves, helping clearing with 4th set, he was upset the entire time.
  5. Despite finishing RtK with bonuses at 14min, he was angry.

It’s probably a moot question, but like why are these people this angry? lolz. And where do these people get off thinking they did “better”. As far as I am concerned, they didn’t even do their ‘fair share’, so to speak.


They’re angry because they have a small pp.
In all honesty, I have no idea. I had a player call me BM for queuing Brutal with Zagara P2 at low levels, even though Mother of Constructs is the easier prestige to grind Zagara with. They left after I schooled them and solo’d the Lock & Load with zero issues.

Some people are just hate filled, spiteful, elitist tools.


“They” say that anonymity reveals a person’s true nature. So essentially…

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I had this blue level guy who was playing Kerrigan really abysmally.
He just takes his Kerrigan to enemy base to “wreak havoc” and ignoring incoming enemy waves even if they are coming to his base.

So when I rescue him and carry him throughout the mission he goes, “I don’t need your help”, “I know what I’m doing” only to spectacularly fail every time. Worse yet he doesn’t learn from it lol.

I hate those kind of people who plays badly and doesn’t learn a thing but has the ego to say “I know what I’m doing” or making stupid excuses to cover their a$$.

And the best way to deal with them is to deny their existence.

I blocked communication post game, as I’ve already had enough during said game.

Short of reporting them (as some colourful words were said, see replay). Then I find he wasted enough of my time, and a single reported game isn’t going to change anything.

While these were far and few in between. It seems to occur more often as of late, especially with sub15 players who are prestiging.

Haven’t watched the replay (yet) but from description it can be usual that a player feels like he can’t do anything if you are going too fast, it happens to me if I get megnsk ally on rtk doing the eso cheese and it feels like doing anything is pointless and all I can do is kill the bonus and just sit there, maybe attack some random base.

Not gonna lie, I feel like this quite often playing with Fearr, lol. He’s such a hyper aggressive player that I get left in the dust, twiddling my thumbs and going “Uhhh… What the hell am I going to do now?”
I just sorta suck it up and keep going through. But I sometimes say that I feel like I did garbage or next to nothing.

This is surprising. Aside from 1 person I’ve come across 3 times that pings and constantly tells me what to do (yet does 1/10 of the work I do, and I blocked him), my allies almost never talk to me. I almost never talk to them. It’s just a silent game for the most part.

I would say the most common types of players I come across are those that do brutal+ or brutation and are way over their heads. I get people want to have fun, but you are not doing yourself or your ally a service by being nearly useless the entire game. This is pretty much the only thing that angers me about co-op. People just queue up without a second thought on the hardest difficulty and expect their allies to carry them.

Not sure why this guy got angry though. Maybe he just wanted to blow off some steam? Maybe he’s always just like that? Some people are just built different with how they see the world. There’s no use in interpreting why they behave that way lol

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That is one of the reasons I like Nova. Hyper aggressive player? Pop a defensive drone to help them be even more aggressive while you sit back and watch the show. I often have to do that with Tychus or Super Gary.

Not that I am a part of the forum group… you elite players would probably cringe watching me play lol… “Yeah time to crush this map! Why is my dumb*** Nova ally going so slowly and F2 moving all the time?!”

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The funny thing here is (I know you didn’t watch it but…) my ally is a Mengsk player. I went 1-base BC as Raynor P3. And that’s the end result of the match.

I just felt very annoyed by the end… especially knowing how fast a Mengsk can be, yet this guy was like ‘fast’ but ‘not that fast’, yet keeps complaining about how “I should get bonus”… even though I got bonus, did half the shard’s dmg work (per result screen), and covered the waves.

I think the correct term is “some people were not held as a baby”. :wink:

You stole his thunder. He thought was going to carry you … but got carried …

Mr Burger you stole his thunder too. You ruined his ‘havoc’ wreaking mood …

Fear and Mr Burger = Thunder stealing ppl


Fear I’ve played with you before. I know how capable you are.

Don’t worry about toxic people on online games. You don’t need their help. You don’t need to be concerned at all with anything they have to say.

Queue times for Co Op is super fast. If someone is toxic towards you, just leave. I would. Requeue and forget all about them.

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if someone is toxic you should just troll them and make them feel uncomfortable, filp the whole situation upside down on them.

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Better yet, just agree with them constantly so they become even more annoyed lol.

Though yeah, sorry you had to deal with that, FearrWhalins. I’ve met my fair share of bossy teammates, but these issues are few and far between for me. I do remember this one time, leveling P2 Zagara on Rifts to Korhal.

After I cleared the first shard, a Nova gave me the stink eye and said something like, “man, play normal until you get better.” Totally out of left field, and rude. I didn’t engage much beyond saying there’s a reason I’m P2, so eh.

Suffice it to say, though, they remained pretty quiet after I’ve held my own, clearing out the map + its bonus with how largely forgiving Zagara’s P2 is to grind. With my own judgement, I even left them a gg afterwards lol.

Can hardly please some people, anyway.

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Just the arrogance this guy had at the end. The message, “see?” As if to say he was right all along. Insert mind-exploding meme.

Complaints aside, this kind of rude behaviour isn’t nearly as often. It’s just lately, this type of people seem to be more often than usual. And it definitely takes away from the gaming experience for sure.

Just answer with something in russian or greek or another alphabet. Bonus points if you spam a few lines, and watch them rage even harder :stuck_out_tongue:

Spanish. Use spanish or port.

Usually I get these kind of players in brutations, and in my case it was always Nova players. Did get a rude Fenix one time. Still, it is pretty rare at least.

Actually, since I often level new prestiges on hard, one thing I will say about hard vs brutal is you get a lot of different kind of players on hard. Brutal is often just silence, but on hard you get more interesting chatty people.

All ages play this game so you will run into them. Not really sure they’re angry since text doesn’t really reveal ones emotions to really say one is angry. Why be so serious of what they say? Its normal to be in a situation like this.

Ever played games with youngster when you were young? Play with older children or teens or adults? This game is like that.

I think most sc2 players are not children. This game is fairly old on its own.

I get what you’re saying but I don’t think I’m being “too serious”. The guy was just awful lol. You’re kind of taking the wrong side, so to speak.