These kind of games/players are so common lately

Sheesh, I’ve seen this in the board gaming world too… people who manage to turn a (fully) coop game into a competitive one!

This is why I play hard. So many perfectionists and elitists queing on brutal.

You must have one hell of a streak because that is the exact reason why I don’t play on Hard is because I get all of these try-hards who think they are hot shlt when they don’t know WTF they are doing most of the time.

However you will get the sweatiest of players when queueing for mutation. It’s borderline a fallout zone in terms of toxicity.

I rarely get any toxicity when queing hard. Maybe it helps that I greet them and wish that they have a good game and support them if they want to try something. When I try pub queing in brutal with a lvl 1 commander there’s a high chance I get TTed to get to 15 before trying brutal or they just auto-quit.

There’s just a lot of people who think they are the best at coop. And then when they have to carry even a little, they get outraged at someone.

I’ve been the noobiest of noob to where I am now, and that’s always been a constant. The rare yet hateful ally.

Thinking back on this, it probably isn’t that bad now since the playerbase is waning. I know a ton of people ghosted after the maintenance mode announcement.

That’s actually kinda impressive given that even despite losing a lot of players, I can queue up for a regular game on Hard or Brutal, but still get matched within 10 seconds!

I play on both Hard and Brutal. I only ever get the truly toxic players during mutations but even then its rare. I will however say that I meet a wider variety of people on hard compared to brutal.

Brutal games are usually very quiet affairs, you win the map without ever saying a word. Hard however you get more interesting chatty people. I had a guy roleplaying as “scooby” who lost a bunch of his marines to lava in Vermillion and went “ruh roh” in the chat one time lol.

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I think that’s natural since Brutal runs faster with slightly harder scales. So the inability of sparing time to type is an end result of the difficulty.

Between a chatty brutal player who sucked already but suck even more cuz they keep typing pointless things… and a non-chatty mediocre brutal player… I think most prefer the latter. Incidentally, that’s what people generally do and get.

So I don’t think it’s a matter of Hard difficulty players are more interesting. It’s just you get more opportunities to “be interesting”, if you will.

Is the replay available anywhere now? Seems to be deleted from the FileIO link.

I’d have to reload it with a new one probably lol. Those sites usually just keep it for awhile before removing. I’ll get around to it when I can.

Is there a correct way to play poorly or least below average?

I mean people playing poorly don’t automatically mean a bad experience for either players.

The poor experience usually comes from bad communication and over-inflated egos.

I gotta admit, while I’d like to get better at Coop, it’s actually kinda refreshing to lose a game every once in a while. It certainly breaks up the monotony at times.

Well looks like my streak was broken. Came across some noob playing Zeratul that kept complaining about the commander being weak. I told him to get artifacts and even taught him step by step how to do it. He just keeps getting his units killed and then complains that he’s not able to get an artifact. Really tilted me and was tempted to just kill his base and get him booted from the game. Carried his butt most of the game.

Sorry to hear that, especially the part where if you took the time to teach artifact finding even lol. Although the booting part would kick both of you.

I can say I’m a salty player, had to quit Dota for a whole year just to keep toxicity in check. When I feel like I can’t help spewing poison into chat, I usually do that when the game is over (usually because I overrelied on a veeery bad teammate), when the short “mission failed” time b4 you can leave. Don’t have to do that often, tbh I only did it like 2-3 times in 100+ (I think. Might be less) brutal missions, but it happens.
I mean if you a THAT GOOD and can spare the time to complain mid mission, why won’t you just solo it? Most brutal missions can be solo’d, if a bit slowly.