There back again with a new exploit

the same group of crasher are back again using a new exploit this time it does outright crash people rather then causing massive stalls

their claiming a moral high ground on smith for and I quote “having ingame transactions and banning people this is against TOS”

therefore believe they are morally right to crash everyone

blizzard has fixed their previous exploit but they’ve simply escalated too a new more harfmfl one.


All abusers lash out from a position of victimhood

I just experienced a hard crash when trying to go to Custom, and all I can say is wow. Just… wow. This is quite pathetic. It’s not so much the exploits or exploiter(s). No, that happens with anything and everything. It’s Blizzard’s near zero response to it that’s truly astonishing and infuriating.

the exploit map break limit of characters


Where were you able to find this, out of curiosity?

[Squadron TD](
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Script kiddies, “hard” at work.

blizzard has done something they fixed there previous exploit it took them a bit but they did it the little rats just moved on to a new one

Hey all,

The expoiters have switched tactics, so the fixes from the recent patch likely aren’t effective in stopping this new kind of attack.

Thanks for the reports. I passed them to Bliz.

The workaround from the original attacks should hopefully still work.

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yeah blizzard patched there last exploit by disabling image paths this new one seems to be more malicious and actively causing crashed to error meaning crash reports will be getting sent luckily

Well, if Blizzard won’t get on it in a timely manner, I’ll be writing them off like I did with EA/BioWare and Star Wars: The Old Republic when their dev team couldn’t be bothered for months to add Alder Lake CPUs to their “this is a CPU” list when using the game launcher. The game could not be played at all with one of those CPUs until someone from the community created an unofficial patch, one in which the dev team said not to trust or use but instead to wait (months) for them to fix it. Meanwhile, my paid subscription time was burning with no offer of a refund or prorated price. It was the easiest of fixes, yet they just sat on it until the next patch just like Blizzard did recently with patch 5.0.13. It’s plain old bad business. I mean, have they not heard of a “hotfix?” Thankfully, SC2 is not a paid subscription game, but I do expect it to be serviced in a timely manner considering I have paid for every game, expansion, and even some war chests.

Thanks DJ. I passed this to Bliz as well.

For the sake of not advertising the exploit, can you edit the post (not delete) and remove the code? Bliz will still be able to see it on their end.

This is exactly what i wrote to you in one of my previous posts. If Blizzard does not dedicate knowledgeable folks, they will never stop. At this point all other Blizzard products must go secondary and they HAVE to focus on this with their best people, even from other departments/products. I hope most recent attack made that clear to them. Now we have really good reason to not even touch “custom” tab, not only arcade, but whole tab.

The summary I submitted ended with that exact sentiment: Hopefully this new attack will help convince the powers that be that, developed or not, these current issues need proper attention.

I wouldn’t go that far. The new exploit still uses loaded map names in the Lobbies tab like the last one. All the other tabs are just as usable as they were before (as long as they aren’t sorted by “Newest”).

I’ve gathered a few error codes:





Hopefully it helps.

seems there also making new burner accounts for every single day they do this for… fun…

Yep it’s happening again, this time completely crashing the game. On sc2arcade I can see there’s a lobby open for a map called “Unknown 357938”. The lobby has nobody in it and is titled: “Blizzard Officially Endorses this Lobby”.

The source of the error seems to be the map itself, rather than the lobby title. Clicking on the map on sc2arcade causes a 404 error.

Well, Starcraft has been fun, sad to see it go. Have a good one, I cant trust a company that allows this stuff to go on weekend after weekend.

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fatel error msg logging into custom maps >>> seems the customs lobby game play is compremised continuosly , long time sc2 player. AND SPECIFICALLY play only these lobbies/ unfortunatley i have purchased bg3 and hell divers now to waist my time that i used to playing sc2. hope you guys can figure it out.

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