Theory: The Terran are the true successors to the Xel'naga and will soon be more powerful than the Zerg or Protoss

The background lore of Starcraft is that both the Protoss and Zerg exist as part of an ancient, much more powerful race’s reproduction cycle. These beings, the Xel’naga, seed the galaxy with life. Eventually, over billions of years, two species emerge. One with Purity of Form, which makes them both physically and psychically powerful. These are the Protoss. The other half of the equation is Purity of Essence. This is essentially the ability to evolve and adapt rapidly to any situation. This is the Zerg. Over time as part of a huge Cycle, two races develop these aspects naturally and come together to merge into one. The new race is then powerful enough that the Xel’naga can pass their consciousness onto the new beings and continue their life cycle.

Except something went wrong this time and instead of the process occurring naturally, a rogue Xel’naga tried to force the Cycle through genetic alteration. I’ll leaving out the details because they aren’t important to my point. But the important bit is that the Protoss and Zerg were both genetically engineered to achieve the aspects this rogue Xel’naga wanted.

So the Protoss and the Zerg are both ancient, extremely powerful races genetically engineered to by cosmic gods to be the ideal forms of themselves.

Then we have the Terrans. The Terrans are a bunch of criminals, rebels, and mutants from Earth stuffed aboard some ships and launched off into space as part of an experiment. They crashed near the Protoss and started to thrive in their new corner of their universe. Part of their ‘mutations’ were the development of psychic powers, which are only getting stronger generation by generation.

A henchman of the rogue Xel’naga calls Terran the “product of a failed Cycle.” We know that they were part of the life seeded by the Xel’naga, but unlike the Protoss an Zerg they weren’t genetically tampered with.
How can a bunch of rag tag, lost humans repeatedly win major battles against both the Protoss and the Zerg? It’s by no means constant, and they take a lot of losses in the story, but they do win enough that it’s undeniable they’re competitive.
It’s because the Terrans are not only the products of the same cycle, but they’re the closest to achieving both Purity of Form and Essence.

Essence is about adaptability and evolution. The Terran were dumped in a random corner of the galaxy with nothing the wreckage of their space ships and some supplies, and managed to build a competitive space power out of it. The Zerg could do this, but a huge part of the original Starcraft campaign was the Protoss losing to the Zerg because, except for Tassadar, they were unwilling to adapt and develop new strategies.

Purity of Form isn’t only physical strength, it’s producing psychic powers. Although the Protoss are more powerful psychics than the Terran, the gap is narrowing. Kerrigan and Nova, two of the most powerful Terran psychics are easily competitive against most Protoss. The level of psychic powers among Terran seems to be increasing with time as well. In a few hundred years they could pass the Protoss. We know this isn’t common, because the Zerg spend a huge amount of time and resources specifically attempting to infest and assimilate the Terran, because the Terran are such powerful psychics by galactic standards that they can compete with the Protoss. This means that in all the time the Zerg have been traveling across the galaxy, they’ve never found a race with psychic powers that could match those of the Protoss, except the Terran.

So you have both halves of the Xel’naga formula present in Terran. They have adaptability close to that of the Zerg, and psychic powers close to that of the Protoss. Not as great as either, but strong enough to compete. This makes them the closest living thing to the Xel’naga themselves. Considering that they’re a much younger species than the others, in a few thousand years they could surpass both the Zerg and Protoss.

The proof comes when Ouros, the last Xel’naga transfers his ‘essence’ (not to be confused with Purity of Essence) to Kerrigan. This is the last step of the cycle. In the process she becomes the next generation of Xel’naga. This isn’t just because she’s a powerful psychic, or infested. It’s because she’s Terran. The actual, natural product of the Xel’naga’s cycle.


Good job. Now you’re trying to ruin Terrans by connecting them to that squid filth.


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So HFY writers have become bored of making mass effect fanfiction.

Oh boy…

The quote “A product of a flawed Cycle” refers to the cycle as a thing being flawed and amon plus his cronies seeking to remove it.

There are problem with your theory.

First thing first, Ouros wants Kerrigan to be infested. He wants her to be save from deinfestation back on Char and injected with the Primal essence on Zerus. Remember, Zeratul is his unwittingly agent.

Terran might have ability to evolve, but we can’t hold a candle to the Zerg.

But yes, I do think Kerrigan has Purity of Form.

Secondly, and I hate myself for telling you this, but… it’s quite likely that Terran is a far more ancient race than either Zerg or Protoss…

Really, the earliest known human civilization was formed about 6,000 years ago. Or about 6,500 years before the even of the game. Khas was only discovered Khala 500 years ago at most (after 15th century)

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This whole theory falls apart because that’s not what purity of essence is.


We have a new date Lo t V and it puts in more notice how long the Nerazim were within the khalai faction since they are from the Shelak tribes that still belong to the Templar caste. the Nerazim saw the golden age of the protoss epitome it ran 3000 years earlier this is 500 years before Christ than when Rohana indicates that the psionic matrix was activated in 3000 BC years

The problem is, as a species, compared to the protoss, humans are like a poor quality replacement, the protoss was destined to complete the cycle but they were adulterated. Kerrigan was always an exception, this was planned to be a large interspecies transition but here there is only one xelnaga and a host / vessel / new body left(kerrigan).

As a Protoss fan, I have to say they are the big losers of Starcraft . It’s only when they activate the Spear of Adun they start really winning .

Rebel Yell: Tassadar gets pushed back by Sons of Korhal, who at this point are still a rebel terran faction.

Overmind: Kerrigan traps Tassadar and Zeratul on Char, Overmind invades Auir. Protoss lose hard.

The Fall: Tassadar + executor do defeat the Overmind but with the help of Terrans.

The Stand: After losing Auir, the Protoss come to the brink of losing Shakuras . They have to resort to using a once in existence Trump card to save themselves from being annihilated .

The Iron Fist: Fenix forces on Auir lose to the UED in the only TvP conflict of that campaign.

Queen of Blades: Zeratul gets played by Kerrigan. Artanis gets his fleet wrecked at the end despite 2 terran allies.

WoL: Raynor embarrasses the Taldarim over and over again.

HotS: Protoss are fairly absent here but Kerrigan does wreck them on Kaldir, Niadra a little parasite evolves to solo take down a large capital vessel. Kerrigan wrecks the Taldarim again, and I think these are supposed to be like Narud’s elite Taldarim.

LotV: It’s only after Artanis activates the Spear of Adun, the strongest vessel in the universe the Protoss start winning .

Nova: A small albeit elite terran faction repeatedly out fights and out smarts Janira on 2 occasions. Then the Dominion with much their fleet either arriving late or absent manages to take on and turn away the freaking Taldarim death fleet.

Again no Spear of Adun.

Basically Protoss with Spear or one off Xelnaga Trump card = Win;
Protoss without Spear or help from terran allies = lose.

The Zerg honestly isn’t much better. Zerg with Kerrigan= win, with the exception of joint Dominion / Raiders of Char; probably the most improbable military victory in the history of the Koprolu sector. Though that took a Xelnage Trump card. Zerg without Kerrigan generally equals lose. Overmind won some early battles on Char.

But as much as like toss. Terran are objectively the greatest force in the Koprulu sector when Kerrigan, the Spear of Adun, are not involved.

Rules of SC:
Kerrigan beats everyone unless a Xelnaga Trump card is involved.
Spear of Adun Protoss beat everyone.
Terran beat everyone (excluding Kerrigan) without an Arkship.
Zerg beat Protoss without an Arkship or Xelnaga Trump card



Protoss also win when they purify planets and avoid direct combat.


Terran may not be smarter knowledge wise than the Protoss but they seem to be able to have as Kerrigan would say better vision (I would call it cognitive reasoning).

A big struggle for terran seems to be feral zerg. Especially if they are all frenzied because of a psi emitter. Maybe because you can’t out reason the feral zerg as they have no reason.

Terrans are less rigid.

Pre Great War Protoss are still the strongest faction IMO. They could purify everything with their fleets and had 3 ark ships that they didn’t even need to use.

Their downfall was that the swarm was nearly as powerful and found them on their home turf where they didn’t expect it. As their forces trickled back to Aiur it was only to step into the meat grinder.

Pre SC 1 Protoss > Overmind’s extended Zerg swarm > UED > everyone else

But faction strengths don’t matter when it comes to the plot armor of Kerrigan and Raynor.


Terran Dominion under Valerian / Horner can fight off a large portion of the Taldarim death fleet but can’t get a handle on feral zerg .

Tal’Darim are nowhere near pre-SC1 Protoss or even the Daelaam. Especially since current day Daelaam have freaking SoA and Purifiers.


The feral zerg were also being lured around by psi emitters. They were being directed by human intelligence, which is why the Dominion wasnt able to coordinate against them effectively.


And Vardona is definitely bigger priority than Boros.

Not a planet to send Gorgons in.

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Can you point me to where this is all mentioned? I can’t find it.

I only find that Rohana told Artanis about Psi Matrix being constructed 3,000 years ago.

The Nerazin rebellion occurred 1000 years before, this inferred that at least the ancestors of the Nerazin were tolerating the conclave more than 2000 years
it is specifically this the psi emitter is a new technology that replaces the solarite of the golden age and that allowed to connect the protoss world.

  • [Artanis] : [Solarite] The Firstborn haven’t utilized solarite in millennia.
  • [Karax] : This vessel is ancient, Hierarch. We will need to exhaust even unconventional resources if we are to bring it to bear.

before to this period when their ships were driven by this matter and this gold age of special expansion, is so preceded by technological development because at that time of the great reunification protoss they were in a bronze age with magitech xelnaga
about the Nerazin being part of the Shelak tribe and simulantly a Templar tribe as assasin in the manual

Blockquote Sargas
Caste: Templar
Station: Enforcers/ Assassins
Tribal Color: Blue
Easily the most notorious of the Tribes, the Sargas have offered a tenuous allegiance to the
Judicator Conclave. Much like the Venatir before them, the Sargas continually fight to override
the effects of the Khala upon their Tribe. Obsessed with holding onto their ‘free will’ and Tribal
identity, the Sargas offer their aid only when it serves their purposes. The Conclave has found
that the Sargas are extremely adept at the arts of killing. Thus, their members have been made
the official assassins of the Protoss, deftly eradicating any dissidents or enemies with the ancient
grace of their hunter-race. It has been noted that more Dark Templar stem from the Sargas Tribe
than from any other.

in addition shows that in the cinematic claim nerazin with tech modern zealot suit

The nerazim only came about 1000 years ago. How are you getting the extra 2000 years?

Yep, I think this makes absolutely no sense! They were living together on Aiur for thousands of year and then somehow those Protoss afraid about discord that the Nerazim supposed to represent? Shouldn’t the thousands year of peace a proof that they can live together?

Well, not really. Seeing as Adun was as old as Raszagal, I think he die at most in his eight hundreds or so. The Arkship was build after he was already a celebrity, so I wager that it was about four hundred years (or less) prior to his death. Regardless, the psi matrix was supposedly established two thousands year before his death, so…

Manual! Of course! Stupid me!

Yeah, I like this anime. I show how much of a bloodthirsty Artanis is. He orchestrated so many death! Amon should be proud of him.

Anyway, I’m currently looking for any indication (in game) that Raszagal was once live on Aiur. Do you have any in that regard?