Theory: The Terran are the true successors to the Xel'naga and will soon be more powerful than the Zerg or Protoss

Because they start rejecting the idea right away? I’m pretty sure that they didn’t just wake up one day after two thousands years and decide to disconnect from the Khala.

Well, youre mistaken then? The Nerazim started 1000 years ago. Maybe individuals were living like that, but as a large group? Theres no evidence that it was occuring before then.

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Please forgive my English, by Nerazim I meant those who reject the Khala. Yes, I think you’re right.

I understood what you meant. It just wasnt a thing before then.

The general idea that the Shelak tribes is described as uncooperative and seems more like the case of the conversion of Jews and Muslims during the Middle Ages to Christianity who pre-activated Christianity enough so that they would not be disturbed or suspected, so I can imagine the tribes Shelak leaving the conclave in seen several times and ignoring the invitations :laughing:. All the detail is in the Templar saga that I have not read but what I read about those who talk about book is that a rogue tribe was formed without name, with dissenting people (as the manual indicates, the majority belonged to the Shelak tribe) so it could have been a gradual process, in addition to the fact that the problem erupted when the conclave questioned its existence.And this is how the Nerazim obtain one of the uraj or khalis crystals, as Xelnaga gave it to the Shelak tribe.

This only does not say that the spear was kept during Adun’s lifetime but obviously a. and that their solarium-based systems were considered under the premise that the psionic matrix could fail in an event of extinction in an expression event, and it is understandable that the So a is after the foundation of the psionic matrix since it has its own matrix psionics and the solar star system. It is the equivalent when the nuclear system that was old in the jeagers was ultimately more reliable in the perlicula Pacific rim.

well they throw it in their face a few times

  • Amon : Their blood is on your hands, Artanis. False savior. Your defiance means their death.

Well theDT saga is said that adun knows rasagal and described as a young protoss

Raszagal flat out says that she’s one of the few Nerazim old enough to remember having lived on Aiur.

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Raszagal : I am Raszagal, Matriarch of the Dark Templar, and I welcome you and your companions to our world. Zeratul has informed me of the fall of Aiur, and I am deeply grieved. I am one of the few Dark Templar old enough to remember our ancestral home with clarity. Yet, no matter how tragic the circumstances, it is clear that fortune has reunited our people. We Dark Templar will never forget our banishment from Aiur, nor the Conclave’s sins against us. But you and your companions are no longer of the Conclave. The example set by your fallen hero, Tassadar, has shown you that when the light and dark sides of our energies are united, our power is undeniable.

looking for that dialogue recently, it was the first and I skipped it, :see_no_evil:

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Yeah, it’s somewhat gradually. However, by the time they were discovered, many of them already existed all over Aiur. The book also hints that they’re there for quite sometime, although never state explicitly when. From the interview with Raszagal (conduct by Adun), it seems like these people tryout Khala and decide they’re not a fan. This leads me to believe that there exists also like after Khas.

Also, Adun was shown to be capable of using Void energy and pretty much taught them how to start tapping into it. I wonder if some Proto-Nerazim zen master taught him in secret or something.

Regardless, my point is that the Protoss seems to be at peace and get over Aeon of Strife for at least 2,000 years already. The Proto-Nerazim was among them on Aiur for at least that long. The prospect of the Khalai flying off the handle over this is so stupid.

Possibly, but the short story kind of imply that the Solarite was still in used even millennia after the construction of Psi-Matrix.

The fact that Artanis is pulling solarite out of fairly modern systems like the Tal’darim’s Warp Prisms or Motherships, or their own devices on Endion, suggest that Artanis was not as well informed of Solarite’s current uses as he thinks.


Not to mention that animal on Slayn.

Or it’s a completely contrived plot device that’s inserted ad-hoc where needed and he only said that to make it sound cool.

I’m not blaming him, though. He isn’t an Engineer.

You have absolutely no respect for the separation of Doyalist and Watsonian logic, do you.




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Maybe Nova will ascend to be a Xelnaga . Then golden angel Nova will fight golden angle Kerrigan to see who the real queen of the universe is.

And just when they are both weak and exhausted a third ascended Xelnaga Dr. Ariel Hanson (another terran) will defeat them both, becoming the most powerful being in the SC universe, and seek to destroy the Protoss for wanting to purify Haven.

At some point we’ll find out Tychus Finaly survived and he’ll ask Supreme Xelnaga Airel to give him a physical because he assumes there is “no harm in asking right”.

You must be joking! There is no way, Ariel could ever becomes Xel’naga. I can somewhat see the possibility of Nova’s ascension, but how could Ariel?

There’s no way Aeril could of made a cure for the zerg virus and that happened.

Maybe she has a big stash of Tosh’s jorium and tarazine which amplify her pysionic potential 5000 fold.

Even if she got all the Jorium and Terrazine, there is still limit to how much stronger she can get with it.

Also, the vaccine was kind of a special case. The virus wasn’t constantly being modified by a Zerg (probably Abathur). At least, that my current understanding of it, anyway.

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You have some wicked sense of humour mate.

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You should know you can’t reason with a mad man.

It’s been a long day at work. My train of thought has gone off the rails.