The game resolution 21:9

Can ultrawide resolution modes be implemented in the game? My monitor is an ultrawide model, 21:9 and 2560x1080 aspect ratio.

I know for competitive modes it’s a disadvantage for other players, so I suggest implementing the aspect ratio with a crop on the sides to automatically adjust in-game to 16:9, as well as games that don’t support ultrawide resolutions, so that gamers with monitors ultrawide can play, because since when I changed the monitor I don’t play the game, because the resolution when adjusted is pulled or in windowed mode. I want to be able to play the game at my monitor’s native resolution, even if the game adjusts to the appropriate 16:9 aspect ratio.

I like the game, I want to play it, but I can play it again on the monitor of my choice, even with adjustments made to the game. Thank you in advance and I hope to be able to play SCII again on my current monitor.

Can’t you adjust your desktop resolution instead to avoid stretching?

It is the year 2022 and sadly ultrawide support is lacking.
I had a very very difficult time getting starcraft ii to be at it’s regular aspect ratio / size on my 5120x1440 monitor and I still have a problem where in game the mouse cursor can activate the windows start bar so i have to move it.
Please dev’s add some legitimate resolution options.
I am able to get scii to sit in the middle as a half screen but it would sure be nice if I could manually move the window a lil left or a lil right. It would be cool to have some window size options as well.

Please add 21:9 ultrawide support for the overall interface when out of game and non-competitive modes- campaign/co-op/custom campaigns and absolutely anything else that is also not considered an unfair advantage when competing with other players.
This will make many players happy while not causing any issues with players that do not have ultrawide resolutions. For a game still receiving updates and maintains a large player-base, SC2 doesn’t have a good reason why it should have huge black bars on the sides at all times for ultrawide players.

If you think about it, the competitive advantage doesn’t even make sense, since a resolution like 1920x1080 (16:9) exists while the resolution 1920x1440(4:3) also exists. They’re still different aspect ratios revealing a different area of the playing field. 1920x1440 is 33% larger view than 1920x1080 and everyone knows it. SC2 already supports an unfair advantage over 4:3 players, so why not support 21:9?

All in all, there really is no good excuse to not support ultrawide. Please implement it.

Everyone knows 16:9 is an advantage over 4:3 resolution players. Why is it supported but not 21:9 resolutions?
There are many layers that would prefer not to have huge black bars on the side of their screens when playing this game.
There is no real good excuse for it anymore. Please implement it.

Except the one that sc2 ended development years ago.

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