The game crashes on Custom tab in Americas server

Please Help, The game crashes on Custom tab in Americas server and shows this error:



yo its not you its blizzard, people have been hosting bad maps for the last two weeks that causes the game to crash.


Same issue, can’t get into Arcade

will it be resolved? its still giving me the error

dont know its been going on for awhile now.

On a Mac? The crashes have been happening for a while on PCs. A fix was made, but the trolls found another bug that affects Macs as well.

Workaround for a specific map: Do not click on the “Custom” tab. Go to your Profile > Match History. Select a match, click the gear icon and select Map Info. Click the Lobbies tab to see current lobbies for that map or to create a new lobby.

honestly i dont even think blizz fixed it. By the looks of things all they did was instead of the game freezing up ( like before ) they just made it so the game crashs completely and brings up the error message.

SC2 is a no profit game. No $ no Fix ? i assmue ?

Seeing that the client no longer executes html in its texts fields, and that the attackers had to change tactics because of it, it’s fairly clear that they fixed that particular problem. There are also reports from at least one modder that the recent patch did contain code changes that prevent html from executing.

See above. Bliz cared enough to fix the first exploit. But unfortunately, the attackers then switched to a different kind of attack which we are experiencing now.

seems something else has happened can’t make custom lobbies now… wierd

I gave it a try just now and wasn’t able to either.

Fingers crossed it’s being worked on!

I’d make a new thread about it rather than mix issues in a single thread.

oop wasn’t really mixing it i kinda assumed it was the bugfix or something maybe?