Terrains Campaign All in

I been playing StarCraft since I was born, but this mission is next to impossible without in game cheats. You can’t beat on normal, hard; brutal for sure hacks.

The CD of the artifact is slow asf.
Psi distruptors are useless and only 1 unit allow to build one/glitch with vesper station require
Bunkers get destroy too fast
Building is too slow.
Both Missiles ground/air don’t do anything.
Obviously didn’t get every upgrade and you have to sacrifice some research options.

Here’s a guy that beat it with only Marines: Starcraft2 WoL: "All In" (vs Ground) Brutal - Marine Only (Full Version) - YouTube

He’s obviously using mineral cheat or such! all those barracks yea right. Loading up like that is the cowards way out. Not to mention he has macro’s setup only kids use these macro’s. I doubt I can’t figure how to achieve it i’m too old for this macro crap.

Not sure if joking or stupid.


If he’s joking he doesn’t need help.

If he’s stupid he doesn’t deserve it (with this attitude).


Very rude so far given my experience on keyboard warriors Idk if you are kids or adults, but yea show some respect. I already tested the scenario out and I easily ran out of minerals and still getting overrun. Not to mention QofB can easily take out the marines or any structure.

heck I will even record a video of it for tomorrow.

bunker + siege tank thor add mass banshee focus attack nydus ultralisk and kerriga (wait for her to spend her area damage ability) got turret for overlords with zerlings in at the core of your base

You ask for respect, yet you call people who beat the mission on Brutal cheaters.

Is it easy? No.

It is one of the 5 most difficult missions in the entirety of SC2. (with In Utter Darkness, Salvation, Essence of Eternity and Endgame)

If you run out of mineral nodes I suppose your macro is fine.

If you run out of minerals in your bank, then I suppose your macro is at fault and you need to up the efficiency of your worker production.

Big question is always if you play the Nydus version or Air version.

For Nydus version the recommended strategy is having a kill team of fully upgraded Banshees that fly around and kill the worms upon spawning. The splash upgrade helps killing the Zerg that spawn out of it.

Meanwhile the perimeter is protected by fully upgraded Siege Tanks (primary target bonus damage and friendly fire reactions) and Bio. It is important to mind Kerrigan’s abilities. Psionic Storm shreds Marines and that Telekinetic thing shreds Mech units.

Popular ways to take her out - upgrades Spectres/Ghosts with Cellular reactor have a really good burst. Group of them can either use several Psionic Lashes or chain Snipes with the Shift key. Ghosts are actually very good in general, because they shred Light armored Zerg creatures especially with the bonus range.

Or you can focus fire them with Yamatos.

Good thing to do is also walling your base with Command centres upgraded to Planetary Fortresses.

Most people consider the Nydus version easier. One of the reasons is that you don’t have to fight Leviathan.

For the Air Version.

Upgraded Vikings with range and splash beat anything in the Air, just gotta spread them to avoid splash damage.

For the ground forces the same as in Nydus version.

You can use replenishable Vulture Spider mines to help yourself

Use Artifact Nova wisely. Don’t be too quick on the trigger, but don’t use too late or the Zerg will do too much damage.

Sometimes you can use it to separate Kerrigan and attacking force. Usually helps a lot.

Save the game a lot.

Must have upgrades


  • all building upgrades, yes all of them. Although Missile Turrets only for Air version
  • both Marine upgrades, both Marauder upgrades, Medic heal upgrade
  • both Siege Tank upgrades
  • Air version, both Goliath upgrades
  • Air version, both Viking upgrades
  • Nydus version, both Banshee upgrades, very hands in Air version as well.
  • both Ghost or Spectre upgrade if you want to use them.


  • War Pigs
  • Hammer Securities
  • Siege Breakers
  • Hel’s Angels (Air)
  • Spartan Company (Air)
  • Dusk Wings (Nydus)


  • Bunker HP
  • Cellular reactor
  • Ultra Capacitors, but Vanadium plating is not bad.
  • Vespene micro filtering
  • Automated Refineries
  • Tech Reactors

Handy upgrades


  • Firebat upgrades
  • Vulture upgrades


  • Devil Dogs


  • Planetary Fortress
  • Science Vessel
  • Hive Mind Emulator (Air version against Brood Lords)
  • Psi Disruptor (Nydus version)

Brood Lords are great against Kerrigan because she actually attacks Broodlings).


A child’s claims barely scratch my ego.
It really even seems funny to me it must be too new to starcraft and rts if he has a hard time on those difficulties that he is not able to see what is possible

Vasile99 will guard the games to correct mistakes the only time he used a cheat was with the final campaign of broodwar but other missions(WoL(end misio in brutal was hard for me very funny),HotS(all brutal)) ended in difficult

I’m far from a child, so mind you tongue. During my younger days playing StarCraft on a windows computer older than 95 the Zerg queen were the only thing annoying.

edit for [Skehan]
Actually :slight_smile: I have mainly the opposites for each version…

Instant supply drop/and troops.
Vesper station auto
Psi disruptor, but why the glitch (it says vesper required) only new thing that came up.
SCV build faster together ^ but only 1 can build the psi
I destroy the air zerg beforehand.
Missing a lot of unit upgrades etc. banshee, wraith, BC, reaper, marauder, wraith, thor.

i thought my progression in starcraft was slow…possibly you should improve your macro, rush to get a build order.And be guided by Skehan’s tips…repeat and repeat GLHF.for me the difficulty is what brings the fun I will repeat the campaigns in brutal.

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Macro’s are not my thing. Some keys I’m too used too even try to switch up per different games.

  • League of legends keys are comparable to Maplestory keybinds

  • Final Fantasy online take a lot of time to setup for each class keybinds.

  • A lot more steam games.

Well, drop for Infanry is not even remotely as good, because it applies only to Bio and it’s a defensive mission, everything is relatively close.

Instant supply drop is handy, but if you are good enough, it’s basically pointless.

Don’t even think about Wraith and BC upgradades. Wraiths are hot garbage and BCs are not worth the money investment. Reapers are absolutely useless in the last mission.

When he says macro he doesn’t mean control groups. He means the ability to manage your workers, buildings and building production. It is short for macromanagement. Micro as in micromanagement is the control of combat units when they are fighting.

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Lol what?
You first need to have the nydus version of all in.
Mass solo tanks can do it.
I prefer the tank and planetary fortress strategy.
Also mass disrupters to get all the brood lords is fun too.
Took me 20 tries to get all the achievements on essence of eternity, so some things in life are hard
So yah if you wanna beat it on BRUTAL,
Save often and practice


Salvation is soooooo easy with the karax DT Corsair hack.
End game wasn’t that hard for me IMO. But that was probably because then first time I did it it glitched and wouldn’t move or attack, and the second time I just used mass libs to kill it while it targeted nova and marines.

I actually prefer to have the air version, and just mass Hive Mind Emulators. I get about 30 Dudelords to hold Kerrigan in place. And I also get about 130 mutalisks to actually send out to attack the enemy bases. It’s pretty fun.


Woah, 4 likes in an hour. I am sometimes surprised how many people still go here.


Well, throw me a more difficult one then. Definitely not anything from HotS.

I think that lowkey one of the most difficult ones is Spear of Adun the 3rd Aiur mission.

Which is that?
I thought the last hots mission was hard if I didn’t go mass muta

make sure to just max the upgrades for the units u will be using for the last mission. it is difficult but try to build are the artifact its not easy I can only beat it on normal. so there might be more skilled players to give u the answer.