Stuttering after reinstalling

I just switched from an HDD to an SSD, reinstalled Windows, cleaned up some files, redownloaded SC2 and now the game is very hard to play due to stuttering, it doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen every couple minutes or so and I did not have this problem before , what could be causing it?

My machine is powerful but regardless of framerate the stutters make it hard to play, no other games cause stutters as far as my experience goes.

Without any specific details on system spec, os and hardware driver versions, as well as other running software, I can only recommend some basic steps here:

First make sure you have all windows updates by manually checking through Windows Update. Then go to the motherboard maker, amd/intel/nvidia (depending on what your GPU is) and get the latest drivers from them.

Let’s reset the in game user options:

  1. Click the blue bnet icon on the bnet app.
  2. Choose settings, then game settings.
  3. Click the reset in game user options button under the correct game listing.
  4. Confirm the changes and close the window.

We will want to run the repair tool on the game client: Blizzard Support - Repairing Games

Try running your system in selective startup mode:

Create a new administrator account: Blizzard Support - Creating a New Administrator Account

Once the account is created, shut down the computer, wait 60 seconds, restart, log into the new profile and try the app/client.

If that doesn’t solve the issue, then I recommend submitting a ticket with an msinfo attached for further investigation. (instructions for collecting that msinfo report will be on the form.)

Click your name at the top right of this page, click support, click contact support.

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