Startup issue stating Graphics Device is not available

I keep getting a message that states the following: “Graphics device is not available at this time. Please try Starcraft II again or restart your machine.”

I have restarted my machine and reloaded Starcraft II several times and this issue is still on going.

what os do you have and what graphics card, or to be more precise what kinda computer

I am having the same issue. It started after i finished updating my OS to Windows 11. Since that update, it gives the same error message, even after re-install.

Windows 11

I’m having the same problem when i upgraded to Windows 11, i have reinstalled the game, updated my graphic drivers and restarted my pc, nothing works. I’d like a refund from your poorly optimized game please.

I am getting the same error message on startup as well, if anyone knows a fix please post

I found a fix for myself, hope it helps some of you. In your launcher, next to SC2 play button click on settings wheel>game settings> reset in-game options. After that it launched First try for me. Good luck!

Your a genius, thanks!!!