StarCraft:Remastered crashes on Mac M1

SC:R crashes at startup on my MacBook Air M1.
Any idea ?

I’ve just bought the game :frowning:


Yeah both Starcraft:Remastered and Starcraft II crashes on my Mac mini m1 9,1 base model.

Starcraft:Remastered crashes on my Mac Mini M1

Same thing here. I’m trying to search if there are any updates on this issue. Do update the thread if you guys hear something on your end. Thank you guys and happy gaming!

Same here. Would be great to track down the issue. I’ve tried several things (change computer name, uninstall/install, etc.) to no avail.

+1 – I also just bought the game and it crashes on startup. The primary error message from the “Crash Report” is:

__cxa_guard_acquire detected recursive initialization

Searching for that error, I see a lot of people have encountered a similar issue with Starcraft 2. Their fix appears to be related to changing the computer’s hostname (Settings -> Sharing -> Edit Name). That does not appear to have any impact on this issue for Starcraft Remastered.

This issue is being discussed on the regular SC:RM technical support message board as well, though there still aren’t any fixes yet.

Hopefully Blizzard sees this and gets it fixed very soon.

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