StarCraft II crashes when opening battlenet with Lutris

I installed successfully, and StarCraft 2 is downloaded, but whe I open the game, I get the error “StarCraft II has encountered an error while initiating your video card. Please try starting StarCraft II again, or restarting your machine.” I am pretty sure that you get that error if you don’t have the right graphics cards, but I have all the graphic cards needed. Is there a way to select those ones instead of the ones it’s using now.

what card or cards are you using

It says that I am using “03:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK107GL [Quadro K420] (rev a1)”. I think that these will work. Will they?

what graphics cards are in your rig, you said there were multiple.

Should probably know that no games are supported on Linux, emulation or not, so the only help youll get is what other people can think of.

if this is your idea of multiple graphics cards bud, then you probably shouldnt be trying to play games on a comp if you think this. first off its not multiple cards, its one card, and its a trash teir card, and most likely why you cant play sc2. The other thing you should probably check out is what cpu you have in your computer, cause if its got a card as old as the quadro in it, chances are the cpu is garbage as well and wont run sc2, at least not good in anyway.

So this is the really weird thing. When I didn’t follow the instructions that Lutris gave, and logged in to battle net when it opened, I was able to download and play StarCraft 2. The problem with that, was that when I tried to open battle net again, it said that the executable was not found. Would I be able to disregard the instruction, and install sc2 that way then create a custom game with Lutris, but still run it through battle net?

Have you tried to launch SC2 from the SC2 Map Editor (to go around lol)

I have not. How do I launch it without using

Look for the .exe “SC2Editor_x64.exe” or “SC2Editor.exe” if the former can’t be found.
In my case, they are in C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II\Support64

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