StarCraft II 5.0.11 Patch Notes

StarCraft II 5.0.11 Patch Notes

Patch 5.0.11 has arrived, featuring a wide range of balance, quality of life changes and bug fixes, which were curated by our very own StarCraft II community!

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Can we get a fix for the ladder bug. It’s been a while now and it would be nice to be ranked properly.

Edit: The ladder bug being put into bronze or GM at random.

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Annnnnnnnnd we have been ignored again.

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I’m not convinced that the change to Ravens were a good idea. Most Terran players are happy (and conditioned) to just use Scanner Sweep for detection and a cheaper and faster yet weaker Raven is not going to convince them otherwise. Weakening their abilities to compensate only hurts their late-game potential, especially on an ability that’s rarely used and can’t be spammed anyway, and it only reducing armour by 2 instead of 3 will hurt their utility in aerial battles and as an option against Ultralisks.

They tend to be a bad idea to build in TvP because they die far too easily to Phoenixes (even if a Phoenix dies in the process, it’s worth it) and otherwise have soft counters in the form of Blink Stalkers and Archons and hard-counters in the form of High Templars and the aforementioned Phoenixes.

I have my own suggestions of course, but I’m just a Diamond scrub and I’m not sure if there’s something unbalanced that I’ve overlooked.

I should add… Ravens are not Oracles and shouldn’t be treated as such. For most players, keeping your early-game Oracles alive is not easy, and with Ravens it’s impractical due to their lower speed and how easy they are to snipe.

ADDENDUM: A possibly silly question… TvP harassment is mentioned in the developier notes, but when would you use a Raven for harassment over a Banshee? They both have the same tech requirements and near enough the same counters, but the Banshee can cloak and escape if needs be, giving them survivability against Phoenixes (granted, an Oracle casting Revelation solves that problem).


Any chance we can get a teams map rotation? It would be nice to give some love to us team players as well.

i always think that raven is a failed successor of science vessel
science vessel in bw can independently counter lurker and ultralisk, and its emp shock was insanely good, just like ghost in sc2 :rofl:

that is why zerg and protoss players constantly complain about ghost


The Science Vessel was also extremely fast, which is why it was also worth the investment since it could outrun Wraiths and Scourge (Scourge might have been slightly faster, but it could at least try to escape while casting Irradiate). The Raven is slow, which is not necessarily bad, but it doesn’t have the durability to compensate. To fix that one, I suggest removing its Light attribute (so it’s only Mechanical).

They say the balance patch was curated by the community… well, I want to at least try to help, but I’m not sure how to prove my worth since I don’t have the gaming finesse of professional players.

The Science Vessel’s speed was equivalent to 3.9375 on faster.
The current Raven is slightly faster, although Ravens were slower than Science Vessels until patch 4.11.0.

That is absolutely false. You might be thinking of Queens, as those were the same speed as Scourge, Wraiths, Mutalisks, upgraded Scouts, and Corsairs.

Ravens are a very different kind of caster than Science Vessels. Their spells are just too different to be directly comparable, other than as flying detectors.

The SC2 Ghost’s spell-kit is arguably a closer match to the Science Vessel, albeit missing the main spell (Defensive Matrix). Since the Ghost doubles as a combat unit, that also causes some issues when attempting to balance it. A Science Vessel could actually be balanced with more powerful spells.

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I stand corrected - they could be chased down by Wraiths, but they were still pretty fast in the sky. I just recall them pretty quite nimble. Queens were as fast as Mutalisks though, i remember that one. Science Vessels were nonetheless quite durable at 200 HP, 1 armour and “Large”.

ADDENDUM: It’s been a while since I’ve played Brood War, so I’ve forgotten a few interactions.

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This whole patch is terrible IMO - it introduces some changes that community were asking for - mostly zerg whiners but it does not address terran’s biggest problem - mechanics.

As a diamond player i do not want to talk about balance because i’m too low but i think i can ask for few QoL changes like that:

  • addons can be built on BOTH sides of a facility
  • bio with stim has priority over spellcaster (mainly ghost in TvP) which is a pain in the butt
  • medivacs will prioritize picking units over healing if units are surrounded (currently if units are surrounded ex. marines with zerglings, medivacs refuse to pick them instread they just sit in place and heal marines.
  • scvs can now leave construction at a side specified by the player after building is finished (to prevent getting stuck)

How about all above ? Am i asking too much. Such small changes would make our terran lives a little bit easier.

New maps su** so BAD … un less you play zerg it’s terrible
Disruptor and protoss still op af vs terran

Zerg still OP vs both race, cant wait for another zvz in IEM, gg good work

Not sure how well that can be developed, but it’s a nice idea. There’s also a problem in that you might be able to set up situations where you have a Tech Lab on one side and a Reactor on the other (or two Tech Labs), which will cause problems one way or another.

You need to either hotkey your Ghosts separately from the rest of your army, or just press Tab to switch to the Marine/Marauder command card.

If you select the units and right-click the Medivac, they should move towards each other until they can load up. Otherwise, select the Medivac to move it closer until it’s at least 2 units away, then right-clicking the Medivac with your ground units will load them.

Yeah, this can be annoying, but I’m not sure how it should be developed unless there’s some kind of rally point that can be programmed. Outside of this, you can try pressing T to halt construction and then continue - doing so normally causes the SCV to ‘bounce’ to the opposite side (I see it done often with SCVs doing Engineering Bay blocks against zerg, using the ‘bounce’ to try to avoid damage from an angry Drone).

Thanks for allowing the game to continue to evolve balance-wise. I might disagree with some of the changes here, but most go in a good overall direction. :slight_smile:

So you nerfed the anti armor missile and the auto-turret instead of the interference matrix + autoturret. So it’s not as bad as initially announced, and the autoturret nerf will indeed weaken mass ravens in TvT (which is the only MU where it was viable). But… well, I don’t see a justification for the AAM nerf, while 100/150 + a tech lab is still expensive for a detector. Honestly, if you wanted to push the raven’s role as a detector, then start not deterring from producing it in the first place.

As for the other changes, the ghost’s change is positive both regarding EMP (stronger midgame, weaker lategame) and the snipe (more counterplay, more specialized) ; the interceptors targeting priority is most welcome, and the hydras and Ultralisk changes are alright. So despite some parts being questionable, good patch overall. :slight_smile:


We did it boys, it only took 12 years but we finally got kiting hydralisks.

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Is it soo hard to synchronise the time the game indicates there’s a new version and the time it is actually available ? AGAIN, done gaming for the night… Or at least let it open again on the ‘old’ version while we wait. I rarely have game night as it is…

That’s exactly what i’m doing right now but sometimes there are situations where you have freestanding army (not assigned to any control group - rally point for example) and you grab those units and you want to stim RIGHT now because you are getting attacked - instead there are few ghosts in the selection so you cannot press stim - you get storm/disruptors and your whole army die. I lost couple of games just because of this.

Not sure if this is a bug or intentional behaviour - but medivacs simply refuse to pick surrounded units and the only way to pick those units is to click medivacs and manually order them to move.

Raven change is an overall buff IMO, not a nerf. My only concern with it is TvT as they are so cheap and fast. The turret nerf doesnt really effect its harassment potential at all unless they already have units nearby as the turrets are actually killable early game, but you still have to pull your workers and the raven arrives ~11 seconds faster and the second raven arrives ~22 seconds faster. Sure late game potential is toned down, but late game potential of most casters need toned down. We got Ravens, Vipers, Disruptors, and Ghosts all slightly toned down in the late game, which is a good change. Ravens are actually buildable against zerg now as fitting in a 150 gas unit is viable whereas 200 didn’t really fit any build in TvZ.

You might be right, and you would know better since you’re Grandmaster, but where would you use a Raven for harassment over a Banshee, say? In ZvT, simply chasing the Raven with a few Zerglings usually prevented the deployment of Auto-Turrets. I suppose a lot of it depends on Spore Crawler placement.

Am I missing something?

We did it champ. The nerfs to the raven have been watered down to a safe medium. I’m opening 2 raven 8 hellions instead of banshees and it works well. Maru might have some issues going into late game TvT at IEM but he’ll adapt.


Interesting! I still worry about them not having much application in the late-game due to their fragility and their abilities not being all that useful. But we shall see.

I will confess that I may be slightly biased because I’m a fan of the mass Raven build, which I find most effective against zerg rather than terran, but it can be easily countered if you know what you’re doing (i.e. Vipers or Ghosts).