Starcraft 3 story pitch

I think it’ll be many more years before Starcraft 3 is announced but I figured it would be fun to speculate about its plot anyway. So here’s my hypothetical pitch for a Starcraft 3 story. Since it’s just a first draft the main focus is on establishing key characters, factions, and a general idea of where the campaigns begin and end. I want to see what kind of feedback this draft elicits before I develop it further or return to square one. If I decide to make future drafts I’ll expand the list of characters and create subplots to accompany the main story.

Story Structure

The base game features one campaign for every race (10 to 15 missions each) that occur simultaneously to show how each faction plays a part in upending the peace. All three campaigns begin in the Koprulu sector before shifting to UED territory and finally converge at the Battle of Earth. Future expansion packs would return to Starcraft 2-style campaigns.

Player Factions

  • Auriga Separatists- Without the Khala’s empathy the Auriga tribe is beginning to display tribalistic aggression as if they are descending into another Aeon of Strife. Auriga warriors are increasingly pursuing their own interests at the expense of the greater Daelaam.
  • United Earth Directorate- The Directorate controls its vast populace with free public holodecks and a government controlled entertainment industry. Deciding that their first invasion failed due to relying on the impure Koprulu Terrans, the UED have established colonies on a path toward the Koprulu sector to lay the groundwork for another war.
  • Niadra’s Renegade Swarm- Only a few broodmothers have defected to her insurgent swarm so Niadra must gamble on shaky alliances if she ever wants to unseat the current Overqueen.

Enemy Factions

  • Daelaam- The unified Protoss now wear white and gold armor to symbolize their integration with Purifier technology. All robotic units are controlled by Purifier personalities. The pilots of obsolete dragoons are able to walk again thanks to Purifier-derived prosthetics.
  • Zagara’s Swarm- While the increased intelligence afforded the broodmothers made them deadlier killing machines it also made keeping them in line much harder. Every few years another broodmother deserts the swarm or challenges Zagara for leadership.
  • Infested Terrans- Stukov’s knowledge of UED defenses proves invaluable during the swarm’s invasion of Directorate space.

Minor Factions- Mostly neutral but could be drawn into the war at some point (likely an expansion pack)

  • Tal Darim- Alarak is most destructive when he’s manipulating his enemies from the shadows. The Forged are biding their time until their enemies are easy pickings. In the meantime they are plagiarizing Purifier technology to create a slave army.
  • Dominion- The war-weary Dominion is still enjoying the peaceful reign of Emperor Valerian. Despite officially maintaining neutrality in the conflict the Emperor is willing to look the other way if Dominion soldiers resign in order to join Nova’s crew.
  • Hybrid Remnants- With their master dead the Hybrids are unsure of what to do with themselves. Some of their more fanatical members either strive to complete Amon’s omnicidal plan or have started worshiping the new Xel Naga goddess. The Hybrids are negotiating with both Zagara and Niadra to find refuge in one of their armies.
  • Primal Zerg- Dahaka’s pack has no interest in Zagara’s stagnant peace. Their primal leviathans wander the cosmos in search of new essence. If they become aware of Niadra’s brood they could be powerful allies to the swarm again.

Major Characters- Original characters may have their names or genders changed in future versions.

  • Admiral Qyzohr- The new leader of the Auriga tribe is equal parts brilliant and vainglorious. His personality and flaws are inspired by general Douglas MacArthur. Qyzohr relentlessly hunts Niadra to avenge his predecessor’s death. This myopic obsession often blinds him to the bigger picture.
  • Xyrdan- A Blood Hunter who nominally defected to the Daelaam but remains secretly loyal to the Highlord. While other Tal Darim spies are tasked with stealing technology from the Daelaam this spy’s mission is to cause discord and disunity by driving the firstborn apart. To further that end he has offered his tracking skills to the Auriga tribe to ingratiate himself into their ranks.
  • Captain Indira Manekshaw- She grew up believing the Directorate always had the best interests of humanity at heart, but she begins to doubt their decision-making after seeing the human cost of waging an unprovoked war on faraway aliens. Manekshaw is slowly drawn into a coup plot against the Ruling Council.
  • Niadra- She believes that Kerrigan’s vision for the swarm is less important than following her ruthless example. The Zerg should wage constant warfare to drive their evolution.
  • Overqueen Zagara- The Overqueen wants to steer the Zerg towards peaceful co-existence with the other races. She will do anything to honor Kerrigan’s final wishes.
  • Alexei Stukov- The infested admiral feels conflicted about returning to his home as its conqueror; however he is gradually accepting that infestation is a gift that should be shared with humanity to further their evolution.
  • Abathur- After his attempted coup Abathur is being kept on a tight leash on Char.

Protoss Campaign

  • Opening Cinematic: Urun’s Last Stand. A reminder of why the Auriga are so hellbent on slaying Niadra.
  • Summary: An expeditionary fleet has found Niadra invading a UED colony. Admiral Qyzohr wants to glass the planet but Artanis countermands that order to preserve the lives of the innocent colonists. Qyzohr objects on the ground that the planet was illegally colonized but reluctantly obeys. The Protoss successfully overcome Niadra’s brood in the battle, but Niadra herself slips away when the UED counterattack distracts the Protoss. Qyzohr and his Auriga followers are infuriated that Artanis chose worthless Terrans over avenging Urun’s murder. The Auriga Tribe withdraws from the Daelaam at Xyrdan’s urging. While searching for leads on Niadra’s whereabouts they discover that the Zerg swarm has launched a full-scale invasion of the UED. Qyzohr is frustrated that the swarm has fled beyond the reach of Aiur’s warp network but Xyrdan concocts a plan to commandeer the Spear of Adun to serve as a mobile base. After a short civil war the Auriga fleet absconds with the Arkship into the UED’s sector.

Terran Campaign

  • Opening Cinematic: A starship troopers style newsreel announces that the UED is invading Char in response to a Zerg attack on an outlying colony.
  • Summary: The UED’s surprise attack seems successful at first but devolves into a stalemate when the Zerg regroup and counterattack. Captain Manekshaw’s unit is tasked with guarding a strange Zerg creature as it is transported from the surface to the fleet. She is horrified when the fleet abandons the soldiers fighting planet-side to return to UED territory. Manekshaw is reassigned to defend the outer colonies from the inevitable retaliation. Whatever the UED stole from Char has driven the Zerg into a desperate frenzy. The UED is forced to retreat again and again until the Zerg are on Earth’s doorstep. When Manekshaw discovers the reason the aliens are attacking she begins recruiting allies to stage a coup d’etat.

Zerg Campaign

  • Opening Cinematic: Evolution. A recap of the major plot points of the Starcraft: Evolution novel.
  • Summary: Niadra has challenged Zagara to a brood war to determine the fate of the Swarm. Their battle is interrupted when the UED launches a surprise attack on Char. The suicidal raid is routed but the Directorate makes off with their prize: Abathur. Somehow the UED knew of the Evolution Master’s existence and exactly where to find him; which can only mean that there is a traitor within the swarm. Niadra’s and Zagara’s swarms launch independent invasions of the UED to get him back, as they both know whoever reclaims him may sway the allegiance of many broodmothers. The stakes are raised when Abathur psionically contacts the swarm to warn them that the Terrans are compelling him to create a new Overmind to dominate the Zerg. If the broodmothers are to remain free they must slaughter this infant before it matures enough to become immortal, but the UED’s robust defenses and the Spear of Adun’s interference are stymieing their advance.

Possible Campaign Outcomes- I’m still deciding how I want the campaigns to end so right now there are multiple possibilities.

  • Protoss- Qyzohr successfully avenges Urun’s murder OR unwittingly unites the Zerg under a more dangerous leader.
  • Terran- Manekshaw overthrows the Ruling Council and releases Abathur OR she becomes infested and helps Stukov conquer Earth. Remaining UED forces flee the Sol System.
  • Zerg- Niadra crowns herself Overqueen and either kills or exiles Zagara OR she realizes that the developing Overmind is the only way to unseat her more experienced rival. After freeing the Overmind from the UED’s control Niadra distracts the Auriga fleet long enough for the Overmind to open a wormhole to escape; sacrificing herself in the process.

Alternate story ideas- These are story elements that could be integrated into the main campaigns or expansions.

  • Emergent factions- SC3 would be a prime opportunity to develop new Terran factions that split off from the UED.
  • Destruction of Gystt- Either Niadra or the Auriga Separatists attack Gystt to kill Zagara and the Adostra.
  • Primal Niadra- Niadra travels to Zerus to undergo the same primal transformation Kerrigan endured.
  • Flesh vs Machine- The Daelaam are experiencing a schism between biological and machine Protoss. Artanis must find a way to bridge the divide or a bloody civil war may erupt.
  • Braxis Mission- The UED mounts an expedition to Braxis to recover whatever remains of the Psi Disruptor.
  • UED Psi Corps- What if the Directorate is secretly ruled by a hidden coterie of powerful psychics? Perhaps the UED failed to create a Ghost program before psionic individuals could blackmail their way into positions of power. In this scenario the UED would be similar to the Tevinter Imperium from Dragon Age.
  • Stukov’s and DuGalle’s families- Stukov has four children and DuGalle had at least two. It’s not unlikely that at least some of their progeny would follow their fathers’ footsteps into military service and quickly rise through the ranks due to their family connections.
  • Infested Terrans- Manekshaw is infested halfway through the campaign after her coup fails. The Terran campaign abruptly switches into an infested Terran campaign.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to any suggestions to rework this story draft.


Kinda long, give me time. Just letting you know I’n instersyted

Nice story, Zerg part seems recycled from the original brood war but if you can put a twist in to that story (I’m not sure what though) you can make it interesting.
Are you going add another faction?
It would be nice if UED brings 2 more allied faction (each counters another) we can have nice 3 vs 3 situation.

  1. Terran Dominion vs UED
  2. Protoss Daelaam vs very advanced and old machine that integrated with old Protoss enemies
  3. Zerg Swarm vs Aztecian like Warriors that rides Cosmic beasts (like Avatar crossed with Lizardmen)
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I have thought of an entire campaign story here are a few things I’d want in a SC3.

Focus on new characters as well as characters introduced HotS and LotV. You can have an Artanis cameo for a few missions (kind of like how Malfurion and Tyrande had a few missions in WC3 TFT Sentinel Campaign but the campaign was more Maiev‘s campaign).

I kind of like the idea of a linear story told in mini 5 to 8 mission campaigns.

One plot device / mission idea is that the UED develops some powerful ultra EMP device that will disable the Daelam fleet including the Spear of Aden, and you can spend some missions focusing on proper deploying it. Because if the UED would get whiped out by the Daelam if they show up with plans on conquering the sector. This is how you take the Protoss down to where it’s sort of a fair fight story wise.

I will preface my further comments with the initial one that I like what you’ve got here. It seems reasonably thought out and compatible with the story so far. Given this I will like to state my opinions on some aspects of the story and the starcraft universe as a whole.

First, I really like the idea of a looming protoss civil war. The idea that everyone will unify in wartime but then slowly grow more divisive over peacetime makes sence. The loss of the khala is a signficant action that a large section of the protoss may be resentful of but it could go deeper. There could be secondary issues such as new regulation on the severing of nerve cords for newly born protoss where the main daelaam faction wants to mandate infant protoss have their cords removed with a splintering faction advocating against it, a position that would have significant consequences given some khalai may want to remake the khala for the next generation while some nerazim want nerve cords to remain as to allow severing to be part of their rituals, therefore these schisms would not be along tribe lines. With the total seperation of the khala it could also just be that protoss are becoming outright more independent and therefore a population that has colonized some planet or system independent from aiur could want to seperate from the main protoss government for self governing purposes rather than tribalistic aggression, maybe with the splinter group being more willing to ally with terran groups to achieve their secession, something that your description of the auriga separatists would never be for.

Second point, it may just be my opinion but the UED is a bad faction for the starcraft universe and in many ways don’t make sence. They are a terran faction completely separated from the terrans of the koprulu sector for a significant period of time and yet when shown somehow to have all the same technology. Sure they induced large swavs of anti-dominion forces to fight with then and stole battlecrusers from the dominion back in sc1, but they already had some battlecrusers among other unit types like marines that were all somehow the exact tech builds as the units from the koprulu sector despite there being no way for them to exchange tech designs before invasion and the UED actually having some unique army units like the medic and valkyre. As they are now they are an outside faction to the conflicts of starcraft, so far removed from the sector that they should not believe this sector to be a direct threat against them while also recognizing that they are dangerous enough that any benefit of occupying it is riskier than attempeting to occupy/settle other sectors. Furthermore the best feat they showed in sc1, i.e. controlling the overmind, should under no circumstance be something they can do now. Any research information they collected in studying the overmind before should have been lost when their fleet was destroyed and they never communicated what happened to earth. Even with that there should not be another overmind, it was killed, all the cerebrates were killed. The fact there was a second overmind at all cheapens killing the first one and was a weak point in brood wars story, but as all the cerebrates are now dead and the swarm was restructured by kerrigan to a queen system so there should effectively be no method in which the UED could reasonably control the swarm, leaving them just another terran faction that if they were really to get that involved in the sector would probably have all the top major factions, dominion included, swoop in and crush them immediately. In my opinion keeping the events in the sector by using a side terran faction is better, maybe Niadra is invading a Kel-Morian or Umojan planet, a faction that is very clearly in the sector but not clearly defined or strong as the dominion. You can still do alot of the government coup stuff as well as operate on the fact they recognize they’re not as strong as the top factions so when they strike back at Niadra that they have to be careful not to piss off Zagara, the Dominion, or the Daelaam, leading to possible schisms about how to handle their prodicament with maybe some leaders not wanting to reprise at all.


I’ve developed a full cast of major characters for my story pitch. Each character’s game unit is mentioned in parenthesis.


Indira Manekshaw (Spartan Goliath) A talented field commander whose faith in the UED’s leadership deteriorates as she witnesses the human cost of an unprovoked war. She has persevered even when given impossible orders; although her successes give high command increasingly unrealistic expectations. The Directorate’s propaganda machine has built her up as a larger-than-life uber-patriot, which may prove useful in overthrowing the ruling council.

Roza Stukova (Marine Sniper) This muscular woman is one of Stukov’s four children. Just prior to the conflict she received a message from her infested father, but she has kept it a secret from even her closest comrades as she would be promptly executed if it were discovered she was in contact with the enemy.

Lautaro Sandoval (Psionic Commando) Psychics like him found refuge from the UPL’s purges in the independent South American countries. When hostile alien life was discovered these last few holdouts integrated their forces into the new Earth Directorate. Sandoval privately distrusts the UED as he believes that when the alien threat is quelled their attention will once again return to genetic deviants like himself. He flirts with danger whenever he insults superior officers in Spanish or Portuguese.

Alphonse Dugalle (Battlecruiser) Like his late father Alphonse is a by-the-book officer who values loyalty and obedience above all else. Nevertheless he holds a bitter grudge against the Ruling Council for scapegoating his father for the UED’s defeat in the Brood War. His battlecruiser serves as the player hub between missions.

Doctor Routhe (Medic) An eccentric mad scientist who specializes in dissecting live aliens and developing technologies to better kill them. His colleagues suspect he is a either a descendent or illegal clone of the infamous Doran Routhe.

Inspector O’Brien (Commissar) This cheerful psychopath can summarily execute any crewmember for even the faintest suspicion of disloyalty. The coup-plotters must keep their activities private until they can find a way to neutralize him and his anonymous secret police.


Admiral Qyzohr (Carrier) The new leader of the Auriga tribe is equal parts brilliance and hubris. His myopic focus on avenging his predecessor’s murder blinds him to the bigger picture or how his victories play into his enemies hands.

Xyrdan (Blood Hunter) Despite officially joining the Daelaam Xyrdan remains secretly loyal to the Highlord. This Tal Darim spy’s mission is to sow discord among the unified Protoss. He has offered his tracking skills to Admiral Qyzohr in a bid to drive the Auriga Tribe away from the Daelaam.

Urun (Purifier Phoenix) The Admiral was the first ever member of the Twilight Council to have his consciousness copied into an AI personality. Urun commands the robotic units deployed in surface battles.

Gharoga (Cyborg Adept) She was once encased inside an Immortal but is able to walk again thanks to Purifier-derived prosthetic limbs. Gharoga was reluctant to abandon the Daelaam but her loyalty to her tribe compels her to follow them to the gates of hell and back. Since the Auriga tribe has no phasesmiths among their ranks she is teaching herself how to become her tribe’s shipwright.

Azaldir (Aiur Zealot) This ancient Aurigan Templar was among the Spear of Adun’s sleeping legion. He awakened to find the Khala gone and an unrecognizable society in its place. Azaldir’s boisterous demeanor barely conceals his near-suicidal desire for battle and an honorable death.

Artanis (Hierarch) While he was the perfect war-time leader Artanis struggles to maintain the peace. For Artanis altruism will always supersede political expediency.


Niadra (Rogue Broodmother) Niadra believes Kerrigan’s ruthless leadership was better for the swarm than Zagara’s desire to mold the Zerg into something they’re not, even if the Overqueen was merely carrying out her parting wishes. She psionically communicates with other Zerg characters rather than meeting them in person.

Vizard (Evolved Changeling) The Vizard was created by Niadra to destroy her enemies from within. Its vicarious personality longs to experience new identities and sensations.

Nyarlach (Hybrid Reaver) A devout worshipper of the Xel Naga who believes himself to be the prophet of the new Zerg Goddess. He believes that it is the sacred duty of the Zerg to take over the Xel Naga’s mission to uplift the primitive races of the universe; naturally by assimilating them of course. He gifts his hive-clusters to Niadra after her brood is nearly destroyed in exchange for permitting all Hybrids a home in her insurgent swarm.

Alexei Stukov (Aleksander) The infested admiral’s knowledge of UED defenses proves vital in the swarm’s invasion of Directorate space, but he feels conflicted about returning to his home as a conqueror even if they brought it on themselves. Even so, part of him now views infestation as necessary for humanity’s evolution. Stukov is willing to go all the way, even if it means sacrificing himself again.

Abathur (Evolution Master) After his failed coup Abathur was imprisoned on Char but retained his (now supervised) role as evolution master. He is captured by the UED and brought to Earth to create a domesticated Overmind under humanity’s control. Potent drugs and psionic coercion compel him to obey his jailers, but he resists just enough to warn the swarm of their impending enslavement.

Zagara (Overqueen) Zagara knows that unless the Zerg can make peace with other races they will face extinction. Even if the Terrans and Protoss are vanquished the Zerg will inevitably encounter a species that figures how to destroy them once and for all. Her quest to save the Zerg is jeopardized by the increased autonomy of the brood-mothers. Many of them chafe at Zagara’s embrace of isolationism and coexistence.


I kind of think Starcraft 3 should be faction based not just race based.

I like the idea of co-op commanders / or just race factions having mission packs of 3-5 missions (depending on importance of the faction) telling short stories somewhat self contained but also linear building toward main plot.

These stories can build toward big raid missions where you either play with other humans or your allied factions are just AI controlled like the epilogue missions.

blizzard is done with starcraft .

blizzard aint blizzard no more.

frostgiant is where they went.

And DreanHaven, don’t forget about DreamHaven.

Even if Dream Haven or Frost Giant wanted to they couldn’t just make Starcraft 3.

They would have to buy rights to the franchise from Blizzard which seems unlikely.

Don’t take away my dream…

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Don’t be freaking naive.

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If it has UED coming back from Earth it’s good SC3.

I just want a reboot of SC1 with better writing, updated CGI, updated gameplay, etc. I love the 3 race formula and the story arcs of the original StarCraft.

Rebel Yell has the potential to be a movie.

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Yeah but RTS genre is surviving mostly because of nostalgia or a relatively niche demand.

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Yeah, two of my three fav genres are niche, though RTS is the most niche of the two.