Starcraft 2 Co-op Commanders Tier List 2021 (Post your own)

Happy 2021 Everyone!

I’m interested in getting everyone’s opinion on their Starcraft 2 Co-op Commanders Tier List.

I’ve posted my own here:

S Tier: Zeratul, Alarak, Dehaka, Abathur
A Tier: Nova, Kerrigan, Tychus, Fenix, Zagara
B Tier: Karax, Stetman, Vorazun, Stukov, Artanis, Raynor, Mengsk, Swann, Hann & Horner

I am also taking into account all prestiges available as of January 20th, 2021 when creating this tier list.

As we all have different playstyles and skills regarding each commander and mission, I believe we are going to see many different tier lists from people here.

But personally, my criteria for my own tier list is based off of the following:

  1. Ability to Solo Carry Entire Missions
  2. Early Game Strength & Ramp up Speed
  3. Army Mobility
  4. Mutation Versatility
  5. Clearing Missions Quickly (i.e. Void Thrashing 10 minute rush with P3 Zeratul)

Please feel free to post your own!

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts and feelings on this.


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Happy 2021 mate.
Here is my tier.


the rest
Raynor, Kerrigan, Artanis, Swann, Zeratul, Vorazun, Alarak, Zagara, Tychus, Nova, Fenix, Abathur, Karax, Mengsk, Stukov, Stetman, Han & Horner

To be more serious, Dehaka just works perfectly for me. At first I liked it because it was really powerful and versatile but ever since I got attached to it I developed an “affinity” with him.
I can play other commanders but with Dehaka I feel like having bond with it.

I think you can bring up P2 Karax and P2 Kerrigan to S Tier, their advantage practically nullifies any weakness they had prior prestiges.
Abathur… I guess you set it down to A Tier due to mobility and early power, huh?


As much as I love Zagara and Abathur…Those two need to be switched. Abathur is way better than Zagara in terms of solo carry, mutation, and clearing missions quickly.

From what I remember, Abathur is the ONLY commander who was able to solo all mutations (Not counting polarity or holiday mutations)


I think it’s kind of hard to evaluate based on those criteria.

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S Tier: Zagara, Stukov, Tychus, Dehaka
A Tier: Zeratul, Artanis, Vorazun, Han & Horner
B Tier: Raynor, Alarak, Nova, Karax
C Tier: Mengsk, Stettman, Swann, Abathur, Fenix, Kerrigan

Completely subjective, only useful for statistical purpose probably, and the first 2 names in C suffer from being unbought.

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It’s very subjective and a lot of it is down to the mission in question and how you play the commander, and your own playstyle of course. For example, I love Mengsk on Dead of Night, Oblivion Express and Rifts to Korhal because I can besiege the objectives with Earthsplitter Ordnance to great effect. I can easily use his P1 or P3 quirks if I’m worried about enemy attacks giving me problems (P3 is actually pretty damn powerful if you have a good resource bank… he plays a bit like 1v1 Zerg in a way).

If I had to list a commander that could use improvement, I’d say it would be Abathur’s P1 and P3. His P0 is perfectly balanced and exceptionally strong, although has some early-game ramp up problems, but once you get past that with help from Toxic Nests and the like, he’s truly a force to be reckoned with. P2 can be fun but is a little situational. However, the loss of his Brutalisks in P1 really hurt him against air and anti-armor compositions (especially mass Immortals), while P3 has a similar problem in that it takes too long to get the ultimate evolutions to the point that you’re unlikely to have more than 3 anyway.

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Honestly, one of the things I like about SC2 is there is not really a tier list (not counting prestiges) I have seen videos of every commander pulling off ridiculous plays in a variety of bad situations.

It really comes down to how well you know how to use that commander. In my case, I use Tychus a lot for butations, but that is because I lack the APM to manage a more complex army and whatever mutator combo comes up at the same time. However, if you look at posts on weekly brutation threads you see a lot of commanders used.

Prestiges on the other hand… those very much do have a tier list…


Commander tiers depend on the player proficiency with the commander.

Tier S: commanders 1) one plays with a lot, 2) knows good efficient build orders / openers for 3) knows what commander units counter enemy comps / what units or structures excel at certain missions, and (going along with build orders to a degree) 4) knows how to ramp up / balance economy, unit production, tech, upgrades, etc; aka knowing how much firepower you need to succeed at each stage of the missions, and knowing how to micro / macro with a given commander to get to the point.

Tier A: commanders one is lacking 1 of the above with.
Tier B: commanders one is lacking 2 of the above with.
Tier C: commanders one is lacking 3 of the above with.
Tier D: commanders one is lacking all 4 of the above

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I think your list is based on the CO difficulties. Some COs are easy to play and some hard. All COs can solo missions some better than others if played right.

Like Swann’s mobility should be at least Tier A because your Herc can warp anywhere on the map. Swann P3 should at Tier S for mobility. Swann is also capable of soloing some mutations too. I would put Swann on Tier A at least. Static P2 Swann is capable to soloing brutal on most maps.

Raynor is great for solo speed runs, it should be Tier S or Tier A.

S Tier: Raynor, Abathur, Zeratul, Zagara (suicide bombers)
A Tier: Nova, Swann (p2,P3), Tychus, Stukov, Karax (p3), Mengsk, Alarak (p3)
B Tier: everyone else

Honestly I don’t quite have the same list.

I’ll put S: commanders I am confident to launch a weekly mutation blindly with (always work or almost), A those which would most often work without issue, C those I am unlikely to use in mutations (except very specific case) and B the remaining.

S Tier: Zeratul, Dehaka, Stetman, Abatur,
A Tier: Tychus, Alarak, Stukov, Kerrigan, Vorazun, Swann
B Tier: Karax, Mengsk, Nova, Zagara
C Tier: Artanis, Raynor, Talandar, Hans & Horner

What I get from this thread is that Zagara is very overestimated, a top tier commander should be able to easily solo mutations and Zagara is definitely not on this group.

Anyway here’s my personal list from strongest to weakest, commanders in the same tier are in no particular order.

Abathur: Abathur
S tier: Zeratul (P2), Fenix (P2), Stetmann (P2), Tychus (P2), Dehaka (P2), I am seeing a pattern with prestiges here.
A tier: Kerrigan, Vorazun, Karax (P3), Alarak (P3), Nova, Mengsk (P3)
B tier: Stukov, Artanis (P3)
C tier: Raynor, hh, Swann, Zagara


I can agree with this list a bit better as an overall feel :point_up_2:.

If we count number of weekly brutatiotions complited in solo (excluding polarity and holiday mutations), the list would be:

S Tier:

  • Abathur (solo all mutations)
  • Zeratul (solo all mutations but 4)
  • Vorazun (solo all mutations but 8)

A Tier: Kerrigan, Dehaka, Tychus, Raynor

B Tier: Nova, Fenix, Alarak, Karax, Swann, Stetmann

C Tier: Artanis, Zagara, Mengsk, Stukov, H&H

Based off mine and my random allies in Brutal+1 random commander and random map solo queue:

S: Vorazun, Zeratul, Mengsk
A: Kerrigan, Fenix, Karax, Stetmann
B: Zagara, Swann, Stukov, Alarak, Han Horner
C: Raynor, Artanis, Nova, Dehaka
D: Abathur, Tychus

S is able to carry any ally in any map in any mutator combo.
A can do almost every mutator and map combination without effort.
B has trouble with some mutators and map combinations but can work around them.
C may need to be carried in some mutators and map combinations.
D are allies I see frequently leave at the start because of a bad mutator combo.

In practice I probably have more ally Nova instant leavers than Tychus and Abathur combined but that’s probably due to just how common she is.

I tried making one, but most commanders with prestiges are hard to rank depending on the map.

S: Mengsk, Zagara, Fénix, Tychus, Hann & Horner
A: Raynor, Stetmann, Alarak, Vorazun, Nova
B: Swann, Artanis, Stukov, Zeratul
C: Kerrigan, Karax, Abathur, Dehaka

In my case, my list is based on “how much use do I make of commanders?” and “how much fun do I have with them?”. Only that, there is nothing to do with prestige or its general usefulness.

Yeah, I’m not sure what the deal with that is - Abathur P0 is a solid commander, and is also one of the best at dealing with Double Edged that doesn’t involve suiciding. He might be at the bottom because his prestiges aren’t anything to write home about.

The deal is most people have no idea what they’re talking about and never played Abathur even close to its potential. Most people are only capable of spamming Roaches and Queens and not using Toxic Nests outside of killing first attack wave.

Some people’s list actually just tells me what is the most F2A friendly commanders

Abathur is literally a tier by himself

That’s why Ancalagon got my upvote :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And yeah, people heavily underestimate the potential of harder commanders (Abathur/Mengsk/Stettman/Raynor/Dehaka).

But going by my regular Brutal runs I ain’t that surprised :sweat_smile: .

On the other hand I’m quit happy, cause I don’t really like feeling absolutely redundant.

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Dehaka isn’t very hard to play compared to Abathur and Raynor, he is very noobfriendly