Starcraft 2 Co-op Commanders Tier List 2021 (Post your own)

That’s you.
The OP didn’t say “let’s make the incontestable list of best commanders in the hands of an absolute master”, he said “post your own”.
Like I said in my own post, maybe the results could be interesting from a statistical point of view, to find some tendencies, feelings of people based on their experience, but some kinds of criticism here are inappropriate.


No way fenix p2 is top tier. Maybe against the brutal random mission, but there are plenty of situations where it underperforms.

Yeah not the best against air comps. Relative to P0/P1 Fenix I feel like P2 is better against ground because of super Kaldaris but worse against air.

2022 now XD! But I just wanted to pop on to say you are all wrong! Just joking.

S tier: Mengsk, and Raynor after getting orbital supply depots. Maybe Alarak too. Idk
A tier: Tychus, Zeratul, Karax (On defense missions), Stukov, Dehaka, Abathur
B tier: Vorazun, Artanis (because they are basically the same playstyle), Swann, Hann + Horner.
C tier: Zagara, Kerrigan (Zerg without the awesome power of Dehaka or Stukov), Stetman, Nova (Super elite units, but none of them)
F tier: Karax on offense missions

Ouch, you really should read some of the guides on how to play these commanders that you’ve ranked low. Stetmann P2 is totally S tier.

Also, Karax is only F tier if you really don’t know how to play him, especially P3.

This must be trolling. These tierings are absolute dog crap, my dude. The fact that you put Mengsk, Raynor, and Alarak above Dehaka, Abathur, and Stettman shows either how bad you are, or how clueless you are about how powerful numerous commanders are.

I mean, I guess it IS based on preference…


To a degree, possibly. But in general, from a collective agreement and objective reviewing… Their choices are absolutely incorrect.

Yeah, I can see us going both ways. If we were to go with preference as you say, I’d rate Raynor very low. His MULE play is just too much for me. I feel like 20% of his APM has to go towards that, and it just isn’t fun.

Yeah I find P0/P2 mule/macro/micro too much for the benefit it provides.

However, I find P3 quite manageable. Rare that I need more than 4 OCs for an air based army. Even with a squad of Vultures to drop mines on an OE with Explosive Threats in a game last night I didn’t run out of minerals and definitely missed some mule drops.

With all OCs on a command group I just drop every mineral patch at once on some reasonable interval. If you’re relatively consistent with this at the beginning of the game then it tends to matter less later in the game. Similar amount of micro to targeting down mineral shields (shift, target, click etc).

All commanders are S tier on some level. Some commanders vary categorically in terms of 1) their ease of play, 2) peak power, and 3) map / mutation versatility …

And then there are a few commanders that are S tier for everything, looking at you Zeratul.

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Funny thing is, Zera is only A tier. Abathur, Dehaka, and Stettman (P2) are all S tier.

Actually, the only commanders that are S tier are Swann, Stukov and Stetman. A tier is Abathur, Artanis and Alarak. There are no B or C tier commanders. D tier is only Dehaka. F tier is Fenix. H tier Han& Horner. Hell, the commanders Zeratul and Zagara are all the way in Z tier.


We just gonna ignore the tier-less commanders :stuck_out_tongue:

But “Z as in Zero” could be considered above S which is superior to A, but then I don’t know where to fit Omega class.
That could be a subject of random speech in that Arcade map about Stukov getting hell drunk in the middle of a hallucination.

Also H is for perverted couple play…

Nobody in Omega class yet, we’d need more commanders. Though wouldn’t it be O for Oscar class, or are we using Greek alphabet? :joy: :laughing:

I always thought you liked it rough…

Minor thread necro but I wanted to give my thoughts on this for a while.

S Tier: Kerrigan, Vorazun, Mengsk, Abathur, Dehaka
A Tier: Tychus, Zeratul, Han and Horner
B Tier: Karax, Stettman, Nova, Fenix, Artanis, Stukov, Zagara
C Tier: Alarak, Swann, Raynor

I’ve felt since the very beginning that Kerrigan is #1. The other commanders were able to catch up to some degree with the prestige system (Kerrigan’s prestiges do not greatly strengthen her) but I still think she’s the best. She just has everything. Kerrigan herself is ludicrously powerful, rivalled only by high level Dehaka, and she’s available immediately, unlike Dehaka who needs time to power up. She also has among the best mobility in the game with the omega network, which can also be used by her ally and grants her units fantastic sustain since they can just pop out, fight, and pop back in to instantly heal. Her Ultimate is essentially a free win in any battle and is up very often. Even Assimilation Aura is a great boon, it essentially trivializes mineral shields and slim pickings, which are otherwise super annoying. I actually think she might be SS tier.

Vorazun is Time Stop the commander, but Time Stop is so busted that I think it gives her the #2 slot. On missions where the need to push objectives synchronizes well with Time Stop’s uptime (ie, Scythe, Cradle), you basically just win for free, even moreso than with Kerrigan. Black Hole is also great against Propegators and some other scary mutators.

Mengsk is basically a slight variation of Vorazun. Contaminated Strike literally breaks the game, as fear disrupts enemy wave pathing, and with Toxic Tyrant he has near 100% uptime on it. There are a number of missions where he can just bomb the objectives from a safe location and you can win basically without doing anything.

Abathur is really strong. I don’t think there’s much more to say about that. His lategame army has peerless power and it’s not actually that hard to get there. Mend is super good ally support too.

Dehaka is basically lesser Kerrigan IMO, but both players can’t play Kerrigan and they synergize well together so he’s still pretty good. Compared to Kerrigan, Dehaka is vastly less powerful in the early game, but if he can survive into the midgame he becomes comparably powerful.

Tychus is another character I would sort of describe as being a lesser Kerrigan. Like Kerrigan, if played well he has a tremendous degree of sustain, basically being able to keep fighting endlessly without pause. However, he’s more susceptible to things going wrong compared to Kerrigan and Dehaka as if multiple outlaws fall, it takes a long time to get them back.

To be honest, I don’t have a lot of thoughts on Zeratul because I don’t play him much other than that he seems solid but I didn’t feel he was super busted or anything.

Han and Horner is debatable. They’re a very weird commander that does a little bit of everything, which I think gives them a minor edge over the commanders below them in versatility. Being able to recoup funds on death is also surprisingly powerful ally support for some commanders.

Karax is incredibly one dimensional, but when it comes to that one dimension he’s the best. On defense missions, he is pretty much always the go-to pick. Of course, if playing random missions, he’s quite bad, this ranking assumes that you’re playing brutations where the map and mutator combination is known.

Stetmann is the best ally support character in the game, his only real problem is that he is not individually as powerful as the commanders above him, nor do those characters really need his support to shine. The characters below him usually appreciate his support though.

Nova is a tough one to rate. She can be fairly strong, but she’s easily the most failure-prone commander in the game, as her army is uniquely difficult to replace. In some cases, you can play an entire mission without losing a single unit and dominate, but there are some mutators that basically force you to take losses and she’s absolutely terrible on these. She also greatly appreciates having a Protoss ally who can give her Chrono Boost, but few of the Protoss are truly exceptional. I feel she is very power crept by later commanders, as at one point she was a great ally to Kerrigan but Dehaka and Tychus basically stole her job.

Fenix has always struck me as the definition of mediocrity. He’s fine, certainly, carriers always get the job done, but nothing about him really stands out and he never feels especially powerful. I feel like P1 is interesting, but you could just be a better commander and get that level of power with constant hero uptime.

Artanis is basically a lesser Stetmann. By far his most significant contribution is in terms of his ally support, as his own power is fairly mediocre, but as with Stetmann, the best commanders don’t really need the help.

Stukov is easily the most power crept commander in the game. At one point I would have put him near the top, but the other commanders just kept getting better while he stayed the same. He also still crushes your framerate regardless of how good your CPU is, making him kind of an anti-ally support commander.

Zagara is completely one dimensional, she’s basically Zerg Rush personified. Her early game power exceeds any other character in the game, but there’s a very short window before the others catch up to, and then far surpass her. This makes her a good choice for a handful of mutators that force you to play obscenely fast, but otherwise she is heavily outclassed most of the time.

Alarak is easily the worst hero commander IMO. If you compare him to Kerrigan, his hero unit is drastically weaker, he has no mobility, and he has very minimal team support. He’s basically only a tolerable unit during Empower Me, but its uptime is very limited. His whole schtick is that his army is supposed to carry him, but Dehaka, Zeratul, and even Fenix do that way better.

Swann’s problem is solely that Karax does his job better. Compared to Karax, he can attack a little better, so if playing random missions he could move up a little.

The other placement besides Kerrigan that I’m super confident on is that Raynor is the worst. The only thing that stopped him from being terrible for a long time was spider mines and after they got nerfed he basically had nothing left (and now, Mengsk can do what he used to do with Contaminated Strike, while also being drastically better in every other way). The one thing you can say for Raynor is that he got good Prestiges, I think if you look at how much of a boost his army gets from P1 and P3 it’s a tacit acknowledgement of just how bad he was beforehand, but it still doesn’t really feel like enough. P1 is the best IMO, as his P1 legitimately has incredible DPS, but it still struggles really hard against some comps and mutators. P3 is more reliable, but has slow ramp up and is drastically outclassed by someone like Abathur. I struggle to think of any situation where he’d be the character you want to pick.

You have to learn how to play these commanders. They can be really strong when you play them correctly.

What a long read. Even though this single sentence would be telling that you’ve not played enough to learn these COs.

Really take a look at some gameplays, learn a bit. I’m sure your list and tiers will be different.