Starcraft 2 always need an update?

This has been going on for a few months now but I finally decided to post. Every time I open Starcraft it ask me to update the game. I tried doing a “scan and repair” but this did not fix the issue. The update doesn’t take particularly long but it is literally ever time I open the game it won’t let me play until I “update”. Is there a fix for this?


Hey there Kingofkod,

The update being needed may be due to many reasons ranging from permissions, damaged files, interfering programs, or a connection problem. With this happening for a few months months already, I’m reminded of an issue that happened causing many players to be unable to patch various games. The developers fixed the cause so it shouldn’t happen, but anyone who was affected already would have to manually fix the permissions that were messed up. The specific folder is where some settings and temporary files are kept and usually allowing access will let the files be written so the loop stops.

I wasn’t sure if you’re using a Windows or Mac system so I’m including both sets of steps that should help with this.


	1) Navigate to your Documents Folder
	2) Right click on Heroes of the Storm and go to the Security tab
	3) Click Edit
	4) Ensure that “Full Control” is checked for your user account and the Administrators group
	5) Click OK to save any permission changes


	1) Open finder, or go to folder option in menu (or Shift+command+G)
	2) type:
	~/Library/Application Support/Blizzard/
	3) Look for the “{game}” folder
	4) Choose File > Get Info >
	5) Expand the Sharing and Permissions section by clicking the arrow
	6) If the lock at the bottom right is locked, click it to unlock the Get Info options, then enter an administrator name and password.
	7) Click on each user or group in the Name column, then choose the Read & Write setting from the pop-up menu.
	8) Use small circle with dots to apply that permissions to all enclosed items:

If you have a problem after that, then let’s see if creating and switching to a new Administrator Account helps. This sets many settings to defaults and also helps with permission problems, so can be useful to do even if you’re using an admin account already.

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I did this but all my permissions are already at Full Control. Had it since the permissions bug in November.

Starcraft 2 triggers an update for a few seconds every time I shut it down and all my permissions are already set to full control

Also my issue is with Starcraft 2. I don’t have a Heroes of the Storm folder on my computer. I never played it

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