Sound auto disables after accidentally pressing ctrl+s

I accidentally pressed ctrl+s and now I can’t re-enable sound no matter what I do. I click the box to enable sound and click accept, and it closes the options as if I had fixed it, but when I reopen the options sound is disabled again. I have tried resetting to default settings, doesn’t work. I’ve tried deleting variables.txt, doesn’t work. I’ve tried checking my sound drivers, every other program works, and I can still use my headset. I have tried google, and found lots of responses of other people having the same issue… and everyone eventually comes back and says “I fixed it” but never explains how they did it, and this is getting really frustrating.

I found a fix… uninstalling and reinstalling(sound was still disabled when I launched the game again, but stayed enabled when I clicked the box)… but if someone else finds an actual fix, please post it here, so the next poor soul who has this problem can actually find a post where someone explains how to fix the damn issue.

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