Some starcraft II files are damaged

So my starcraft II is not working and crashes as soon as I hit the main menu after authentication. It started doing that now… I am not sure what changed.

I have the latest NVIDIA drivers for the RTX 3080.
I scan and repair with no files corrupted.
I reinstalled the game.

still no luck. The only thing I have is this:


any help would be apprreciated!

Hey there DaxInvader,

Usually that error means that a program is interfering or there’s damaged files somewhere. Looking over the crash report code, I see a file reference loading in a OneDrive location. If the files are being synced for Starcraft 2, it will cause this error to occur at times. Please try checking that the Starcraft 2 folder in Documents isn’t syncing, and if so, stop it. You can also make sure that the entire Documents folder isn’t synced which sometimes is needed for this. Microsoft has info on doing so here.

That was it. I enabled one drive. it seems sc2 was trying to dowload a file from one drive. When it did the game run no problem.

This is really obscure and annoying though… I hate one drive with a passion. Microsoft kinda forces everyone to use it.

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