Small cursor in 4k

Just got a 4k display today, and noticed that the game cursor in SC2 isn’t scaled up like the UI elements. It’s tiny to the point of actually being a bit difficult to keep track of when a lot of stuff is happening on-screen.

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Hey, Porphyra! Under Options > Mouse & Keyboard, there should be an option to increase the Cursor Size. Does this help any with the small cursor size?


Yes it did, though I’m surprised that the game wouldn’t automatically increase the cursor size to fit higher resolutions.

The game has some struggles with higher or ultrawide resolutions that still need some optimization. As technical support, we can offer some ways to fix the cursor issues, but if you’d like to provide suggestions or feedback to optimize this for higher resolutions, our #general-discussion is a great place to inform our team about the cursor issue :slight_smile: Glad this helped for now!

Could you just send on the feedback to the team? It seems more like a technical thing rather than something that needs a forum discussion, would probably be drowned in the general forum…


We don’t work directly with the teams that do things like UI/design. At best we forward reports of highly impactful issues (tech bugs) but even that goes through a filter and we require large numbers of reports and data to do so. The tech support forums aren’t intended to be a place to bypass the proper suggestion system, as we’re here to help players with technical issues that aren’t working as designed.

Well, there isn’t a suggestion forum anymore, just a general forum where most suggestions will be drowned in a thousand posts about balance complaints.

Maybe bring back a suggestion forum then?

We also don’t design the forums. The general forum is the appropriate place to post suggestions. There’s nothing else we can do for you here. Best of luck whatever you choose to do from here.

The pointer is still tiny after over 2 years and changing the scale of windows mouse isn’t a solution. This still needs addressing

Did you read the 1st Bliz reply above?

I have a 4k monitor and I need to play on 1080 max size cursor for the cursor to be appropriate size for me and the max sized cursor on the 2160 (4k) option is far to small for me. I often lose track of my mouse. Is there a way to possibly increase the max size of the cursor even more?

Here is a picture of the cursor at max size with my 4k display
imgur. com/a/RAY3dpK

This is at max size and it’s less than the size of a zergling. I have to switch to 1080 to play Starcraft and change my dual monitor position and stuff and it’s kind of annoying

It’s not a solution. in 4K the largest in-game cursor is still hardly visible especially during the battle. The only solution is to do NOT use higher resolution :slight_smile: