Sc2 will not launch (D50AD9C2-14DD-40F3-88F8-51A76A60561D)

hello i just installed the bnet launcher on this pc maybe 2 months ago, did 1-2 test games of ow2, worked perfectly, this tried to launch sc2 a few days and it would not launch at all, and i get this code D50AD9C2-14DD-40F3-88F8-51A76A60561D

Howdy esnov17,

It looks like you are getting error c0000005. This can happen for a few different reasons but often indicates corrupted files or something is blocking the game. I’d suggest making sure the game is allowed as an exception in security software and try disabling all other programs temporarily. Reinstalling the game to a new folder location or a different harddrive could also help.

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