SC2 unable to start

I was playing Starcraft 2 normally as of a few days ago but when I went to boot it up earlier today, I get the following message that my Graphics device is not available at this time. It says to try starting starcraft 2, or restarting my computer. I tried both but neither worked. I uninstalled starcraft 2 and reinstalled it but the issue persists. I updated my nvidia graphics drivers and the issue still persists. Any idea on how to fix this?

whats your rig, what graphics card are you using. Pc stats.

ahoj, mám stejný problém, po aktualizaci mě to píše stejnou chybu, už jsem zkoušel odinstalovat battle net i starcraft, ale nepomohlo to.
Pc mám note lenovo legion 5 pro s nvidia RTX 3070,procesor AMD ryzen 7 5800

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