SC2 freezes when playing against Zerg in Melee

Using some popular custom map in online SC2 gaming mode using latest SC2, when Zerg units get into higher amounts over 400 units by the A.I., game gets randomly frozen in map Big game Hunters. I only play alone against A.I., sometimes against 2 A.I. in 1V2 or 2V3 matches. It has happened twice after 30 minutes and 45 minutes of playing. Computer is brand new Ryzen 7 8C16T with 32GB of RAM using Vega 8 IGP using 3GB of dedicated VRAM. Windows 11 Pro. Notice, PC doesn’t get frozen at all, I can use alt+tab and see other active windows in the background but at this point, all I can do is: ctl+alt+del to log out system and start over. Any advise?

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