SC2 Editor Is Currently Broken

The editor for Starcraft 2 is currently broken. Two errors that me and many others on the SC2 Mapster Discord are getting are:

“Unable to load dependencies Heart of the Swarm”
“Unable to load dependencies Legacy of the Void”

This only happens If you dont login prior to load a map in the editor, anything with HotS and LotV dependencies gets broken.

I would post an image, but I can’t seem to be able to.



“Broken” is a bit much, it does work if you log in first, but yeah I have the same issue.


lol when does blizzard not break something


That happens only if you ignore the confirmation box saying deps could not be loaded - continue anywayyes.

The actual issue is that you must stay logged in at all times in the editor, to open any document that uses anything above liberty dependencies. In previous version SC2 Editor would “remember” that you’re authorized, for 30 days since last login, or at least that’s what I think. In any case, it wasn’t required to login manually each time. So this is a regression.

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In fact I still have a copy of HotS before patch 3.0 and it still works offline and I never did anything to it, just disabled WiFi.

Came here to make this topic. Glad I’m not alone. Hopefully gets fixed soon!

Also I am logged in… I still can’t load my dependencies and my map is all glitched out. Is there some workaround? Seems pretty broken to me.

I have a temporary fix for you (it worked for me). Simply open the editor and go to File -> Manage Published. In there you log into your account and then you can load your maps again.


Can confirm that it’s bugged.

Wow! Blizzard broke something. Can we just get the fixed and move on?

saying blizzard will fix something and move on? no they usualy take down the forum and temporary ban the person who made the forum and people who respond to it

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Yeah true but hey! Let just believe i wasnt being sacrasist… (i cant spell it sorry)

I’m getting the same ‘problem’. I have to log in each time I want to use the dependencies. I’m not sure if it’s a bug like the OP suggests, but I definitely don’t like it. It’s a step backwards Blizzard.

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its a shame they probably wont do anything about it

Same issue here. Shouldn’t have to keep logging in to edit maps offline.

After the patch I reinstalled Starcraft 2 to see if it would help. It seems like the new installation does not allow users to access the C:/Program/Starcraft/Mods directory anymore?

When I create a test map and try to add a dependencie into it, I can not change the directory /Mods to any other folder in order to add a .sc2mod file into the map from anywhere else on my computer.

It is as if everything must be done via now?

This seems really annoying, hope it will be fixed

Well I am glad to see the answer to my problem. Is Blizzard looking into this problem?

Apparently the editor has a separate log-in, Go to File then manage published then log in, then all the dependencies work properly.

The patch today seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks blizzard.

The editor now rejects any login attempt from within. Cannot edit or upload maps.