Sarcraft 2 developers really need to fix bum rushing

I’m really getting sick of players bum-rushing you right when you start the game they send their starting suv to attack you. Protoss is really bad at this before I can even get my armory built it’s the third building I built they’re attacking me with Phase Cannons and the players are so smug about it. I like to play long matches. the other players are making the game not fun to play anymore


its called strategy, and a cannon rush.

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Why should they let you play the game the way you want to? They want to win, and that means taking control of the flow of the match.


Sorry man, this is a you problem. Scouting and learning to recognise the signs is an integral part of any RTS, and cannon rushing is no different.

Vs toss specifically, start scouting early on - 16 or 17 scout. Try to figure out what the signs are!


Yep, bum rushing is one of the best strategies in SC2, especially, as you mentioned, cannon rushing. CR is pretty disrespectful, so alot of players just choose not to play the game anymore.

I would rather say that some cheese strategies are less risky.
Mostly easier to execute than to defend. And usually so much damage is done that it is equal on.

This is always such a weird criticism. Why would anybody ever do a strategy thats easier to defend against than pull off? Youre trying to win. You want your opponent to struggle.


not sure how cannon rush is disrespectful, its just a strat.

It’s specifically because the person is making buildings away from their base, which looks silly and really shouldn’t be allowed. You can’t get angry because it’s part of the game, but it shouldn’t be, so it sucks. It feels exploity.

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why every single race can do this, lol, what a joke of a comment.

Not really, the point is that I wouldn’t do this because I know it’s cheap, even though its technically a good way to win.

well it aint called a strategy game for nothing.

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That’s not the point. In my mind you are taking advantage of a limitation in the code to win unfairly.

right now there a limitation of code in your head, your fracking crazy dude. The whole point of the game is strategy, every last bit of it. it maybe be a cheasy strat, but its still a strat. you are one of the biggest cry babies around you know that.

I’m a crybaby? If I cannon rushed, I can guarantee you that I would get flamed. It’s a BS strat, enjoy your meaningless wins.

Why? Because you don’t like losing? Play vs the AI then.


I answered if you can read between the lines, it’s BS because if I did it I am likely to receive verbal abuse, so obviously the community doesn’t like it.

So because somebody else doesn’t like losing then? And I guess Rando On The Internet’s opinion is the deciding factor for some reason?

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lol. what kind of flammer way of thinking is that. the point of the game is to win by beating your opponent by any means nescessary.

Keep playing til there’s no-one left loser.