Salvation- Big Spear Diplomacy

Just finished the salvation mission without even hovering over any of the deployments and didnt click them, achievement didnt pop. do i have to leave points fully unspent? if anyones gotten it maybe its the setup i used?


Same issue here. No idea what a solution might be.

I did initially think that you need to have no points spent. However, no matter how you put it, you will at least have 1 passive unspent. Hopefully someone with map editor and knowledge knows how to investigate this for us.

Stay tuned here for updates:

I just got the achievement so it is possible. In addition to not using the actives, I think it is required to avoid triggering the passives. I also set the auxiliary systems all to 0 just to be safe.

Warp Harmonization is a good passive, since you just need to turn robo/stargate back into the normal form. For the other passive I took Guardian Shell and did not let any units die so that it doesn’t trigger.

Maxing out on carriers and building cannons/khaydarin/shield batteries to cover the entrances worked quite well. Just to be safe I also hid the starting units in the back of my base so they don’t accidentally die.

I ran a bunch of tests in the editor and found that Reconstruction Beam will cause the achievement to fail. The othe five passives didn’t so they appear to be safe.


I tried your recommendation and it went well. I used only an Orbital Assimilator and the rest was left in “default”, yet I used the maximum shield recharge, building time and starting supply. Thanks