Remove tempest from the game

Dude i just played a game last night and did this. just kite it works.

Ah, ok if you played a game then i concede. You will surely know better than pros.

I am pretty sure that at your level focus fire is non-existent, but players from higher leagues will either ignore broodlings or let them be killed by other units, while thors will focus the broodlors.

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yeah thats why you gotta move outta there range and KITE THEM

And im platnum league dude, yes focus fire exist.

You cant KITE the unit, which has HIGHER range.


Thats not high league. Players from actual high leagues (or pros) would advise you to not build broodlords vs thors. Also realistically a thor has something that protects him against broodlings. meaning for example hellbats or sim city. you simply cant walk into the range of thors and not expect to get shut down. Thors have righer range meaning they simply start shoot you if you go into their range because the AI actually tells the thors to prioritize the broodlords over the broodlings.

you are correct that you can trade a little bit with micro vs someone just a moving but all in all trying to counter thors with broods is a veeeery bad idea.

Like farbros said how can you kite something that has a higher range than you? and ALSO being faster than you? thors are faster than broodlords.


PPP you cant kite thors with broodlords
Reynor: Haha broodling printer go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

You don’t want sim city against broodlords. That’s the perfect situation for the zerg player to take on thors. Thors want open spaces.

I have seen that game. His is attacking the changeling and send the broodlings on the enemy. It is not a kite.

Which means with perfect play thors should not be able to engage broodlords.

Then let ne rephrase it: some sort of meatshield or distraction so that a move Broods wont shoot Thors.

I mean the Point still Stands. You simply cant Kite Thors with Broods. However there are some Things you can do. Attacking Tumor or Changelings. And the question at Hand was if broodlords are good vs Thors or Not ? They simply arent. You can use tricks but only letting those 2 Units Battle each Other is preeeetty onesided :smiley: Thors murder broodlords

I Hope you arent tcf enough to actually make the Point Here that Broods are good vs Thors :smiley:

Obviously the terran did Not Play perfectly did He ? You use a Heromarine as a viable example? Reynor could probably do all sorts of Things vs Heromarine and it would still Work. They are worlds apart.

But still. Reynor is getting Pushed Back because this Trick does next to nothing. I mean yeah over a larger Span of time it works but your Clip perfectly Shows that a much weaker Opponent is able to Push against reynor.

I feel like there weren’t enough Hellbats, or maybe they were just placed wrong.

The effect is the same as tempests. They chip away at you enough that you’re pressed to engage which allows spellcasters to work their magic.

Obvious blasphemy. Reynor is able to show he is on “another level” (more propaganda) when Heromarine tries to use mech against reynor.

Which is again Miles away from the Point at Hand. Because in this Case the broodlords counter Like every single unit or strat you can use by abusing Other mechanics.

But why did Heromarine build Thors in the First place ? :thinking: which unit He wanted to counter ? And also If it was so obvious and easy to do then why its so surprising and Hyped what reynor did ? Maybe because its new and Not really established or Standard ?

I know that this is a Joke but in dh Atlanta some caster Said He cant Imagine Heromarine cheesing someone or playing anything Other than macro while obviously when Heromarine isnt trahsing noobs on ladder all He does is cheesing and all Inning because Hes Miles away from a Top Player. And on Stream he actually admitted that. At least Hes honest.

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Not really, the existence of broodlings is the entire point of the thread. I’m of the opinion that broodlords shouldn’t be changed because they allow micro opportunities that can only be shown by the top players and that can beat something that you considered was a hard counter.

No, the discussion was about kiting thors with broodlords and as I said you can’t do that. There are tons of ways to beat thors with broodlords. Use abduct, use blinding cloud, use neutral parasite, or the way you mentioned. But in direct fight, broodlords will lose to thors and aren’t able to kite them, that’s why players use the solutions above.

actually your both wrong the thread was about tempest being removed from the game cause they shoot too far. How ever bl got brought up saying they need nerfed because of the same. I pointed out that broods are slow easy targets for air units and that there only good for thors, tanks, widows and defense structures. Everything else pretty much kills them.

That’s wrong. Protoss has no way of defeating a critical mass of broodlords with ground forces, so he relies on tempest in that case, terran can’t defeat mass broodlords without thors too. Broodlords are good against every ground unit, except thors.

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corruptors can kill tempests
scarelett is nothing but a joke.
yes tempest is annoying to face but the reason zerg lost because of no corruptors even hydras can kill it easy

yes they can, terran can use vikings to kill broodlords, ghosts can do it too