Remove tempest from the game

Scarlett vs Panda is the main reason why pvz is like that. Tempest has too much range so zerg has no choice but to turtle.

BW was never like that.

Such a snorefest match up and games.

Such bad game design.

tempest are slow easy targets for all zerg air units.

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you must of not watched game 2.

Games should never be like that. its not fun for anyone and just looks stupid.

I am all up for it. If stalkers will have 10+ air range (or any other protoss unit) to counter ranged libs and broodlords, we will have a deal.


nope cause i could care less about the pro tournys. When they start getting team games in them then ill care.

That would be a little ridiculous alongside blink, but the existence of Fungal, Brood Lords, and now ranged Liberators does necessitate a Protoss unit that can outrange them.

Specifically, Fungal+Brood Lord has the potential to zone out just about everything without very long range, and Liberators are dangerous enough to Protoss ground that they need some way to deal with Liberators without being forced to enter their targeting circles.

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Do I always have to write /s at the end?


No, I just wanted to comment anyway.

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Of course it would be OP. That’s why there is expensive t3 tempest with low firerate.


obviously BLs and Libs would need to be looked at too

why would bl need looked at again another slow moving target that dies to any air unit.

Do you want a real answer to that question?

The Broodling mechanic enables a critical mass of Brood Lords to zone out practically all shorter-ranged ground forces. This creates a problem where any ground units that don’t outrange Brood Lords are essentially useless against them, almost regardless of the Brood Lord’s stats. The Brood Lord’s stats suck because of this zoning potential.

Alongside the old “root Fungal” this used to mean that anything with shorter range than
Brood Lords could be zoned out of range almost indefinitely.

Blizzard balanced around that “problem” by nerfing Fungal to a slow, introducing Tempests as a Protoss counter that cannot be zoned out, and improving Thors/Vikings. Brood Lords are currently balanced, but if you were to heavily nerf or take out the pieces that keep it in balance then you would eventually have to nerf or change the Brood Lord itself.


there is no official statement from the balance team on this.
if you look at the patch it looks more like they were trying to keep burrow fungle in the game.

The tempest is just another bandaid instead of fixing the problem unit, the BL.

1 air unit can kill all brood lords, nuff said. Prove me wrong.

Guard the Brood Lords with Corruptors and Infestors, and you could prevent that from happening.

By the logic you are using, any units could be balanced with any stats, as long as it either cannot shoot up or cannot shoot down. It’s ridiculous and childish.


Obviously you would guard them with that, but they are still week slow moving targets. Bl are only good for thors tanks and widows, and the toss who loves to turtle.

Thors are nowadays Designed as the hard counter to Broods because they increased high payload range. They have 11 Range now and Broods have 10.

Trust me its very easy to counter that. Just launch the broodlings and then pull back thors will then attack the blings instead. Just rinsce and repeat. Just keep kiting them like this.

Its not debatable. i mean ofc you can beat thors with broodlords but if both players micro equally good and are equally good thors will beat broodlords.

Also the real leash bug got fixed. meaning they still have to get in range of thors even if you do this slick micro. Thats the whole problem: leash bug got fixed and also thors anti air got increased.