Redesigning each race

If you could redesign a race’s aesthetics, be it their gear, anatomy, architecture, etc, how would you do it? What would you add or remove if anything? What tweaks would you make?


I was never a fan of the SC2 Protoss design. Their blue bodies basically make them Space Draenei, and their giant golden armor is way too over the top.

I actually love Terran design in SC2.

Making that purity of form and purity of essence less confusing


Personally, I’d make the Nerazim units a darkish gold, like the corsair in the campaign, maybe even adding in some darker elements like the stripes on Fenix’s HotS skin. Mostly because the grey they currently have doesn’t look as nice as the gold imo, although the purple in the golden age skins is a nice substitute.


@ Retloclive The Protoss were conceptualized and created long before the Draenei. Especially the Draenei in their current form.

@ Hive0805 It’s honestly pretty straight forward.

I would give the Protoss back thier orange and yellow eyes. I also would have kept Artanis off of whatever Steroids he took in between games.


Might be just armor. He was basically naked in his Scout.

I would like to see the Protoss’ unit be a bit of a hybrid faction. By that I mean like Khalai/Nerazim. Or any other possible combination. For example make a Zealot with gold armor and blue eyes, but with something dark green add on top of it.

I think it would be cool for Kerrigan Brood to have more blue and glowing details to more differentiate from the regular Swarm. Because at the end of the Zerg campaign she’s basically a Xel’naga already, and it would make sense that her power would probably leak into the rest of the brood

I kinda miss when the Zerg seemed like creatures that spawned out of hell back in SC1. The Defiler was freaking demonic compared to anything the SC2 Zerg offered.


The Protoss.

Their whole deal is Purity of Form, which (Hive0805) just means they are the most psionically powerful race (aside from Hybrid is guess, but they don’t count because they aren’t part of the “infinite cycle”). So let’s consider all the Protoss beings of pure energy (disembodied consciousnesses, no bodies, no mass). This seems to be the same idea behind the design of the Archons (at least in the LotV Opening Cinematic), but applied to the whole race.

  1. Make all the Protoss’ bodies look like they are made out of energy/lightning/whatever ghosts are made of (like the Archon mentioned above).

  2. Make anything currently made out of metal on any unit or structure and instead make it look like its made out of limestone. My intention here is to give them an “ancient” type of vibe (as opposed to the zerg whose deal is that they adapt and change). They also seem to have a thing for pyramids, so there’s that too.

TLDR: I want the Protoss to look like lightning-ghosts with stone armor!

I would fix the fact that the protoss, the most technologically advanced race in the galaxy, are still using melee fighters for literally any reason.

Zealots now have guns. Dark Templar now have guns. Everyone has guns, because walking all the way up to your enemy is just giving them more time to put a hole in you.

Their weakest guys are dual lightsaber wielding Jedi. Giving them guns would be overkill.

I approve.

I had some similar ideas. I thought they should be modeled after the Straegis designs from Stargate Worlds. The Straegis that we see were composed of floating rocks with Ancient Egyptian aesthetics. The concept art for the Meta had variants with legs of some kind.

The mouthless humanoid design just made them too human-like for my tastes. It never made sense for carnivorous plants or whatever they were to look that way. They didn’t eat like humans, so they don’t need human-like skulls with chins. Having breasts and nipples definitely don’t make sense.

I think its more ridiculous that the Protoss walk/run to their enemies to use their melee weapons when they have freaking warp technology. Who needs a ranged weapon when you can instantly teleport to the enemy’s location?

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Technically, Protoss can only warp into an active power field. :nerd_face:

Fair point, but the Stalkers are able to teleport after they upgrade the blink app on their phones. The rest of the Protoss just don’t trust the batteries in their Galaxy Note 7s to install the app.

Basically they need to put Karax to work improving blink distance and/or attaching more of those power field spotlights Artanis likes to use in Co-op to the Spear of Adun.

I’m pretty sure that spotlight is shone from the Spear of Adun