Rampant Hacking and nothings done

Coming back to Starcraft 2 after a decade of not playing, two xpacs and all the patches that have happened I get there is a lapse of current gameplay.

However, when it is blatantly obvious, and I will say there is a MMR period roughly 3800-4400, that have nearly 50-60% of every game I’ll go watch the replay and find these lame soy boy kids staring through fog of war, A-moving units out of position to catch drops/run bys and so on without vision of any sort and not even a bat of an eye does this stop.

Not only is this a direct violation of the ToS, but some of us who played back in the day from launch on, had to pay $60 per account in each region versus these little soy boys who need hacks to even play, get this and continue to do this with free accounts.

I get the game may not be 100% supported, and very well may have been thrown out to pasture by the company, but take some action. Its a clear violation of ToS and if you as a company who may or may not care, do not act, then you yourselves violate your own ToS.

Not only do you violate it yourselves, you are also condoning the behavior and by not acting, making a statement that its okay to utilize hacks.

I could ask for plenty of other aspects such as bringing back 4p maps, going back to 6 worker starts, but I get the company and player base had to be appeased for “faster” based play.

Stick a intern or the one person in the company that actually cares to literally take some action. At least they’ll make their hourly pay rate every day literally reviewing replays/banning hackers since its very blatant for one, and two, accounts are free now which is just asinine to a variety of individuals who paid a hefty penny.

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