Question about game storage

Hello everyone

I installed SC2 and finished Wings of Liberty and the game takes 30 gb of space on my mac. Now I want to purchase the campaign collection so I can play Heart of the Swarm too. But does it mean i need another 30 gb on my mac ? (Because I don’t have) Or will it only add a little more of storage or not at all to the already existing 30gb that the game is already taking up ?

Hope the question is clear. I wanted to know before making the purchase.

i think the game takes around 40 to 60 in total, its been awhile since i downloaded it so dont quote me on it.

Hey Sasalas,

Generally the game client will be the same for all players. If you do not own one of the expansions, you will just not be unable to access it. Purchasing the expansion will just unlock it so you can play. This means you should expect no further downloading if you purchased the other campaigns. In rare cases you may need to restart the game and wait a few minutes for the purchase to finish before being able to access the new content.

I hope this information helps.

If it can help:

On Windows, in my C:\Program Files (x86)\ folder, there’s:

  • Battle.Net folder that takes 595 MB
  • Starcraft II folder that takes 37,9 GB

I have the campaign collection (non deluxe but containing the other 2 campaign and the nova one).

There may be other folders with content, and there may be differences between individual installations, but I would guess if you have 10~15GB available, you probably would be safe.

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