PvT counter for Thor Hellbat?

Like the other 100 posts, I’m looking for a counter to a specific unit comp. I got rolled in a late game fight against a maxed army of thor and hellbat. I saw it coming years before and went tempest immortal high templar, got rolled. Switched to immortal zealot archon, got rolled again and GG’d out.

I had a better economy and GG’d with like 2k 2k but couldn’t think of a counter I could put together fast enough to fight. Suggestions?


Or if you have the economy and time, carriers

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If you see a mass thor play never go carriers. Littlesmall is memeing on you. Thors will destroy the carriers so hard that the fleet beacon feels pain.
Throw down 17 robos and make 5674568456848956798 disruptors. You’ll be fine.

did you attack his production, to try and slow down/stop his remax after trade?

Dude’s plat. Why would he understand what any of those words mean?

Keep playing dude. Nevermind this nerd.


Body seems unclear… is it a complete sentence? In case you can’t figure out what that means, I’m telling you to warp in a bunch of chargelots into the back of his base when he a-moves the thorbat ball across the map. Do as much damage as you can, made the army trade as brutal as possible.
Do a barrel roll!

You could go for adept/immortal/disruptor
Don’t attack the planetary fortresses - either fight poke at the army with disruptors and then a-move when you got great hits and then remake chargelots if most hellbats died or adepts if there are still some hellbats left over.
(don’t forget attack upgrades and glaive upgrade - armor and shields only matters vs. marines and battle cruisers).

You can also get a few tempests to one-shot thors (like 6-8 I think).
And you can always test it on the “unit tester lotv online” in the arcade section so you feel comfortable before you try it out in a real match.
–> Also mix in tanks for terran.

I believe carriers should win by using the leash range

Found the video - here you are (tempest/disruptor + chargelots or stalkers):

Honestly the best counter is to gather good scouting info and upon seeing he’s going hellbats just rush him down and end his existence. You can out produce a mech’ing terran early with toss if you’ve got the info to realize what’s happening.

TBH if I see double gas at the start I pretty much insta-4gate adept or 3gate stalker. Biggest thing is just keeping your scout probe alive. I’m only Diamond though so I guess technically I’m bad. Take it with a grain of salt and test lots of stuff out if you don’t like this option and you’ll find something.

you should really try out disruptor / tempest

Last time i encountered mass thors, i just spammed a crap ton of immortals and started armor and attk research, it just completely melted the thors

I hate mech in all of its kind and have the same issues with thors.
Chargelots even with 3-3 wont be good. Carriers and tempests are also melt down vs thors. Disruptors is the only way I’m aftraid maybe some archons and immortals to tank hellbats.
The most important thing is to have a plan cause when you play a lot vs bio and then some Terran go mech you simply have zero plan and experience how to play vs mass tanks thors hellbats, also it can be BCs or cloaked banshees. So scouting is really important.

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I think disruptors (like 6 of them) and tempests should handle that comp well. Neither thors nor hellbats can Dodge disruptor shots meaning they cannot move across the map with losing s lot of army. Tempest or carriers are good for poking.

Honestly though I find mech really easy to play against and you don’t want the game to get to late game. The thing to understand is they dont have a lot of units early, the units require a lot of micro, and the terran needs a good economy to get to that critical mass. I generally go fast third and stay on just 3 gas and build only gateway units (mostly zealots with a few stalkers). get charge and blink. I get charge first because my aim is to fully saturate my third and then just begin doing zealot warp ins their base. I send 12 units mostly zealots and stalkers at the enemy 2nd or third if they have one and then use a warp prism to do warp ins the main and rally those units to the mineral line. Just keep warping and sending units and the Terran will likely die because at that point in the game they can’t micro 2 screens and out produce you.

I think I have like a 80 or 90% win vs mech as a 4K protoss player.

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If you see the terran going mech you want to take as many expansions asap get to 80 probes and go skytoss. Carriers are okay but i prefer a blink, tempest, immortal comp just for the threat of BC