How do you beat 5 tank thor ?!

you asked what beat 5 tanks and 1 thor. We gave you the answer. the answer is chargelots and take the map.

As a mech player If I see chargelots. tank production has to stop and you have to get mines or hell bats.

build mass immortals behind it…trust me this is the answer


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Yeah but if you don’t do dmg with 2 base all in you autolose. You can’t play straight up macro. That’s the problem. Normaly what you do is 2 stargate before colossus and than go double robo and add templar. Problem you are behind, you need to do damage with your first push, or you will be too behind…

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Even if you expand your third will be late… You will be in disadvantage, because Terran has economic lead. You don’t expand vs Terran, every pro game is 2 base all in, than you if do dmg, you can macro out of that. And than he will attack off 3-4 base … If you expand. It is kinda coinflipp maybe if you drop and he don’t see it you can do some dmg, if he has banshee with his army, but probably not enough if he just pull scvs. Or 2 rax timing may do dmg , but probably not…

3 base Terran when protoss 2nd base just finishes…

I mean i could make pure zealot disruptor and try to have good engagement, but no stargate is coinflipp. He can go as easily to hellbat/raven etc. I can’t scout his whole base. And Terran decides first what tech he choses, while Protoss can’t adjust after scouting with obs. And yet he can all in you so if you don’t robo you autolose…

I guess i will try what is said, didn’t play vs tank thor long tiem. usually it is hellbat spam, or weird all ins.


Do you mind posting a replay of this terran build you are having trouble against?

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Wrong, see the first game.

For me that looks like a fine example of winning by macro.

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tempest/disruptor + chargelot/immo is pretty good
–> if thors are out of range, you can snipe the tanks with your tempests and else you use the disruptors vs. the thors.

You can also have a look at this thread:

and this video:

A very well executed troll thread



why even consider opening stargate against mech. such a waste of time

why not just get Zs and call it a day. or blink stalker opening.

I honestly don’t like being trolled. but welcome to the world of starcraft

Thor is TvP wonder what league you are in…

Someone else already said it, but zealot really is fine for this. Mineral-only units against later tech terran units is quite a steal. Really no problem here.

Now ZvP, that’s a problem.

Because with stargate you can open oracle, kill some worker, scout and counter banshees and you can have some phoenix to lift units if you want to try some timing, also it’s good against battle mech because it can counter the cyclons.

Yeah storms, pros split well. So pros don’t play storms as much. Collosus phoniex, you can easily scout and hold most of the time. Also depends on maps too. If there are chokes etc.

Still chargelot immortal/archon pretty terrible for holding most pushes. There are so many. If you don’t scan right tech, than he make 3 tanks and it is archons you autolose… And phoniex also countered by mine drops !!! Which is important scout for protoss

That depends what goes terran, stalkers are trash vs stimmed bio and tanks. And you can’t hold with stalker i think some pushes. And you can wiggle down stalker count with bio, or drop into their base when they move out… Thing is almost anything you do works…

They have:
Barracks spam
Tank/ mine

Almost anything that comes to your mind works…

And so many all ins:
Mine drop
Proxy 5 rax
So many all ins that can kill you: if you shade their natural you see no gases so you know all in, but if they have gases than you don’t know their tech, it is so coinflippy.

e.g. if i adept scout and than they go banshee cyclone and i have 2 colossus = autoloss
3rr can counter every protoss opener so reaper doesn’t even scout anything many times, or you can keep it to check for third, but than you don’t know what they are up to…

That’s problem with PvT so many games end to all in, or build order loss, or some cheese or in midgame.

Is there any unit you haven’t complained about as far as Terran is concerned?

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Another sucesful bait by Thebatz. Guys, don’t give him any attention he doew not deserve.

Ok you diamond or worse. What do you know, you just trolling on the forums. I asked legit question. tank thor is hard to beat…

Problem is, if you go zealots, they will spam mines, so you include stalkers. BUt you won’t have disruptors by the time attack hits. Because you need colossus and than he would have 2 vikings, that doesn’t do anything. And if i throw double stargate, before i get gas for it, you cant do that on 2 bases… And if i go third, terran will attack me off 3-4 bases, because i will be behind. That’s why every game protoss tries to all in off 2 bases, because if you don’t do dmg with it, you are behind and terran can kill you. That’s why tank thor is tough to beat!

I mean what do i do with my 2 base attack, warp prisms are not effective and are coinflipp vs thors. Zealot disruptor sorta, but i have to scout bc tech, what if he makes in on edge of his base and than i don’t know what is doing and go bcs and he just makes hellbat tank.

Ahaha zealots don’t work, take so much minerals and upgrades, he can just make marauders and mines. Disruptors are not really viable in PvT And all 1 base attacks are not good against terran, because liberators and if he reaper scouts, he will just sit there on 2 bases and you lose. You are relying on him to not scout, so that’s like gambling.

Since the chargelot nerf, i havent had much success with chargelot immortal archon, or even just a straight up mass immortal.

What has been working decently recently is, to my surprise, void. With the new upgrade, they can be microed well enough to beat or make decent trade vs mass thor.

Won’t work if mines, but combine them with something else. I like showtime’s answer to Clem’s mass thor 2-3 weeks ago that was casted by Wardi : Disruptor Carrier Tempest. Snipe thor with tempest, make and use distuptor to zone out the thor that would like to engage. It becomes a very micro demanding fight, but it can be done.

Mothership might be good to add, but imo to expensive on supply. I prefer the 2 additionnal tempest or the 4 templar. And always make sure to be at least 1 base ahead of Terran.

Most people have been saying it’s a slight buff. They’re a lot more micro-able than they were, but the burst damage is a lot lower, to be fair.

I don’t know… I mean, there’s not many unit that are faster than chargelot to begin with, and they were mostly used as front smashing meat shield for direct damage on impact. It was really usefull to hit position that were hard defended. Could be used to take down 1 or 2 tank really fast, which makes a huge difference overall in the fight.

I do like the faster movement for harass vs zerg, but terran have PF most of the time, almost nullify harass potential, at least on the zealot side of things.