Prime Gaming - missing Stukov after obtaining SC Remastered

Hi everyone, I recently obtained the SC Remastered game during the Prime Gaming event. The game was successfully added to my B-Net account. After I logged in SC II, I received 3 bonus portraits, but for some reason the coop commander Stukov has not been unlocked.

Corresponding to the description of SC Remastered, Stukov should be available for SC II after purchasing the game: StarCraft® Remastered - StarCraft |

Has anyone experienced similar behaviour?

Hey Silvalhd,

At the moment this is intended. Stukov co-op commander in Starcraft II will be unlocked only when purchasing Starcraft Remastered through the Shop.

Receiving Starcraft Remastered for free through Prime Gaming will not unlock Stukov in Starcraft II.

I only have Stukov because I bought Remastered. This was back in 2017 though when it first came out.

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