Primal Zerg Are Trash

If I’m not mistaken, Zerus is a volatile ash world. The zerg are a pathetic little parasitic lifeform that survive by burrowing into other creatures spines. Zerus is described as having literal firestorms.
What happened? In HotS it is now a lush jungle world with competing zerg packs. There was nothing in the game to explain the transformation of the zerg homeworld… did I miss something, in an attempt to get me to purchase a book, or did I miss a free story released with the game? I think I would have remember something from the game itself. It seems like char is now the new Zerus, for reasons that I don’t quite comprehend.
Retconning material instead of just making something new. Sounds like a superhero reboot with an ethnic Mary Jane.

Not only you missed, i think.
Everybody did.
But though i think problem is that we have just 3 missions to tell entire zergs’ story. And their homeworld. Like this is insultingly low, but even despite that they could fit it: jungles that spontaneously change to lava, and something is haunting you in the bushes…

I think the entire story arc was unnecessary. Kerrigan goes from Queen Bee(itch) of the universe at the end of BW to damsel in a dress and willing to let herself be ended by the boyfriend…
Was this whole thing an attempt at a role reversal from WoL or something, where it is now a Strong Female Character saving the Male?
Kerrigan didn’t need that. She was a ruthless killer as the Queen of Blades, and I never understood how the complete flip of her character added anything to the story overall, or her individually.


Volcanic soil is extremely fertile. If the planet itself is capable of sustaining life, its quite likely that plant life would be flourishing in such conditions except for, say, the large spot on the planet that appears to be a lava ocean.

As for the primals themselves, remember that this is after however many thousands of years of extremely accelerated evolution. Going from a parasite that assimilates something from the inside out to a predator that assimilates things from the outside in isn’t that far of a leap.


Actually, i would really like to see Alarak kill Amon in the Void world, like he should and always wanted.
Zagara could have been main protagonist of HotS.
But Blizzard thought it would be great to have like 3 main character (Raynor, Kerrigan and Zeratul, according to website, but why kill Zeratul then?).

I like what you’re saying, but, the swarm left the “lifeless, burning world of Zerus” after slaughtering the Xel’Naga. The only solid point i can find for a time reference is that it took the swarm 60 years from the point where they discovered Humanity to the time they entered the Koprulu Sector.

I would say that the Overmind’s words about Zerus are retconned, but volcanos and lush vegetation actually go hand in hand as Kelthar said.

Anyway, Primal Zerg are still trash. They are basically just a plot to device to reinfest Kerrigan and bypass the Rip-field.

Yeah the transformation isn’t physically impossible, just jarring. If they wanted a jungle planet, use something the hell else instead of Zerus, which should have been relegated to antiquity and should be too far away to go to in the first place.

You see this all the time in SC2. The writers think they’re giving us much-needed fan service (that nobody asked for) when in reality all they’re doing is dredging up plotlines long done with and ruining/retconning them.

It’s a retcon. :man_shrugging:

Probably the worst part about the primal zerg, besides Dehaka’s voice, is that so little was done with them. They could have been interesting, but they aren’t. Theyre just there.


It’s still better than Izsha’s voice.


It’s not even a specific problem in regards to Dehaka and the Primals, HotS does very little with the entire cast of the leviathan save Kerrigan. Stukov in particular does nothing but stare out into space the rest of the game once you recruit him.

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Stukov at least gets us a little bit of speculation about the UED showing back up in the future. Shows neither the writers nor the sector have totally forgotten them even if they didn’t affect the Status Quo very much in the long run.

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As mentioned, it was a lifeless, burning world thousands of years ago. Given that primal zerg survived beneath the surface (a bit of a way to worm around the wording of the manual), and that life is hyper evolutionary, it made sense to me. The planet is still very clearly volcanic (and it even says they made it intentionally so in the artist notes), and the descriptions show every bit of life down to the microbial level has primal zerg genetics.

So it’s got a bit of an explanation behind it.


Conceptual art makes it very clear that the “vegetation” are not plants but polyps-like animals that keep similarities to plants, and the jungle is not a rewriting of zerus but an aggressive colonization of all possible niches by primal zerg

yes, it was unnecessary, the solution could start from anywhere, in the stories it cuts a dark templar experiment and created zerg similar to those of zerus: independents and the idea of metamorphs as a kerrigan design that made the zerg swarm and kerrigan more capable , but well the dinosaurs and kaiju are great and so they could include the warning instructions that zerg and protoss did not meet the ascension conditions

Ironically, the voice actress for Izsha is a pretty good one. She voiced Kitana/Mileena in Mortal Kombat (2011) and Mortal Kombat XL, though not Mortal Kombat 11.

Well if you are given bad instructions and you do them right, you always get a bad result.


Hating on Izsha is like hating on the Adjutant. Shes not even a character, just a library with a voice.


IMO instead of Primal Zergs I would have expanded Stukov’s role in HotS by having him escape Moebius earlier along with other infested Terrans to form a faction of independant infested Terrans with some stolen knowledge about infestation from Narud that they’d share with Kerrigan in exchange for her to help them take down Narud on Skygeirr.
Just an idea of mine :man_shrugging:


I hate that there are people who do consider her to be a character and her voice.

It’s not that hard to grasp.

Please Blizzard, NO Issha Co-Op commander! Not when Tosh, Niadra, and even Selendis are still out there!