Prestige exp grind NEEDS a major buff

I don’t think they got the joke, no.

I’m glad you weren’t being serious.

The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes.

Well played :clap:


Oh my :rofl:

Considering there is no micropayment for unlocking prestiges unless war-chest, what Bliazzard did was a pure trolling against players.

I think the exp grind is okay. The problem I have is that when I play a capped P3 I can’t help but feel like I’m wasting experience that could be used on other comms. WTB trickle exp at full capped commander level. Even if it was just 100% exp split between all uncapped comms(pretty insignificant amount) it would get rid of that FOMO feel.

I’m in the same boat. I’ve maxed three commanders out but have yet to play a single game with mastery+prestige because I only have a limited time to play and every game counts…


Karax was my first P3. I play him to take a break from grinding the others. I’m not in a rush to unlock every single one because I’m confident there will be a buff of some kind eventually, so the less-appealing prestiges can wait.

Why not spend some time enjoying the results of your labor? Especially if your time is limited. It’s okay to stop and enjoy the scene along the way to reach all 54 prestige.

I always spend at least 1 game at full mastery with each prestige. And spend a session every once in awhile to do the new prestige only commanders. Enjoy it people lol.

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Idea 4. Use Ascension level to unlock prestige.

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Maybe it could just take less XP to level each prestige to 15 in comparison to regular commander levelling. Perhaps 50% XP needed for each level. Then it’d be x1.5 the time of levelling a commander to 15 to obtain all three prestiges (whereas right now it’s x3).

Allowing you to choose which prestige to unlock is a good idea, but I think it‘d be ideal if you could access any of them from the start, but would have to level each prestige to 15 to gain the benefits of your masteries. Then you could level them as you saw fit, and could even work on levelling different prestiges of the same commander.

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All prestiges to 15 in order to use masteries with any of them is a terrible idea. There are some commanders where I’m only interested in P1 or P2 (e.g. I only want Fenix P1 and Dehaka P2) but this would force me to grind out P3 on both of them just to be able to play with the masteries I wantt to try out - no thanks.

I’m afraid I must have phrased my intent poorly. (I think it was that unfortunately-placed “each”.) I meant that you would unlock masteries with each prestige individually. You would level each prestige to 15, and when you had done so, you could use masteries with it.

The major difference from how it works now is that the prestiges would no longer be locked behind each other, and you could easily go between them. The progression would no longer be “on rails”.

Alternately, it might be better if you could only work on one prestige per commander at a time, but you could easily switch the prestige you were working to unlock, and your progress would transfer over. So you could work on Devouring One for 6 levels, get sick of it, and work on Broodbrother for the remaining 9 to unlock it.

This could allow you to unlock a prestige that is more boring to level (such as one whose benefit unlocks late), by first levelling a more interesting prestige, and then switching at a late level. You’d have to play even more games with the prestige you switched from, but better that than playing as vanilla (with a possible penalty) for most of another prestige’s unlock time.

I guess I’m confused then because that sounds like how it works now. Once any prestige hits 15 your masteries re-enable and you can use them with it.

If what you’re suggesting is we should be allowed to choose the order in which we level prestiges, I agree with you.

This is again how it works now - say you want to level Raynor P3 but it sucks before you get Battlecruisers and orbital supply depots, you can unlock it but level as P0 or P1 instead, you never actually have to play the prestige you’re trying to level up.

Unfortunately, I have not yet had the chance to actually play with the system, so I was basing my understanding of the system on assumptions and inferences. I had assumed your level in each prestige was independent, but now I see that you are forced to reset your level to unlock each prestige. This makes choosing which prestige you want much easier to implement than I had thought.

Well, forget all that other nonsense that I said. Most of it is already in the game anyway. I still think it’d be a good idea if the relevellings required less XP, or even started you at level 5.

If you want to try it out without a boatload of leveling, I think the PTR version might still be up. Download that client, and a single game will get you to 15. Repeat 2x more and you will have every prestige unlocked on a commander.

…Unless the PTR is no longer available, in which case disregard :stuck_out_tongue:

Although you may call it pay2win, I can recommend buying the Warchest for the +50% bonus.

I rarely play multiplayer games, and even then it’s only vs AI, so I don’t really profit from seeing all those skins in action. However, it’s my way to support Blizzard because I highly appreciate the Co-Op mode. I love the world of Starcraft. I also bought and levelled commanders I don’t really like playing, just so the collection is complete and to give them a little credit for their efforts. Co-Op needs to live on. As does ladder, as both keep the game alive. I also like reading the comics each time.

So I gladly pay the full price possible for a Warchest, and get that bonus xp. +50% is nice, and it lasts a very long time.

In terms of Prestige, I feel like a perhaps stackable xp buff per level of prestige on that commander might be helpful and reasonable. I agree on that. Powering a commander to P3, even with +50% from Warchest, can almost feel exhausting. On the other hand, it feels deserved once you reach your desired Prestige level.

But not too much, maybe 25% per Prestige, the journey to 15 can be quite enjoyable. Even when it’s painful sometimes. For example I’m playing P2 Mengsk (Royal Guard focus), and it was quite rough sometimes. Level 9 (Blackhammer) and 10 (Nuclear Annihilation) are making a big difference. Can’t wait for mastery, so I can stack the reduced Prestige gas cost with the overall cost reduction mastery.

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I think the whole point of Prestige was to allow players to experience levelling commanders all over again to make co-op feel fresher. The mistake here seems to be that they added new talents to prestige that made it a must-have for players. It turned prestige from a fun experience of replaying commanders at low levels into a grind to get the new talents to level 15.

Perhaps if they separated the talents and made the prestige itself a separate unlimited option, it would put the fun back into prestige leveling. Maybe just have something like “Total prestige levels”, which show the total number of times a player has prestiged any commander on the profile, or on a leaderboard, maybe that would be a better idea and not make it feel mandatory.


Agreed. :arrow_double_down:

That’s why they need to focus on making the releveling fun

-choose your prestige
-prestige available from lvl 1
-mastery available while releveling

Like how zagara is useless until level 7

Zagara P1 still gets 50 extra supply and +1 zergling/scourge at L1 (I think this is ok)

Zagara P2 gets all benefits at L1 and no penalties (this is ok)

Raynor P2 gets literally nothing at L1 (in terms of benefits, he gets some downsides)…this is NOT ok

Alarak P2 gets no benefits and no penalties at L1 (this is also NOT ok)

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