Potatoss is Broken

It really is mind-blowing how easy it is to play Potatoss compared to the other two races.


P :potato: TA T :potato: SS


Are you 1000 MMR higher with it than your other races?

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I was well on my way to being such.



It’s the easiest race in the game and it’s all due to warp-in. You can’t have a balanced race if that race can warp in units anywhere on the map at any time in seconds, allowing it to remove any concept of defenders advantage. Particularly when said race has the best static defense that allows it to defend against armies 2x or 3x their army supply. There’s a reason you don’t see late game protoss anymore outside of PvP and it’s because the only sure course is to kill them before they make a HotS style deathball.

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Not really. Zerg is pretty easy below masters because no one actually comes close to executing a build order well. I like playing zerg because against ppl below masters you can just hold down s and d and they cant do anything to stop you because they are too slow. Zerg is mechanical demanding but braindead. Terran is mechanical demanding but strategical. Protoss is not that mechanically but a lot more strategic, hence its the dirty onetrickpony race and everyone wants to find out what protoss is planning :smiley:

I even got 3.7k mmr while throwing away half of my starting drones because zerg can grow so freaking fast if left untouched. Started with half eco but outmacroed them nontheless.


Out of curiosity, other than “No Protoss has won a GSL,” what is your evidence that Protoss isn’t over-poerforming?

You’ve got two years of dominating PVT, 4 of 7 Premier’s won this year, massively inflated MMR at the higher leagues (42% of GM!). Honestly, what the hell would suddenly convince all you Protosses?

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But they haven’t won a GSL Code S, super tournament doesn’t count.

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3 of them won by the same player and the other one was NA tournament…I guess it counts, but the finals were against Scarlett and I don’t know if she played the game or not since she is usually there for free NA money and even if it is considered premier, the level of that region is really low.Other long term tournaments from competitive zones were not dominated by P. EU was dominated by Z and T, same with last GSL.

It counts, but it is a short tournament and drafts can be wild, not like long EU tournaments that everyone plays vs everyone and has a ton of series.

For me, it completly depends on where they are overperforming and why. They arent overperforming at the big tournaments and at the top level where balance really matters/where the game is balanced around after all. The earnings for 2021 are right now pretty balanced while they were heavily z favored in 2020 and 2019 (granted balance is not the only issue for that). Protoss has like always only 1 or 2 players in top 10 aligulac and rather at mid or bottom. So which means for years and for top pro tournaments protoss race is not a good choice. This should be because protoss being strategy depending rather than having good fundamentals. Protoss dominates when someone invented a cool new strat (adept printer that even easily owned serral and 2sg voidray or voidray styles in general, but as they got figured out protoss loses its power massively and these strats get turned down easily by serral and so on. oh boy did lambo destroy these playstyles once he invented the counter builds)

As heromarine said it: zvt is the best matchup because its pretty much clear what t or z is doing and it all comes down to mechanics and these small battles that are fought.

However protoss is dominating the low pro and the gm percantage because protoss is depending on build orders. If you face 20 protoss you most likely have 10 very different playstyles wheras if you play vs terran or zerg you rarely have those drastic differences in playstyle. In the caster team wars that was one of the central points why picking an only protoss team is kinda smart or why protoss is rather winning short or quickly played tournaments. Getting to know the details of every protoss bs is kinda exhausting. Lower skilled players on ladder get destroyed by that. But top of pros arent that fascinated by that.

So yeah for me as a protoss player it would be cool to move away from builds and have rather solid gameplay. I play macro after all so i dont care about losing that advantage.

TLDR: Protoss is not op at the top but i see your frustration at lower skill level.


Yeah its pretty sad. He once was a very good member of this community. But i guessed he faced airtoss just one time too often and turned into the joker :frowning: Or he let the hate flow through him. Then we have to protect our younglings from darth whovian.


I agree with you. This poster is not beyond redemption like BatZ and some whineterrans lost cases.
Younglings must be protected and saved from themselves.


No protoss player has ever won a GSL. Even worse, protoss has a lower participation in said GSL finals than the other races. When the stakes are the highest and players use the best things their race has to offer, terran and zerg are the most powerful.


This is explained with LAZY race needs less practice. It sure needs practice to be a pro but one can suggest their training time could be less. Even if it isn’t, one needs to evaluate the time needed to be pro as terran or zerg and the time needed to be pro as Protoss ##ZOUNNNNNNNNNN what a ZOUND name. Astrea, Disk rose pretty quickly on the scene never mind those scrubs we know from 6 years still with same success as these new stars. Also the new scarlet-like … Nina plays Protoss, what a COINCIDENZZ

TO THE TOP OF THE BRACKET IN FLASH playing :potato: ss

STONE LEAGUE toss posters pro by just watching:


since 2018

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That’s because Toss is OP in a BO1. In a BO3+ they can’t lean on shenanigans to win, which is all the race is: shenanigans. It all boils down to Warp Gate being a thing. Warp gate’s ability to warp in units anywhere is intrinsically impossible to balance because if you had good gateway units with warp in there would be no way to beat a successful warp prism harassment. Blizzard tries to patch this by giving ridiculously good static defense, splash damage, and sneaky tech gimmicks.

Remove warp gate and you can tone down the rest of the stuff while making gateway units more viable because there wouldn’t be concern about instant reinforcements in the opponent’s bases; Toss would have to rally their reinforcements like everyone else.

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The truth is I love protoss more than either of you. Protoss is like a amphetamine addict and I’m trying to have an intervention. Unfortunately there’s lots of enablers here that like Protoss on amphetamine (warp gate) so it’s a massive uphill battle to try and help Protoss be a better person/race.

…and Nydus will be removed from the game and Zerg speed halved on and off creep.
Terrans also will lose their Medevac and resort to medic and BW transport for moving troops around.
The fact that this moron does not care for Nydus is that the clown …does not use it.
Those imbeciles use only 50% of their race advantages and whine and throw tantrums when other races make use of all their units and abilities.


Nydus is rarely (not never, but rarely) used in the highest level of play until the extreme late game. Nydus is also: Stationary, can be denied while building, costs money each time you use it, doesn’t reinforce as quickly as warpgate because units unload 1 at a time, has a build time each time you use it, etc. Quit whining about 2018 and join us here in 2021.

Warp gate is a busted design. Honest players know this. It was brought up to Blizzard by a panel of pro players but Blizzard was unwilling to make such a massive change. Dishonest amphetamine addicts deny it because they’re addicted to amphetamines. But I forgive you. I hate the sin, not the sinner.

Why is Protoss fault that ground Recall with 1024 cargo-space with no CD is not used both offensively and defensively by Zerg?
Years ago the thick-headed players of this race considered the creep-spread a useless thing.
It took a smart Zerg player to convince those sheeple otherwise.
Just like the mass-dt for sniping Planetaries certain tactics come and go and are like fashion.
Today it is VR tomorrow who knows?

Work smarter, not harder.
Goba TM

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Unlike the Protoss players here, I, OldWhovian, wish to see Protoss excel. As it stands Protoss does great on ladder, but suffers horribly in tournaments due to the awful design of warp gate. I stand against the self-hating protoss players on ladder that wish to see the race flounder at the highest level and push for real change; starting with the removal of the impossible to balance warp gate mechanic. But we will not stop there my siblings. We will see warp gate units reasonably improved once the rightful defender’s advantage is restored in all PvX matchups. We will see changes that target specifically PvP so that disruptors aren’t the end-all be-all unit in PvP ground battles. We will see gateways changed so that aforementioned changes don’t make gate proxies OP as a byproduct. We will see Protoss splash brought more in line with the standards of Terran and Zerg when gateway units are viable once again. Together we can make this change. Together…we can stand against the true protoss haters: Forum Protoss.