Please unlock brutal+ matchmaking

Brutal+1 is way too easy.

Please open up brutal +6 for match making.


I mean, we all know there’s no longer a coop team, but I’ll see what I can whip up for ya.

Once you no longer find people to carry you, you will understand why it’s a bad idea :smiling_imp:


Co-op = DED GAEM. 20

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It’s fine as long as you keep the coop forum alive

I’m just waiting for SC3.

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Lol 3 accounts, and still at it. I can recite his entire repertoire:

  1. “Coop dead”
  2. “MOBA”
  3. Repeat steps 1&2

Stubborn even after the end, as he states how dead coop is while posting on coop forum about how dead it is xD. Iron E.


You’ll be here long after we’re gone then

Oh dear god, there’s people talking about the game’s mechanics on the game’s forum instead of complaining about mobas and ded gaem? The horror!! The geeks! They should all be hypocritical whiners like you instead, and just cry how the game isn’t as we want to some inexisitent developer! What, some people actually enjoy the game mode? Preposterous! (Let me know if this word is too difficult for you, just like how the concept of moving on seems to be).

Anyway, sarcam asside, you won’t change sc2. Development has ended, monk(who you claim to be the big villain that destroyed your perfect game) has moved on and doesn’t work here any longer, and that still won’t change anything. Activision has no interest in making sc3 when they have bigger cows to milk, and even if they would, they would probably monetise it worse than the microtransactions mutator. Face it, you lost. Nothing you do here will change sc2, nor sc3. You’re only blowing hot air and trying to cling to some bygone era like a boomer that drones on that “things were better back in their days”.


Just ignore this troll. I’ve just been flagging every time he troll comments, which to be honest is like 90% of the time.

The other 10% I’ve noticed he’s replying to some necro post. Basically, this guy has no idea how to move on.

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Huh, his posts disappeared. I guess he’s off to make a FourthAccount? :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah, from now on, i’m just gonna ignore him

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He already threaten to over in GD and was going to pick a name that mocks another poster. Keep reporting. After enough rule breaking blizzard eventially takes more permanent measures.

I can tell you I’d be playing this game more than once or twice per week if I could queue up for +4 brutal without having to sit in the chat for an hour awkwardly begging for someone to play with me over and over.


The problem is the alternative is sitting at the loading screen for 20-45 minutes, until it finally matches your Brutal +4 with a Brutal+2 player. (who sends infested civilians at Propagators)

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anyone who clicks on brutal+4 knows what they’re getting into, anyone who clicks on Brutal+4 needs to be good enough to carry their ally if necessary, that’s something I would be fine with having to, I just wish it was something that I actually could do rather than having the game lock me out of the option altogether.

also loading times for brutal+ are still within a minute to this day, so I dont know where you get off thinking that queue times would shoot up to 20-45 minutes. If anything its possible queue times would be the same or even less because it would bring back players who got tired of how easy Brutal+1 is for them.

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Do you have a favorite color? That’s a manifestation of a defect in your brain. There is no objective reason to prefer one over the other - they are just wavelengths.

Similarly (but much more pronounced) people like to think highly of themselves. It is an inherent irremovable flaw in how brains works, developed by evolution. That’s why we have double or even triple blind trials - because humans suck at being objective. ESPECIALLY about themselves.

It is called bias. And everyone has them. And not just 1 - more like 100. Anthropomorphism, confirmation bias, Dunning Kruger effect, Stockholm Syndrome - those are not rare tropical diseases. They are problems every brain has right now. And like your shadow, you can’t just shake them off.

If you really think people can reliably assess their skill and furthermore will know what difficulty is most appropriate to that, and furthermore will opt play that difficulty, you are more delusional then the average dude.

All that opening brutal+2 and above to random queues would do, is we get more / buffed prestiges and commanders, so even the worst players can reliably win. Blizzard WANTS the crappiest players to be able to play and win the highest difficulty… they are 90% of the players, and moreover they are sure they must be good enough to play the highest difficulty… otherwise the game sux and they will take their crappy skills elsewhere. Blizz does not want that. They are also 90% of the $$$. So they will make them happy.

Ask yourself: do you seriously think a bronze league player can’t reliably win brutal+1?

I would laugh if you do… but i wouldn’t be surprised.


Once any player has put as many hours into the co-op as me, everything just becomes muscle memory pretty much; what I am right now is the end result. The end result is someone who has no way left to continue to improve or challenge themselves so every match just becomes redundant and tedious.

The end result is a player who already knows exactly what to do with any commander up against any possible configuration of Brutal+1 mutators on any map. The end result is a player who starts playing the game less and less because it has become boring to them. Even if most players were around bronze level, eventually they will all get to where I have gotten and they will eventually stop playing because of it.

With some games keeping the skill cap at the same level forever might be beneficial, but for other games, especially RTS, Moba, and other Strategy based games it is crucial that the skill ceiling is unlocked and infinite so it can continue to grow and last forever.

I just randomly ask for noob to carry, if im in the mood. can’t always solo b+ unless you play op Stetmann, I sometimes will have fun while I find someone not too boring to talk to a bit while playing

Nah. The servers are still up. If you queue for a regular Brutal game, you can expect to start a game within 10 seconds.

I call your infested civilians and raise you a Hyperion :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously, I pinged my ally that a Prop was on its way to his exp. and he calls down the Hyperion right on top of it

Hyperion prop bad, infested civis worse